The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Preparing to Enter Foundation Building Stage

“Young Master Su Yi!”

Wan Er was a bit sluggish as she was a bit dumbfounded and also slightly scared.

“It is all fine now. I will not allow anyone to bully you in the future.”

Su Yi turned around. The scary and cold expression on his face disappeared. He looked at the fragile little girl in front of him and only felt sorry for her.

“Young Master I am fine, but you have beaten up the Fifth Chamberlain. I am afraid that this will cause some problems. You should not have done that.”

Wan Er was full of concern. She had heard that the Fifth Chamberlain had backing from someone.

Su Yi felt even sorrier. At this moment the little girl was still only thinking about him. He smiled and said, “Don’t you forget, no matter what I become, I am still the Young Master of the Su Family. Beating up a measly slave is just a small matter. You should tidy up the place. I will go and visit grandfather.”

“Okay. Hurry up and go see the Old Master. With the Old Master around, no one would dare harm you.”

Wan Er only felt slightly relieved after hearing Su Yi’s words. She thought that Su Yi was going to look for the Old Master for protection. With the Old Master around, naturally, there was nothing to worry about.

Su Yi smiled bitterly and did not say more. Returning to the Su Family, it was a natural thing to look for the grandfather who loved him the most.

From the moment he was born, Su Yi already had his memories. He brought his memories with him when he reincarnated.

Su Yi remembered that not long after he was born, his mother had left him. But when his mother left him, the tears and reluctance in his mother’s eyes had always been engraved in his heart.

“Su Yi, please forgive your father. The greatest thing I can give you is that one day I would find and bring back your mother. When you grow up, you will understand my actions!”

Not long after, his father left such words and had also disappeared.

15 years had passed. There was no contact with him. No one knew if he was alive or dead.

From when he was young, Su Yi had never blamed his father and mother and had also never asked about his parents.

The tears and grief his mother had when she left, the perseverance and pain his father felt when he left, Su Yi was very clear that he was not abandoned. If something big did not happen, his parents would not have left him.

Although he brought the memories of his past life when he reincarnated, Su Yi had integrated into the Su Family very early on and accepted reality.

The past life was over. Since he had the chance to be reborn, he could not waste this chance.

Even since young, in the Su Family, Su Yi loved his grandfather the most.

Three years ago, it was also his grandfather Su Yun Tian who showed up and suppressed the mess he had caused.

Even though he did not say it, Su Yi had always felt guilty in his heart.

Su Yi appeared in the Su Estate. As he walked along, he had attracted the eyes of many and raised quite a commotion.

“Young Master Su Yi, thank god you have finally returned.”

When the old servant who always followed Su Yun Tian saw Su Yi, he was very happy, his face full of kindness.

This old man’s face may be full of wrinkles but the light in his eyes was still strangely clear.

Su Yi did not feel anything back then, but now he could tell that this old servant was not a simple man.

Soon after, the old servant told Su Yi that his grandfather went into Closed Door Cultivation a month ago.

“Young Master Su Yi, it is good that you are back. Please rest first in the estate while you wait,” the old servant said.


Su Yi nodded and could only leave.

“Anyways, it is also about time. Then I shall first prepare to enter the Foundation Building Stage!”

Leaving the yard, Su Yi raised his eyes and whispered, “I have prepared for so long. It is about time for me to enter the Foundation Building stage. Quite a bit of time has already been wasted.”

Preparing to enter the Foundation Building stage, Su Yi did not dare to be careless. He needed to first go to Vast Martial Pavilion.

The Su Family had the Vast Academics Pavilion and the Vast Martial Pavilion.

Vast Martial Pavilion. It was the place where disciples of the Su Family went to learn the language and culture.

Even though the martial way flourished in this world and martial arts came first, but people still respected culture and languages.

If there was no foundation in culture and languages, then even if you have obtained a very deep and good cultivation technique or martial arts technique, sadly you would still be unable to understand them.

So, in some of the big families, they were very strict with the disciples in this area. Su Family was no exception.

Vast Martial Pavilion. It was the place which stored everything that was related to cultivating, including techniques, pill recipes, etc. It was also the place where Su Yi used to frequently visit in the past.

Su Estate inner courtyard. Houses were everywhere, each hugging the terrain. Though they were not arranged neatly, there was a unique beauty which made the entire inner courtyard look like it was a piece of natural artwork.

“Su Wu was hurt by that brat personally?”

At a desolate hall in a corner of the courtyard, a gorgeous woman looked at the unconscious Fifth Chamberlain lying on the floor.

“Yes. It was personally done by Young Master Su Yi!”

A young servant still had fear lingering in his heart. His head was lowered and did not dare look at the gorgeous woman. He gathered his courage and said, “Young Master Su Yi had even said, tell those who should be told. The salary that we owed Wan Er must be returned a hundredfold, nothing should be missing from his yard, not even a single piece of paper! if I do not do it in three days then at that time, all those who were related to the incident, they would meet-"

“They would meet what?” The woman said grimly.

“They would meet the same end as the Fifth Chamberlain!”

The young servant bit his teeth and said. Looking at the mess of meat and blood in between the legs of the now unconscious Fifth Chamberlain, he could not resist shivering.

The Fifth Chamberlain can be considered crippled. When the time comes and the Young Master comes looking for them to settle the score, no one would be able to escape.

“What a bold statement. Does he really think nothing has changed?” There was coldness in the woman’s eyes.

“Madam, what should we do now? Young Master Su Yi has already said, if we do not return the items, then at that time we would-"

The young servant was scared out of his wits. He could not offend the woman in front of him. She was the sister-in-law of the Acting Head of the House, the biological sister of the wife of the Acting Head of the House, as well as the daughter of the Ninth High Elder. All these years, the good stuff from Su Yi’s yard all ended up in her hands.

But Young Master Su Yi was the same. He also could not afford to offend him. The sight from not long ago caused fear to linger in his heart and made him shake.

“Trash, all trash. Why should we fear that piece of trash? The Old Master is still in a retreat! Even if he knew about this matter, he would also not be able to protect that jinx. So what if he has returned? He survived for three years in the Forest of Demons, but if he has not succeeded in entering the Foundation Building Stage, the outcome will still be the same. He would still have to be exiled from the city. This time, no one can protect him. A piece of trash, what can he do to me?”

The woman’s face was gloomy. She stared at the servant and said “Carry Su Wu down. For that trash, there will be someone to deal with him. You need not worry!”

“Yes, Madam,” The young servant trembled as he carried off the unconscious Su Wu.

Once the servant had left, a handsome young man walked out from the inner hall. Under his long eyebrows were a pair of narrow long eyes, his face cold.

“Little Wei, has that brat really not enter the Foundation Building Stage? No matter what, Su Wu has already completed the Foundation Building Stage and he was hurt to such an extent,” When the woman saw the young man, her face let out a smile, and some shock.

“I can confirm that he has not completed the Foundation Building Stage. But he is a bit special. Being able to live in the Forest of Demons for three years, he should have some skills,” Su Wei said.

“Agreed. How could that piece of trash ever be able to succeed in entering the Foundation Building Stage? When the time comes, he will surely be exiled out the city. This time, not even the Old Master can protect him!” The woman smiled coldly. As long as that jinx was exiled out of the city, there will be no one left in the Su Family that can cause her to worry.

“Two days later, I will defeat him with my own hands!”

Su Wei’s eyes shined. If he was able to defeat the brat in front of the entire Su Family and personally force that brat to be stepped by him under his feet, only then will he be able to proof that it is he, Su Wei, who is the future of the Su Family and the one who they should all value and favor.

Vast Martial Pavilion. Su Yi did not require a pass to enter it. This was the special right given to him by the Old Master.

Unlike other disciples of the Su Family, if they want to enter the Vast Martial Pavilion, it was not all an easy thing to do.

But coming to the Vast Martial Pavilion, Su Yi did not come to search for techniques. Rather he came to look for materials related to the Foundation Building Stage since he had already decided to start entering the stage, then he must prepare appropriately.

After staying in the Vast Martial Pavilion for four hours, it was almost dusk, only then did Su Yi leave the Vast Martial Pavilion.

“Young Master Su Yi, you really have returned!”

Just as he walked out of the Vast Martial Pavilion, a big guard who looked around 40 years old, his body packed with muscles was waiting near the entrance.

The big man was observing Su Yi, looking a bit surprised.

This was not the depressed figure that was traveling through the Su Family like wildfire, instead, with his accumulated experience of bringing troops out to fight all year round, the young man in front of him gave him an indescribable feeling.

“Uncle Han, is there something for me?”

Su Yi knew Su Bai Han. He was always the leader of the Su Family’s guards. Even though he was a member of the branch family, but his position in the Su Family was not at all low. He was also someone who the Old Master had praised. When Su Yi was young, Su Bai Han had even carried him before.

Hence Su Yi was always very polite and respectful when facing Su Bai Han.

“There is some trouble. Mo Bu Fan, He San, Song Wu Qiu have brought quite a few people and have blocked the main gate. They say that they want to meet Young Master.”

Su Bai Han was very polite, but in fact, the truth was that Mo Bu Fan, Song Wu Qiu, and He San had brought quite a few young masters from different families in the city and were currently blocking the main gate, shouting out that they wanted to kill Su Yi.

Mo Bu Fan and the lot of them were young, but their identities were not simple.

The High Elders of the Su Family chose to remain silent at this point in time No one wanted to intervene in Su Yi’s matter.

The Old Master was also in Closed Door Cultivation, hence Su Bai Han had no choice but to look for Su Yi personally.

“They can block the main gate all they want, I do not have the time to bother with those little kids. Sorry to trouble Uncle Han, but can you pass on the message that after two days, once I have finished my work, I shall go and look for them.”

After finishing what he said, Su Yi left the place calmly.

In any case, he had lived for 20 years in his previous life. Su Yi was too lazy to bother with a few little kids.

Looking at Su Yi leaving, Su Bai Han was also bewildered. This Young Master was way too shameless.

In Su Bai Han’s eyes, Su Yi returned to the Su Estate without any trace and at this time, he would not meet Mo Bu Fan and the rest and he had said it in such a nice fashion. It was obvious that he was intending to hide in the Su Estate and not go out.

“Why is his personality so different from his father? is he really his father’s biological son?”

Looking at Su Yi’s back, Su Bai Han felt so helpless. He could only smile bitterly. The father of this Young Master may have been young back then, but he was already such a great person. But as for the personality of this Young Master in front of him since young, he could not say much more.

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