The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Escaped!

Now, Su Yi understood how Black Fiend School could become one of the three major powers in the Forest of Demons.

In a flash, there were four Yuan Void Realm experts. How strong was Black Fiend School with such power?

Seeing that two more cultivators in the Yuan Void Realm had arrived, the face of the small old man truly became serious.

He had no confidence in defeating four experts with only himself.

“Half a month ago, the merchant company of Black Fiend School was robbed. Ten days ago, a batch of medicinal herbs was taken as well. Looks to me that they were all done by you, am I correct?’

With the arrival of the two other experts, High Elder Bai and the other High Elder stopped their offense. There was no rush. The enemy was already a fish caught in their net.

The small old man looked at the four Yuan Void Realm cultivators. He spoke deeply, “You were prepared for this from the start, am I right?’

“Hehe, that’s right. Attacking Black Fiend School twice, that’s challenging the entire Black Fiend School. If there’s the first time, there would be a second and if there’s a second time, there would be a third. We may not know where your next target would be, but we were sure that it would be an important asset to the Black Fiend School. So, I am not afraid to tell you that wherever there is an important asset of Black Fiend School, there was already a trap set in place. We were all just waiting for you to step right in. Now, I want to see today who exactly you are. Who gave you the gut to attack Black Fiend School!”

High Elder Bai coldly smiled. Everything had already been set in place long ago.

This mine was slightly more desolate, so those who had come there were not the strongest from Black Fiend School. But preparations had been made. There were experts not far away keeping an eye on this place, ready to surround this place at any moment.

High Elder Bai had never imagined that he would really meet the culprit. Once they had apprehended this guy, it would be a huge achievement.

“So that old fellow had already attacked Black Fiend School a few times!”

When Su Yi heard the news, his irises slightly contracted. He had never thought that the skinny old man had already attacked Black Fiend School a few times. He had actually looked down on Black Fiend so much.

“Do you think that if I really wanted to leave, you would be able to stop me?”

The eyes of the short old man were cold. Though he felt that the situation was very dangerous, he also had the confidence to escape.

“Hehe, then try. You are already trapped!”

At the same time when High Elder Bai's cold words were said, the offense started again. A hand seal formed and a powerful aura spiraled out from his palms as a golden light filled the skies. Arcs of light materialized in front of him and shot towards the old man from all directions.

“Take him down!”

Seeing that High Elder Bai had made his move, the other three Yuan Void Realm experts did not want to be outdone and made their moves as well.


Each attack was filled with Yuan Qi of different attributes. Their aura was terrifying. Glaring lights and deep sounds of explosions from the fight filled the night sky.

“Bam! Bam!”

Amidst the attacks, the old man's body was like a floating weed and dodged the two attacks and with his two hands, he took the next two attacks head-on. Yuan Qi burst out from his hands and there was an explosion of light as violent auras rippled the air.

After the skinny old man took on the first wave of attacks from the four cultivators, he was in an aggressive position. His body shot out, Yuan Qi surging out from his palms, giving off waves of violent aura outbursts and then threw a burst of Yuan Qi out.

“Not good!”

At this moment, Su Yi’s face changed.

The old man’s attack was not towards the four experts. It was towards the bunch of people on the ground.

Strictly speaking, the old man’s attack was towards the disciples of Black Fiend School on the ground, but he showed no mercy towards the miners, including Su Yi.

“Everyone, retreat! Watch out!”

Seeing the skinny old man suddenly attacking below, High Elder Bai instantly shouted and rushed to stop the attack.

High Elder Bai knew the opponent’s strength. No disciple of Black Fiend School would be a match for him.

Two Yuan Void Realm experts blocked the old man's attack while High Elder Bai and the other High Elder which had been there from the start immediately started attacking the old man.

Though the two experts had narrowly blocked the old man's attack, the terrifying aura still struck and carved out a deep gully below, sending sand and stones into the air.



Suddenly, the disciples of Black Fiend School which had tried to back off frantically and a bunch of miners let out cries of pain as they were sent flying by the ripples of aura.


Other people staggered back. In an instant, the place had become a mess.

Luckily, Su Yi was far away. He had prepared long ago and had backed off fast, but he still received the impact and his swiftly retreating figure was sent staggering.


At that moment, Su Yi knew his chance had arrived. It was a window of opportunity.

Using the force which had sent him staggering, white Yuan Qi gathered under Su Yi’s feet and with the “Hundred Transformations Step”, he shot straight into the forest like an arrow.

Everywhere was a mess. The attack was too strong.

Quite a few other experts were severely affected. After all, the skinny old man mainly targeted the disciples of Black Fiend School.

Seeing that High Elder Bai and the other High Elder went for him again, the old man’s face fell. Bloodlust overflowed from his eyes and then there was a movement of energy between his eyebrows. And as if they were real, the energy materialized into two snakes.

The snakes looked as if they were real. Scales covered their bodies and white fangs were seen as if they were alive.

Two frightening auras came from the two snakes and shot towards the two High Elders.

“Soul attack, an alchemist?”

Seeing the two snakes and feeling that weird aura, High Elder Bai’s expression became more serious than ever.

Su Yi picked up his feet and ran for it. He did not dare stay for another second.

“Bam! Boom!”

Behind him, sounds of frightening explosions could be heard, making Su Yi’s heart shake.

That was a fight between Yuan Void Realm. Just the ripples from the fight alone were not something an average cultivator could handle.

Right now, regarding the fight between the short old man and the High Elders of Black Fiend School, who won and who lost, who survived and who died, Su Yi had no interest in those things.

What Su Yi wanted the most now was to escape safely.

No matter the result of the fight, it was good for him since both sides were his enemies.

But seeing the horrifying fight, as Su Yi was swiftly running away, his heart was also shaken. He wondered when he could become that strong as well.

Su Yi did not dare be careless. He constantly observed the surroundings. After feeling that there were no disciples from Black Fiend School chasing after him, Su Yi relaxed slightly.

After realizing how far he had run and how the sounds of impacts were getting softer did Su Yi started to slow down.

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