The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique

“Su Yi, if you have any guts then come out!”

“Kill Su Yi, remove the source of harm for the City of Man!”

“Su Yi, don’t be a tortoise hiding in your shell!! If you have the skills, come out and die!”

In front of the Su Estate main gate, the voices of people reverberated through the air. There were even the roars of the beasts which people rode, and the number of spectators rose with each passing moment.

Mo Bu Fan, He San, Song Wu Qiu and the rest had brought the young masters of the entire city and were now angrily blocking the Su Family’s doorstep.

They waited at the city gate from early morning to late afternoon, wanting to block Su Yi from entering the city. Then, they received news that Su Yi had already returned to the Su Estate. You can just think logically and know the feelings of each one of them.

But though Song Wu Qiu, He San and the lot obstructed the Su Estate’s main gate, they did not really dare to break into the estate.


“Su Family is really unfortunate!”

“The moment this jinx came back, the Su Family was destined to never have any peaceful days again!”

Inside the Su Estate, hearing the loud noises of the commotion outside, many members of the Su Family were very unhappy.

Some elders were even calming themselves by massaging their chests. They were that furious.

Su Yi returned to his yard, notified Wan Er to do a few things, telling her that he was going to go out for 2 days.

“Young Master, where are you going again? Mo Bu Fan and the rest are still blocking the main gate.”

Wan Er was very worried. Though she was not worried about Su Yi going out for 2 days. Only she knew that the Young Master had also sneaked out frequently in the past for a few days every time and no one was clear where he had gone off to.

Wan Er was worried about the people at the front gate.

“There will be no problems at all. It is not like I am going to go out from the front gate,” Su Yi did not care. He told Wan Er a few more things to do then he went off.

The sky was already dark. Su Yi sneaked left and right, just like a ghost. At last, he familiarly jumped over the wall of the back courtyard and left the Su Estate quietly.

The night was still. The moonlight was like a fog made from hazy silver yarn, shrouding the mountain top.

This was a mountain behind the City of Man. Very few people came to this place but there were many beasts living in the area.

Mountain streams were hidden between the dense trunks and branches of the trees.

Under the faint moonlight, Su Yi was like a monkey, climbing trees and rocks with ease.

Tens of feet above the mountain stream where the waters were violent, hidden beneath the thick green vegetation, there was a small hole which if one did not look closely would be almost impossible to see and the hole was only big enough for one person to enter.

Su Yi reached the hole, observed it closely for a while. The mark that he left 3 years ago was still there. It seemed that the place had never been found by others.

Entering the hole, the difference was like heaven and earth. The small hole suddenly expanded into a vast cave, big enough to fit tens of people. On the ceiling were dozens of stalactites, giving off a dim glow in the dark.

After moving a big boulder to seal the entrance of the cave, Su Yi became serious. He took a deep breath, crossed his legs and sat down on the spot. Many complex and bizarre hand seals started being made.

As more and more hand seals were made, there was a sudden faint movement of light in between his eyebrows. The light started rippling and then it covered his entire body in an instant.

Blinding light exploded through the cave.

When Su Yi’s figure started becoming clearer again, he was already in a space with a ten metre radius.

The spiritual energy in the place was so thick to the extent where it started to exert a pressure on people, but the surroundings were blurry and gave off a faint glow like it was sealing off the space from the outside.

Arriving in this space, Su Yi took a deep breath.

The thick spiritual energy in this space made one feel refreshed. Cultivating here would have the effect of yielding twice the result with half the effort.

And for this space, Su Yi no longer felt that it was strange. The reason for him always being called “trash” was exactly because of this space.

Bringing his memories with him when he reincarnated from Earth to this other world, Su Yi had already accepted this reality and had also accepted the fact that there was a brick-like sphere of light in his mind.

In his past life, he had an unexpected chance to find out that there was a sphere of light in his mind which could be clearly seen by him.

Su Yi was concentrating and thinking carefully about all that had happened when suddenly there was a sound of a huge explosion, and a wave of light so bright that it was indescribable exploded in his mind.

That sight was horrifying. It was like the universe exploding.

Because of that, Su Yi was also left on his last legs and his soul seemed to have dropped into an endless black abyss.

When Su Yi woke up, he found himself reborn in this other world and the sphere of light in his mind actually followed him over.

Being able to have the chance to be alive again, Su Yi did not dare to take the risk to check what was the sphere of light in his mind.

In this world where the martial way flourished, Su Yi being born in a top family in the City of Man, he had encountered martial arts since young and cultivated using the Su Family’s technique.

In this world, the level of cultivation was categorized into Qi Refining Period, Foundation Building Stage, followed by the Yuan Soul Realm, Yuan Xuan Realm, Yuan Spirit Realm, Yuan True Realm, Yuan Void Realm, Yuan Emperor Realm.

Qi Refining Period and Foundation Building Stage could only be considered as the entrance of cultivation.

Only when you have completed the Foundation Building Stage and stepped into the Yuan Soul Realm, only then could you be considered a real cultivator.

Qi Refining Period is separated into four minor realms: Refining Spirit into Qi, Refining Qi into God, Refining God back into the Void, and finally, Refining the Void and forming your Path.

Being a human for two lives, Su Yi could be considered being more talented than others. His ability to apprehend the true nature of things and obtain insights was not normal. He was also cultivating using the Su Family’s strongest technique, the “Purple Yuan Technique”, and was the fastest to cultivate out Yuan Qi in the history of the Su Family, reaching the minor realm of Refining Spirit into Qi. This made the Old Master very happy.

But things do not always go as you wish. After cultivating out Yuan Qi, Su Yi stopped at the minor realm of Refining Spirit into Qi, not improving one bit after that.

He could cultivate out Yuan Qi, but Su Yi could not store it in his body, and he also did not know where on earth the Yuan Qi went.

The Old Master had examined him personally and had also invited many others to check for him as well, but there was no conclusion.

Many years passed, and Su Yi still did not improve one bit, hence his nickname.

Due to the Su Family’s reputation, the people within the city did not dare say anything about Su Yi. In addition to Su Yi’s infamous reputation from young and the huge backing of the Su Family, not many people dared to provoke him, but behind his back, he has always been called trash by others.

Su Yi was also very helpless about this. Being a person who has lived two lives as a human and having the minuscule chance to be reborn, was he going to live a dull life in which he achieves nothing, the same type of life as before?

Su Yi did not give up and continued to cultivate, unsure whether he had moved the heavens or the gods, the mysterious sphere of light in his mind who had no reaction so far finally did something. Su Yi was then sucked into this mysterious space and he discovered the secret of the sphere of light in his mind.

Su Yi had also discovered why his body was never able to capture any Yuan Qi.

It was because, for all these years, all the Yuan Qi he had cultivated out was all stolen by that mysterious sphere of light.

It seemed that it had absorbed a certain amount of Yuan Qi and hence the mysterious sphere of light opened.

The first time Su Yi entered the space, a wave of power rushed into Su Yi’s mind in an instant, changing into a large amount of information.

This information was the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, a cultivation technique, and was engraved on a deep corner of Su Yi’s mind.

He could not cultivate using the Su Family’s “Purple Yuan Technique”. Once he had cultivated out Yuan Qi, it would all be absorbed by the mysterious ball of light.

At that moment when he had received the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, Su Yi clenched his teeth and tried cultivating for one last time.

After cultivating using the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, he found out that the Yuan Qi he had cultivated out would not be absorbed by the sphere of light.

Under careful research, Su Yi had also found out that this “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” was many times better than “Purple Yuan Technique”. No, far better than “Purple Yuan Technique”.

But this “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” was also not for the average people to cultivate, it was way too extreme.

You would first have to use Yuan Qi to expand the Meridians in your body, then reforge your internal organs and you still have to eat various kinds of spiritual herbs. Reforge the skin, muscles, and bones on the outside and reforge the internal organs within.

Even though the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” was a bit on the extreme side, but Su Yi knew that this time he had found a treasure.

Maybe this life would not be dull and wasted anymore There was not much distance between him and the days where he would marry beauties and stand at the peak of humanity.

Just when Su Yi felt that the good days were finally arriving, he did not know how he had offended Liu Ruoxi, that little girl.

Just thinking back, after reincarnating, he was actually hit by a little girl in the middle of a street. How could Su Yi ever tolerate that?

Hence, Su Yi bought some Muscles Weakening Powder and put it in some snacks. With Su Yi’s glib tongue, tricking the 12-year-old Liu Ruoxi back then to eat the snacks was a piece of cake.

Originally, Su Yi had only wanted to teach the little girl a small lesson. Who knew that the little girl looked down on him.

Su Yi could not really do anything to the little girl and in the heat of the moment, he did not know how his brain had turned, he actually kissed the little girl mouth to mouth and with a slip of his foot, he had even pushed the girl onto the ground.

And coincidentally, the people from the Liu Family saw this scene.

Soon after, the City Master was infuriated. There was a huge commotion in the city.

If not for the Old Master coming onto the stage and with his old face and the contributions he made in protecting the entire city, Su Yi would not be let off as easily as just being exiled to the Forest of Demons for 3 years.

Being sent to the Forest of Demons, Su Yi did not think much of it. Instead, he was laughing inside and accepted it straight away.

Cultivating using the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” was very complicated, and it was not convenient using it to cultivate in the Su Estate.

Before you can use “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” to cultivate, during the process of reforging the body, you would have to be inside the heart of a volcano and use the flames there to reforge the body for 49 days. Neither the Su Estate nor the city had a volcano.

Afterwards, in the Forest of Demons, although Su Yi discovered a volcano, but spending 49 days in flames in the heart of the volcano, even if he had a technique to protect his body, just a little slip-up and he would have been burned to ashes.

Reincarnating in this world with the memories of his previous life, Su Yi was very clear that this “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” was not that simple. He was scared that the walls may have eyes and ears, so before he had absolute strength, he felt that it was better to be more careful.

So, leaving the Su Estate and going to the Forest of Demons was perfect chance for him to cultivate using the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”.

In the Forest of Demons, wild beasts roamed and various kinds of the most ferocious criminals hid in there. Danger lurked in every corner.

Reaching the inside of the Forest of Demons, Su Yi found out about another large secret. The mysterious sphere of light in his mind had the ability to slowly expand the space within it, allowing the spiritual energy within it to be even more abundant, causing the effect of cultivating in it to yield even more results with even lesser efforts.

After three years of time, with Su Yi’s calculations, even if he was forced to cultivate using the “Purple Yuan Technique”, with his own talent and comprehension, one year would be enough for him to enter the Foundation Building Stage successfully.

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