The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Chaos Realm

After tidying up, Su Yi went on his way again.

Su Yi’s destination was through the Forest of Demons to the other side, the Chaos Realm.

From the time that he left the valley deep beneath the earth, Su Yi had been deliberating where he should go in order to help him grow and become strong.

Currently, there was the One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects and Four Schools which made up the ten biggest powers around.

The One Mountain naturally referred to Sacred Mountain.

Two Religious Sects, Three Sects, and Four Schools were the other nine superpowers.

It was said that these powers were the greatest powers in the current time and were heavens for cultivators.

Su Yi was utterly disappointed at Sacred Mountain.

Hence, he did not have any good feeling towards the remaining nine superpowers.

Probably, those powers were also average, looking all nice and pretty on the outside, but rotten on the inside.

Maybe it would be more appropriate saying that in those powers, it was the same rule. The strong preyed upon the weak.

The thought crossed Su Yi’s mind that if he was able to enter one of the nine other superpowers and get guidance from a reputable teacher within the power, he would be able to become a strong cultivator quickly.

But then Su Yi smiled bitterly to himself, Sacred Mountain had tested his talent to be absolute trash, it would most likely be the same situation at the other nine powers.

At any place, it was always the same, the fist was the law. Even if he was able to enter one of the nine powers, he would not be valued much anyways.

Furthermore, the mysterious sphere of light and the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” were things which could never be known by anyone else.

Sacred Mountain has beings like High Elder Wang, and in the nine other powers, the number of people as strong or even stronger than him will definitely not be small.

Chaos Realm was also a special existence, the same as the Forest of Demons.

From what Su Yi knew, there were currently six lands, three continents, and one ocean.

And then there was the Forest of Demons and the Chaos Realm, two special places.

Comparatively speaking, the Forest of Demons covered a huge area, though it had some resources, those resources were pathetic compared to the six lands, three continents, and one ocean.

Along with the remote position of the forest, it led to today’s situation.

Even if the ten superpowers wanted to lay their hands on the Forest of Demons, firstly it was too far for them to actually do anything and secondly, it seems that they were also wary of something here.

The Chaos Realm was the same as the Forest of Demons, it was also a special existence among the rest of the world.

Strictly speaking, the Chaos Realm was even more special than the Forest of Demons.

The Chaos Realm was huge in size, almost as large as the six lands, three continents and one ocean combined.

But for some reason, none of the ten superpowers laid their hands on the Chaos Realm. It was a separate existence than the six lands, three continents and one ocean, and completely independent of the ten superpowers.

Su Yi had long heard about the Chaos Realm being very chaotic, even more, chaotic than the Forest of Demons, but it was different from the Forest of Demons, it was not only chaotic, it was also ridden with endless dangers.

People say that the Chaos Realm was a dog-eat-dog world. It was a world where the weak were fed upon by the strong, everything was decided by the fist, there were no laws, no reasoning to be had!

Other than that, the Chaos Realm was also a heaven for rogue cultivators.

"Rogue cultivator" was a term to address cultivators who belonged to no Sect or Schools, or who had never heard of any Sects or Schools.

In the Chaos Realm, rogue cultivators were everywhere, this was a place where even disciples from the ten superpowers feared.

Because there seemed to be a natural conflict between the people of the Chaos Realm and disciples from the ten superpowers.

If there were disciples from the ten superpowers within the Chaos Realm, they would probably disappear without a trace, not even bones would be left.

Due to there being so many rogue cultivators within the Chaos Realm, even if someone did kill the disciples from a superpower, there probably would not be any useful findings from an investigation.

Furthermore, even if something useful was found, if the killer was within the Chaos Realm, the ten superpowers were helpless.

Su Yi thought for a long time. Maybe on his path to become a strong cultivator, it may be best to go to the Chaos Realm.

Even if it was crueler there, it could also help him become strong faster.

Heroes are born from chaos, the ruthless from the turmoil.

This was a principle that Su Yi had understood since his previous life.

With his “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, his identity as a Soul Tamer, and the mysterious space he had, Su Yi was quite confident that when he has reached the Chaos Realm, he would also grow gradually and one day, he would become a strong cultivator. And within the Chaos Realm, even if Wang Quande knew that he did not die, he probably would not be able to do anything to him!

Besides, he had murdered the Young Master of Black Fiend School, Su Yi was not stupid enough to continue staying within the Forest of Demons, it would be better if he left the place early.

The Chaos Realm was situated at the very borders, connected with the six lands, three continents, and one ocean.

It was also because of this that made the Chaos Realm become such a special existence.

If one wanted to reach the Chaos Realm, he would have to pass through the Forest of Demons.

Su Yi knew roughly the direction towards the Chaos Realm, hence for the past few days, he had been heading towards the Chaos Realm.

It may be more suitable for him to develop there.

For these few days, Su Yi had taken the most desolate routes in order to avoid people from Black Fiend School, but he would occasionally meet a few small mercenary groups and adventuring teams.

Though he had been within the Forest of Demons for the past three years, he had lingered around the outskirts of the forest and had never ventured deep within.

But from his experience, it was already enough to stay far away from the mercenary groups and adventurers.

In a place like the Forest of Demons, once you encountered someone and you do not have the ability to defend yourself, you would most likely be in mortal danger.

Within the Forest of Demons, killing people and taking their loot was literally as common as home cooking.

Though Su Yi knew his way around, he would still occasionally meet some beasts, it was unavoidable within the Forest of Demons.

Luckily, the beasts he had met were not too strong, and with the aura from the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, it seemed to have some sort of a restraining effect on the beasts so Su Yi did not encounter any resistance from the beasts on his journey.

Rather when the beasts felt the aura given off by Su Yi, they would immediately avoid him.

As Su Yi journeyed, he continued practicing the “Seven Injuries Fist” and “Crimson Flame Palm”. This caused him to be more familiar with the techniques, and though he was still a bit rough around the edges, the techniques did not look too bad.

Another day passed yet again.

Dusk, the sun fell beyond the horizon where the land and the sky crossed paths, leaving behind a faint red hue in the darkening sky.

Su Yi appeared beside a river which winded around mountains and cut through the trees. He raised his head to look at the setting sun. It was like a golden moon had fallen through the sky and from time to time, there were the roars and growls of beasts coming from the deep within the trees.

Cultivators after reaching the Foundation Stage could cultivate the energies of Heaven and Earth into Yuan Qi and had very little need for food.

The higher the cultivation of a person, the lesser his need for food.

For Su Yi’s cultivation level, he would do fine without eating for half a month, but he still needed to drink a little water.

It was an open space beside the river, leaves with a shade of red like that of twilight gently drifted down to the flowing water and under the setting rays of the sun, the mountains gradually became dark purple in color.

Su Yi drank a few large mouthfuls of water from the river and washed up.

In the interspatial bag of the Young Master of Black Fiend School, there was not even a change of clothes. All these days, the tattered clothes that Su Yi had been wearing were already worn down to the point where it could barely cover him.

Sunlight reflected off the flowing water making it glisten with a golden hue.

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