The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Crimson Fiend

“Seven Injuries Fist, Commander, Grade Earth-attribute, Beginning Level close-combat martial art technique. Offensive strength overpowering and intimidating in both power and sound was displayed during each strike. One fist has seven different forces, it may be aggressive, it may be calm, or it may have calmness within the fierceness of the fist, or fierceness within the calm. The force can be shot out or it can be retracted, or impact the opponent directly. The enemy cannot stand against the continuous changing type of force within the fist and will suffer severe internal damage. Once cultivated to near completion, each strike can contain a hidden force and shatter every organ within the enemy’s body!”

Su Yi was deep in thought. He had no clue where the Young Master of Black Fiend School got this technique and he did not seem to have cultivated it. Maybe it had something to do with the cultivation requirements of this technique.

From what he could see of the technique information, if one’s Neigong is not strong enough, he must not learn it, or he will destroy himself from within, become insane and uncontrollable.

Su Yi had tried it out and he discovered that he could cultivate the technique, but it was just that he could not control it as well as he wanted to.

“Practice makes perfect!”

Su Yi murmured to himself. In front of a tree, he closed his eyes. There was only a pure silence in the surroundings except for the occasional roars of beasts within the depths of the forest.

And suddenly, Su Yi’s eyes shot wide open. A hand seal was formed, and his hand clenched into a fist. A faintly black coloured Yuan Qi enveloped his hand together with the seal.

“Seven Injuries Fist!”


Su Yi decided to practice the technique. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, he wished to cultivate it to near completion as soon as possible. What he lacked the most currently was power.

For the next few days, as Su Yi travelled through the Forest of Demons, he practised the “Seven Injuries Fist” and “Crimson Flame Palm”.

He would practice until he exhausted every last bit of his strength and then he would go into the mysterious space to meditate and recover.

When he pushed himself to the limits and begun meditating in his exhausted state, Su Yi could clearly feel his drained muscles and bones greedily devouring the natural energy to recover.

That feeling made Su Yi feel that his body was slowly becoming stronger and was in a process of metamorphosis.

After several days, Su Yi began to feel a sense of self-confidence.

With his current cultivation level of Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade, the “Seven Injuries Fist” and “Crimson Flame Palm”, if he were to face the Young Master of Black Fiend School once again, he was sure that he would make no mistakes.

Mountain Cliff, Summit of the Mountain

“I do not care who you are! Today, you will not escape from my hands!”

An evil cry resounded through the air, tens of strong cultivators were in a circle formation, trapping a skinny, old man on the mountaintop.

If Su Yi was here, he would surely be able to tell with one glance that the old man was the one who had tricked him back at the mine.

Just that now this old man’s face was pale white, and his situation did not seem all that favourable for him.

Looking at the tens of figures surrounding him, especially the few people in front of him, the old man had a very serious and grim look on his face.

The few people in front of him were all Yuan Void Realm cultivators, especially the old man who looked around fifty, clothed in a loose red robe, standing in front of everyone else. The aura of that old man was of someone who had almost reached the Yuan Emperor Realm.

Seeing that the Black Fiend School had dispatched such a huge force and for this period of time, sealed the entire Forest of Demons, the skinny old man was speechless at this “fight to the death” attitude.

Last time, he had wanted to rob the Yuan Stones of Black Fiend School, but he never imagined Black Fiend School to have made all the necessary preparations which caused his attempt to fail and that incident should not have caused the Black Fiend School to take such extreme measures right?

But now, even the Grand Elder of Black Fiend School has come and several Yuan Void Realm cultivators, it did not make sense.

Until later on, the skinny old man had heard that the Young Master of Black Fiend School had been killed and it seemed to have something to do with the incident at the mine.

His appearance made the people of Black Fiend School think that he was in cahoots with the young lad which had killed the Young Master, no wonder the Black Fiend School was going to such an extreme to capture him.

The Master of the Black Fiend School had only gotten children in his late years and he was also the only son, it was not hard to imagine the feelings of the Master.

Looking at the line-up of Black Fiend School, the skinny old man bit down slightly on his lower lip and his face grim. He did not try to explain anything; any explanation would probably be useless, and the Black Fiend School would also never let him go.

“Take him down!”

The old man in the loose red robe signalled with his hand waving down, a cold light glimmered in his eyes. He was the Grand Elder of Black Fiend School, bringing up the name of Crimson Fiend, probably everyone in the Forest of Demons would have heard of him.


Once the Crimson Fiend gave his orders, five Yuan Void Realm cultivators stepped into the air. The aura of their bodies rose and burst out, rampant Yuan Qi of different attributes and colours surged, turning into a terrifying pressure which was crashing down on the mountaintop. The aura had turned into a storm which spread through the entire space at the mountain.

The five Yuan Void Realm cultivators made their move in an enclosed formation, surrounding and trapping the skinny old man from all sides.

“Do it!”

A loud holler sounded, and the Yuan Qi on the five cultivators burst out as Yuan Qi seemed to begin to turn solid.

Just in a flash, five attacks from five different directions enclosed the skinny old man as they made their way to him.


In the instant that the five attacks materialized, the skinny old man had formed a hand seal. Fire attribute Yuan Qi exploded and with an overbearing presence, blew off two of the attacks which were directly in front of him.

“Step! Step!”

Though he had escaped from the cage formed by the five attacks, the skinny old man also staggered backwards as his face became even more grim.

“Seal the surroundings, I’ll take him!”

The Crimson Fiend noticed the skinny old man retreating. He snickered coldly, and his body took to the air. Yuan Qi burst out of him and in the blink of an eye, appeared right beside the skinny old man.


The dry and bony hand of the Crimson Fiend shot out like the claw of a ghost with Yuan Qi shining on it as it ripped apart the air, giving off the sounds of howls as it lunged toward the neck of the person in front of him.

The move was fast as lightning as well as swift and merciless.

The face of the skinny old man was as grim as it could be. His eyes watched as the claw accompanied by the howling sounds of wind quickly became bigger, tearing across space.

At this moment, the skinny old man clenched his teeth and a hand seal silently materialized as he made use of some forbidden technique. His face was a ghostly white, but his aura climbed up to another level.


A horrifying presence erupted and the aura surrounding the skinny old man was like it had caused turbulent winds and violent rain.


The skinny old man shouted. The aura in the surroundings which seemed like a raging storm turned still and then as his hands were brought together, it turned into a palm ten of metres wide and then it shot across the air with an unimaginable speed, crashing into the claw directly.

The palm and the claw seemed to have ripped across space and under tens of astonished eyes, they crashed together and violently exploded.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

One palm, one claw, hit each other and with a low and loud rumble like that of thunder, echoed through the mountains as the mountains in the surroundings began to crack under the pressure.

Another night had passed and within the mysterious space, Su Yi stopped his meditation. His face was rosy and he felt a sense of rejuvenation as if his body was filled with endless vitality.

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