The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Red Clothed Young Lady

Deep in the forest, demonic beasts roared. There were many figures within, their aura intimidating, and bloodlust swirling around them like a cloak.

“Seal the entire place! Search! We must find both the old and the young bastard!” The leading old man looked around 50 years old, red hair flowed down to his shoulders and both his eyes permeated with a black darkness. A large loose robe covered the old man and fluttered like a dress in wind.

At this moment, the old man’s face was as dark as it could be, a cold light shone brightly in both eyes.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

A figure shot out from the depths of the forest. A person dressed in black clothes with only his eyes left visible knelt down on one knee in front of the old man, he said, “Grand Elder, we have discovered the man’s tracks! It is just up ahead!”


The face of the red-haired old man in a loose robe was somber. When he heard the news, a cold light flickered in his eyes.


Within the mysterious space, Su Yi kept his hand seal and the aura surrounding his body retracted. A mouthful of stale air went along the throat and out of his mouth.

His eyes sprung open and a blinding light gleamed from them before quickly sinking back into the depths of his eyes.

Feeling the changes within him, Su Yi’s eyes beamed with happiness.

After he had consumed a Soul Stabilizing Elixir, he could feel that his cultivation level had stabilized quite a bit.

The Yuan Qi within his Dantian had been compressed even more to become even more solid. The aura of his body was originally at the Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade Middle Stage, but now it was only Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade Beginning Stage.

Though the feeling of being “full”, could not be compared to before.

“Not a bad elixir.”

Su Yi was secretly shocked. This elixir really was not bad. It may have been seen to others that his cultivation level had regressed, but in actuality, that feeling of stability and strength could not at all be compared to what it was initially.

If he was talking about combat ability, Su Yi had a feeling that he was stronger than before.

Su Yi stood up and stretched his stiff body. He looked at everything within the mysterious space, the energy of heaven and earth was still abundant, he did not dare recklessly consume the Spirit Essence and the planted herbs seemed to have all come back to life.

[T.N: Spirit essence was the spring water-like liquid from before]

This mysterious space kept on giving Su Yi surprises. It was full of the energy of heaven and earth, it could help with cultivation, it could raise the grade of elixirs and there was also that Spirit Essence, everything was so mysterious.

This also further fuelled Su Yi’s confirmation. This mysterious space definitely came from a terrifying origin and was a huge treasure. A common man’s sin is to carry a piece of jade, he must not let anyone else know about this.

Estimating the amount of time, many days probably had already passed. After Su Yi tidied himself and kept the mysterious space, he walked out of the seam in the cliff.

He guessed that since the people of Black Fiend School had not found this place, they should already be long gone.

Su Yi pondered. If he wanted to become strong, he could only count on himself. The Forest of Demons was not a bad place to train himself.

Sacred Mountain was one of the top ten major powers of the entire continent. Where it was situated, its land stretched for thousands of miles.

Everywhere within the thousands of miles was abundant with the energy of heaven and earth and mountains stretched as far as the eye could see, hence the name Sacred Mountain.

Sacred Mountain was grand and majestic, it was sacred as a place could be, a heaven and a holy place for all cultivators!

At a certain mountain peak within Sacred Mountain.

A mist drifted in the air between the slightly dark blue mountain peaks and the mountain tips were green with vegetation. The scene was like a mysterious yet beautiful ink wash painting.

On top of the mountain peak, an alluring and elegant figure which was clothed in red like that of fire, just a young 15, 16 years old. Her skin was white as snow, a beauty matched by no other, stunning and dazzling.

“He is dead. Is he really dead?”

The elegant radiant face of the lady was now wrinkled, frowning. Her young body could not help but tremble slightly, sadness resided in her eyes.

“Everything was an accident. High Elder Wang could not save him in time.”

A young lady about 17,18 years old was there. She was young, yet she was already at the point where he beauty could cause a war. That skinny and long body, hidden underneath tight colorful clothes, was bursting out soft and seductive curves which could stun others’ hearts. Her eyes were bright as if they sparkled with temptation.

This girl was Liu Yanni. She was with Su Yi back then, now she had arrived at Sacred Mountain. She looked at the young lady in red clothes, and said slowly, “But that guy really was slightly special. He made it out of the Forest of Demons basically unscathed after three years and had the talent of a piece of trash. Yet he could still fight Ji Chao as an equal, to the point where both of them were severely injured.”

“Sister Yanni, did you really see him die with your own eyes” The lady in red clothes turned around and faced Liu Yanni, her face slightly pale.

“That I did not, but this news shouldn’t be fake. High Elder Wang did not make it in time to save him.” At her waist hung loosely a dazzling pearl belt, making Liu Yanni’s waist look even thinner, just like a willow. Beside her cheeks were two strands of hair which gently caressed her face, adding to the already seductive appearance.

Looking at the young lady in front of her, Liu Yanni seems to be contemplating about something, then she said softly, "But that guy really was stubborn, he kept on biting down on that engagement. But it is a pity or maybe it is the will of the heavens, with your position at Sacred Mountain, if that perverted brute came to Sacred Mountain, he probably would have a hard time coming."

“Back then, he was slightly indecent, but-”

The red-clothed lady mumbled to herself. A refreshing wind blew through the mountain peak softly. The red clothes hugged that alluring body tightly and the young body had all the right curves, incomparably stunning. In time, she would probably be even more stunning than Liu Yanni.

“Why? Is it that you miss that indecent brute?” Liu Yanni smiled slightly.

“How would I miss him? I just want to kill that pervert with my own hands.” The lady’s eyebrows curved down, her plump lips protrude in a pout, trying to remain calm.

But at this moment, her heart hurt slightly, why was it that when she heard the news of the pervert’s death, she was so upset.

Within the forest, it was already pure darkness. Between the canyon, dark blue mountain tops stacked upon each other side by side. Through the lush and thick towering canopy, stars started to sparkle in the vast open sky.

On top of a smooth black rock, a youth dressed in tattered clothes was gently leaning against a towering tree. The corners of his mouth curved and gave off a complex temperament, and within his face filled with perseverance was a demonic presence.

The youth was Su Yi. From the City of Man to within the Forest of Demons, counting the time it should almost already be an entire month.

The time back when he was in the Forest of Demons for three years had Su Yi already used to such a lonely lifestyle.

“I must continue cultivating!”

Soon, Su Yi stood up, a light shone in his eyes.

After leaving the crack in the side of the cliff, Su Yi had been on guard against the people from Black Fiend School. He did not relax for a moment as he whipped out and opened the two sets of martial art techniques he had gotten from the Young Master of Black Fiend School. The “Seven Injuries Fist” and the “Crimson Flame Palm”.

“Seven Injuries Fist” and “Crimson Flame Palm” were both Commader Grade martial art techniques. Though they were not at the level of the “Hundred Transformations Step”, they were still of Commander Grade.

“Hundred Transformations Step”, “Overlord’s Fist”, “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”, Su Yi was still far from mastering these techniques and each time he used any of them, he would be completely wasted.

Su Yi guessed that with his cultivation level now, high-level martial art techniques were still not suitable for him.

A child handling a large blade could never exert the blade’s full potential. Maybe mastering some lower level techniques, the effect would be better.

Su Yi got up. He had already cleared the meridians needed to learn the “Seven Injuries Fist” and “Crimson Flame Palm” and was now deep in thought, examining the information about the two martial art techniques.

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