The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Honorable Gentleman

Fortunately, the lady at this point in time was still extremely weak. Though it was not known where she got the previous burst of strength, the force used was not that big. It may have blown Su Yi away, but it did not severely injure him.

After one strike, she became even weaker. Her vision turned black and she fainted.

Su Yi got back up and touched his aching chest. He looked directly at the unconscious beauty and he mumbled, “My goodwill got mistaken as ill intentions. I should just leave you here alone to fend for yourself.”

Anyways, he had already resuscitated the person, Su Yi felt that he was already very magnanimous.

Su Yi decided to leave but then looking at the half-naked and slim body, he hesitated once again.

What would happen if a beast passes by? What if other people see her? At that time…

“A good person should finish doing his good deed. I should just treat it as accumulating good karma.”

Su Yi said under his breath. He had only himself to blame for being such a nice person.

Dawn, the sky was a clear crystal blue. The rays of the rising sun shone down through the tight crevices formed between mountains, becoming rods of radiant light.

The rods of light intersected and crossed over just like uncountable huge dragons, each breathing out a golden breath.

Su Yi appeared out in the mountains. His head raised and whistling as he looked up at the purplish red sky. His feelings were as beautiful as a freshly bloomed rose. He had not been in such a good mood for a long time.

Recently, his cultivation had improved quite a bit, he had gotten a fair few treasures, and most importantly, he had met his enemy and taken revenge.

Thinking about these matters, Su Yi had no reason not to be in a good mood.

Especially when he recalled what he had done last night, Su Yi felt even happier.

Blame the lady for tricking him and almost sending him to his death.

Yesterday, he had helped her and repaid her evil with kindness, but that lady had once again repaid his kindness with hostility. He survived solely because the lady was too weak. If not, with the lady's normal strength, the strike probably would be able to kill him a hundred times over.

Hence, what he had done to her, Su Yi felt absolutely zero guilt. All he had was the happiness of taking revenge.

“Chaos Realm…”

Su Yi kept on whistling as he made his way once again towards the direction of the Chaos Realm.

Within the Forest of Demons, he still had to be on guard against the people from Black Fiend School.

But once he arrives in the Chaos Realm, he had no need to fear the Black Fiend School. After all, Black Fiend School's territory was only within the Forest of Demons.

Within a cave, a faint light was shining into it.

When the lady who had a terribly pale complexion woke up, there was a movement of light within her eyes. For the cultivation level, this level of darkness would not have much of an effect on her vision.

As her vision cleared up, the lady discovered she was sleeping on a pile of soft leaves.

But when she saw that her fair body was only covered by tattered clothes, her messy hair and her slim smooth legs exposed, she was dumbfounded.


The lady gradually began to feel pain near her thighs. Her heart went into a panic and she struggled to sit up, only to see the leaves between her thighs as well as her underwear had some blood stains on them.

“Perverted bastard!”

In an instance, the face of the lady turned white and she began screaming. Her eyes welled up with tears that started to drip down her pale white face.

On the other hand, Su Yi was still whistling away with his beaming face.

Looking at his right index finger which initially had a wound, he imagined the reaction of the lady when she woke up and Su Yi could not help but feel outright ecstatic. Probably when the lady woke up, her heart would crumble, and she would fly into a rage.

Yesterday, since the sky had already gone dark, Su Yi carried the lady into a hidden cave.

Looking at the lady which repaid his kindness with hostility and recalling the fact that he had been tricked once by her, Su Yi could not help but feel a fire of anger burning within his chest.

He may have decided to save this lady, but he will not let her off that easily.

Anyways, since this lady had already thought of him to be a pervert, he might as well meet her expectations.

Su Yi pondered, considering that this lady was so fierce and sly, she was probably still a virgin. He had learned quite a bit from those soap dramas in his previous life. He used force to pinch her thighs and dripped some blood around the area with his hands, and voila, it looked just like "something" had happened.

But Su Yi still felt some regret, what a pity to miss those luscious smooth thighs and that flat soft belly. Throughout the entire process he actually had his eyes tightly shut, this should definitely be counted as an act of an honorable gentleman, right?

Su Yi felt a bit sorry for himself. That lady may have been very evil and dangerous, but she really was such a beauty. That tall slim figure, that beautiful face, that soft fair skin, probably any other man who saw that sight would not be able to hold himself back.

“Actually, even if I had taken a look, no one would have known.”

Su Yi murmured within his heart. If he had another chance, he will definitely choose not to close his eyes and take a nice long look at that heavenly sight. In the end, no one would know about it anyways.

He may be an honorable gentleman, but he was also a man. There was nothing wrong and embarrassing about doing such a thing.

Though Su Yi was feeling regretful, he did not dare go back. By his estimation, the lady should be waking up any minute now. If she sees him, she would definitely try to kill him at all costs.

“Good riddance and shall we never meet again!”

Su Yi smirked. Most likely, he would never see the lady ever again.

He did not believe that there would be such a coincidence that they would be able to meet each other again so he had nothing to worry about.

Within the dense forest, cries of beasts called out at times.

This was still the outskirts of the Forest of Demons; the level of beasts would not be too high here.

Though the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” had the ability to ward off some beasts but for the sake of safety, Su Yi still decided to take the routes which went on the outskirts of the Forest of Demons.

Even though the route was a bit longer, and he had no clue when he would arrive at the Chaos Realm, it was undoubtedly much safer.

With Su Yi’s current cultivation level, it would be best to put safety as his top priority.


A beast cried out. A green titanic snake was curled up on the top of a giant tree. His head the size of a toddler poked out to see what was happening, on top of the head were some white markings, his bloody red tongue flickered in an out of his jaw, his eyes gazing at Su Yi with caution.

“Peak of Demonic Soul Realm, Green Jade Python!”

Su Yi knew that normally, the level of beasts like the Green Jade Python would not be very high, but the nest of a Green Jade Python would always have White Jade Fungi growing in it.

White Jade Fungi, this type of Spiritual Herbs was extremely expensive and an ingredient in many elixirs.

“This Green Jade Python is hurt.”

Su Yi observed the Green Jade Python. Its scales were a bit dull in color and there were traces of scars and injuries. Its eyes were still filled with caution while it stared at Su Yi.

Su Yi was not worried about the Green Jade Python which was at the Peak of Demonic Soul Realm.

Even if his “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” did not have the effect of oppressing it, Su Yi was confident that he had the ability to win it.

But for some reason, ever since he started to cultivate the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, Su Yi did not feel the same way he did towards the beasts compared to before he started cultivating the technique. Rather, there was a feeling of familiarity and he felt close to them.

Under normal circumstances, Su Yi did not wish to harm any of the beasts.

Even if he knew the parts of some beasts like the skin were very valuable, as long as the beasts did not provoke him, he would not attack those beasts.

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