The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Yuan Void Realm Expert

If that mine was to collapse, everyone would be buried alive and there would be no chance of survival.

At that time, the disciples of Black Fiend School did not dare stay for a second longer. Who in their right mind would want to die? They were even fighting each other over who got to leave first.

Not long ago, a part of the mine collapsed and the fear from the sight they saw was still fresh in their hearts.

Tens of people including disciples from the same school were crushed. Blood and flesh mixed together in a pile. The sight was too tragic to look at.


The light was bright and beautiful.

Su Yi was completely shocked. Where did such a terrifying power come from? It was so many times stronger than the energy from Sacred Mountain’s Yuan Testing Stone back at the City of Man.

The energy inside the stone door was very weak. How did it become so strong and rich suddenly?

Furthermore, according to the older miners, the Yuan Stone within this cave had all been mined.

“Could it be…”

Su Yi remembered something. An old miner had said that this could be a “Mine within a Mine”.

Within the depths of this cave, there could still be another layer of Yuan Stones and the quality of them might be even better than the ones which had been mined.

The stone door was linked to the cave and like how electricity flows through an electrical wire, the power within the mysterious sphere of light was now absorbing the weak energy within the stone door. It had also felt the Yuan Stones within the cave and absorbed the energy from them as well.


The prison cell was currently shaking violently. The light was getting brighter and brighter to the point where it was absolutely glaring to look at. Su Yi could no longer open his eyes to see the light.

Su Yi could only feel that there was a rich and powerful energy and the sphere of light was furiously absorbing every last bit of it.

At the same time, the sphere of light within Su Yi’s mind was also giving off a blazing light, as if it was a blazing sun rising above the ocean.

But it did not last for too long. After a while, the shocking disturbance had gradually quietened down and the light dispersed.

A huge impact hit Su Yi’s palm. Su Yi staggered back a few steps and nearly fell onto the floor.


Soft sounds of cracking could be heard and cracks could be seen rippling out from the core of the thick stone door in front of Su Yi.

The number of cracks started to increase and became like a spider’s web, densely spreading out in all directions.

Then, the thick stone door collapsed into a pile of dust in front of Su Yi’s astonished gaze.

Outside the prison cell, there were mined rocks scattered everywhere. Not a single person was seen. It seemed that every disciple and miner had already escaped.

Su Yi did not dare stop. Yuan Qi moved under his feet and he dashed out of the cell.

Within the cave, there were occasional soft sounds of cracking, like something was splitting apart.

The cave seemed like it was going to collapse at any moment and small shattered rocks started tumbling down from the ceiling.

In a flash, Su Yi had escaped the mine.


“Bang! Boom! Bam!”

Outside the mine, it was chaos. Low and loud sounds of explosions and roars of beasts were constantly heard.

The surroundings were lit up as bright as day in the middle of the dark night.

Su Yi raised his eyes. In the sky, there were currently three figures involved in an intense fight.


There was a glaring light around the three figures. Yuan Qi was like a violent, shining tornado rippling around them. Strong aura was spreading in all directions.

Out of the three figures, Su Yi knew two of them.

One of them was High Elder Bai of the Black Fiend School and another one was no one other than the short old man who had caused Su Yi to be caught.

For the final person, Su Yi had never seen him. He was also an old man looking around 50-60 years old and was currently fighting the short old man alongside High Elder Bai.

Su Yi could tell from the aura that the second old man’s cultivation level was lower than High Elder Bai, but it was only a slight difference. He inferred that it was definitely another expert from Black Fiend School.

“Yuan Void Realm experts!”

What made Su Yi even more shocked was that the three people did not materialize Yuan Qi to step in the air. They were truly hovering in the air.

Being able to do this was no doubt proof that the three of them were experts who had reached the Yuan Void Realm.

“Come here, or else I would kill you first!” As soon as Su Yi had exited the mine, an expert from Black Fiend School coldly shouted, his eyes tightly following Su Yi.

There were many disciples of Black Fiend School in the surroundings which were currently oppressing a group of miners.

But now, those disciples were all looking at the intense fight in the air, their faces filled with fear.

That was a showdown between experts. They could not do anything to interfere.

An expert from Black Fiend School stared at Su Yi. Su Yi gradually walked towards him. He did not dare take the risk.

Luckily, no one recognized Su Yi.

Not long ago, Su Yi had killed a disciple and only ten-plus disciples saw it. But currently, none of them were present.

Furthermore, everyone was focused on the fight in the air between experts. Only a few people noticed Su Yi.

Su Yi was also looking at the fight as his brain moved its gears to find a way to escape.

The old man which had pulled a fast one on Su Yi let out his aura without any restraints. It was incomparably powerful, and he was even fighting equally against two High Elders of Black Fiend School.

“Who exactly are you?! You actually dare plot against Black Fiend School. Black Fiend School would never let you off even if we have to chase you to the ends of the world!” A raging voice came from High Elder Bai. The voice which had been strengthened by Yuan Qi was deafening and it could be heard clearly throughout the mountains.

“Black Fiend School, so what about it!” The short old man laughed. A hand seal formed and a terrifying aura spread out like violent winds, going head-to-head with the two High Elders with no hint of being at a disadvantage.

“Strong, very strong! He probably is equal to Wang Quan De from Sacred Mountain!” Su Yi was overwhelmed. Though in his heart, he wanted so badly to give the old man a few kicks. Feeling the power of the old man, his iris contracted slightly and his throat felt slightly hot and dry. The old man was actually this powerful!

Su Yi had heard the words from High Elder Bai. It seemed that this old man had taken Yuan Stones from the Black Fiend School.

“Did the old man come to this mine for the Yuan Stones within it?” Su Yi thought. With that old man’s ability, how would he become a miner? He probably blended in on purpose for the Yuan Stones within the mine. He actually dared to go after Black Fiend School’s items.

“A person who seeks death. You actually dare to come after Black Fiend Schools’ possessions. Since you are here today, don’t bother leaving. Hehe,” High Elder Bai sneered. Aura exploded from his body, shaking the space around him.


As soon as High Elder Bai finished his words, a sharp sound of the air being torn was heard. Under the light from the Yuan Qi, two bright lights could be seen on the horizon and they gradually grew brighter and bigger.

“Not good!” The face of the old man suddenly changed. He had never thought that there were other experts from Black Fiend School nearby and were rushing over.

“Daring to intrude upon the Black Fiend School, you are courting death!” From far away, a cold and evil voice was heard and two figures enveloped in light gradually grew bigger and in an instant, they appeared in the air.

“Another two Yuan Void Realm experts!” Su Yi was stunned once again. They were hovering in the air without using the materialization of Yuan Qi to support them. Those two people from Black Fiend School were actually also experts in the Yuan Void Realm!

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