The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: The Mills of God grind slowly

Seeing his reflection with disheveled hair, Su Yi smiled bitterly. He looked just like a barbarian.

But Su Yi was already used to it, back when he was in the Forest of Demons for three years, he spent many of those days looking just like this.

Comparing his past days with now, it was already far better. At least, he did not have to worry about the average beasts.

After a simple grooming, Su Yi planned to find a quiet spot for him to cultivate at night. Suddenly, his gaze fell upon the opposite side of the river and grew sharp.

His gaze focused tightly on a body washed up on the riverbank, face down.

That body gave Su Yi a sense of familiarity.

Su Yi hesitated for a moment, then he went forth carefully to inspect the situation.

That body was drenched, the wet strands of hair all tousled covered the head. The clothes of the person were slightly tattered, stained with blood like he had received grave injuries.

You could not tell whether the person was dead or alive. Half of the body was in the river while the other half was one the bank, laying on the grains of sand and small stones.

Su Yi inspected the figure again. The more he looked at the figure, the greater the sense of familiarity he had. Then, he used his foot and gently turned the person over.

The wet hair of the person covered half of his deathly white face, but when he saw the other half, Su Yi’s gaze trembled. He unconsciously moved back and stared at the body cautiously.

“It’s him!” Su Yi was staring so hard it seemed that his eyes were going to pop out of their sockets. No wonder the body looked familiar to him.

This was not anyone else. This body belonged to the skinny, old man which had tricked him back at the mine.

"Hahaha, the mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small! It was not that he would go scot-free, it was that the time was not yet ripe. Once the time was ripe, naturally he would get his due!" Su Yi laughed at seeing the old man’s current pathetic state. Indeed, the saying was right: the mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.

“Is he dead?” After a thorough observation, Su Yi cautiously went forward to check on the old man’s condition. He found out that the skinny, old man was not breathing anymore, but his body seemed to have some scarce remnants of warmth. He had not died for long.

“This is retribution!” Su Yi sighed. Though he had sworn that if he was to see the old man again, under the condition that he had enough strength to beat him, he would wipe the old man off the face of the planet.

Now, the old man was already dead. Su Yi also had no intention to desecrate the old man’s corpse.

After all the dead must be respected. The person was had already passed away, naturally, any resentment would naturally fade away as well.

“There is an interspatial bag!” This kind of good stuff, naturally Su Yi would not miss it and he immediately started to search the old man.

Although the old man was dead, his body still had some warmth and was soft. Su Yi found three interspatial bags and he kept them all satisfied. The bags could be considered compensation for his loss at the mine.

“Eh? Has it swelled due to being submerged in the water for too long?” Suddenly, Su Yi was slightly confused and curious. He had wanted to continue searching the body to see if he had left anything behind, but then he found out that the softness of the old man’s body was too unnatural, especially at the chest, it was as if it had swelled due to the water. When Su Yi pressed down on it, the feel was also not bad, it seemed to have a bit of springiness to it.

The feel was actually really good.

With a strange feeling, Su Yi could not help but press and feel the chest a bit more.

“Is something hidden there?” Feeling the strangeness of the old man’s chest, Su Yi was suspicious. Then, with his hands, in a few moments, he had removed the outer clothes of the old man.

Anyways, the old man owed a debt to him. There was no such thing as disrespecting the dead in this case.

And after a quick strip, the skin of the upper body was fair, white as snow, radiant like jade, completely opposite of the neck and face. That thin waist and the undershirt which was tightly constricting what originally should be curved and bouncing. Su Yi could not help but be dumbfounded at this scene.

“Is he a lady? No, that’s not right. Did he transmigrate to this world from Thailand?” With Su Yi’s knowledge and experience, Su Yi immediately realized that this was the body of the female, but after thinking about it slightly, the face was obviously that of a man. Did this world also have transgenders?

[T/N: …, Su Yi took a bit longer to realize, don't you think so readers?]

Su Yi pondered over the situation.

Then, Su Yi seemed to have noticed an odd situation. It seems that due to being submerged in water for too long, the face of the skinny, small old man seemed to swell slightly, and skin started to come off. Some parts of the face started to reveal the white jade-like skin underneath.


Su Yi peeled off the skin and was astonished to see a fair layer of skin underneath.

“Disguise techniques?” Su Yi was utterly stunned. After a few more instances of skin peeling, a white jade-like face of absolute beauty appeared.

This face looked around 20 years old. Thin and devoid of any excess fat, small lips the color of cherries, eyebrows like that from an ink painting, giving off a feeling of unspeakable kindness and seductiveness.

Though Su Yi was not sure whether it was due to being seriously injured or just being submerged in the water for too long, the face of the lady was a deathly pale white. But together with the scattered wet strands of hair, her face looked even more outstanding, like raindrops beating down a lotus flower, a mist covering a mountain, her beauty ethereal.

The face was too beautiful, to the point that Su Yi’s gaze was trembling slightly. Furthermore, the upper body of the lady was right in front of him, with no outer clothes.

“Damn, this is a lady!” Su Yi could not remain calm any longer. He would never have thought that the skinny, small old man which had tricked him last time was actually a lady, and a very young absolute goddess as well.

“What a pity that she is dead.” Su Yi sighed. This kind of beauty would probably be at the level where it would bring calamities, but then she is now dead. It really was a pity.

“Her body is still warm, though she is not breathing, it may be due to her lungs being filled with water, she can be saved!” Abruptly, something struck Su Yi, maybe this lady still can be saved. He did learn some emergency resuscitation techniques in his previous life.

Though this lady had tricked him once, saving a person was great karma, furthermore, when the person being saved was such a beauty.

Su Yi did not hesitate any longer, anyways with the state of the lady, even after he had saved her, she should not be able to do anything to him.

Su Yi went straight to work and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the lady.

But deep within Su Yi's heart, he could not help but think that fortunately, this was a lady. If it really was that old man, he probably would not do this CPR even if it meant that he would die.

But at this point in time, Su Yi was entirely focused on saving a life and had no other ideas.

Su Yi lifted up the lady’s petite chin and pinched her small nose, took a deep breath and gradually let out air into the mouth.

Periodically, he let loose his pinch on the lady’s nose and pressed down on her chest to help her start breathing again. Systematic and persistent, Su Yi continued doing this again and again.

During the process, Su Yi also added in some Yuan Qi, hoping that the effects would be better.

Currently, Su Yi’s mind was entirely focused on saving the person, he did not notice that the lady at a certain point in time, her tightly closed eyes had already opened.

To the lady, this day was unforgettable.

After being seriously injured, she had fainted and not knowing what was going on, when she woke up, she saw both hands of a man pressing down on her chest.

It was also her first kiss. But now this man was like a perverted brute, using his filthy hands to touch her.

The lady was stunned. She had never met a situation like this and was dumbfounded.

“You perverted bastard, I want to kill you!” Then, she felt a strength from out of nowhere, and with a sharp scream, she lifted her hand and slammed it fiercely into Su Yi’s body.


Poor Su Yi. He was all focused on saving a person. A person who was his enemy no less. Yet, he was sent flying backward with his guard all let down, heavily landing a meter away.

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