The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Unforeseen Event at the Mine

“Kid, wait here nicely. You are tired of living!”

Su Yi was brought back to the mine and thrown into a prison cell.

The so-called prison cell was only a temporary stone room which was carved out from the cave.

The stone room was not big, but it wasn’t small either and it had a very thick stone door.

After the disciple of Black Fiend School who looked around thirty years old threw Su Yi into the stone room, the stone door was shut down.

Su Yi listened to the sounds outside and it seemed that the disciple was still standing guard outside.

“Break the seal. That is my last chance!”

Su Yi had been sealed and thrown into the prison cell. This was his last chance. When the "Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique" breaks the seal, he hoped that he could use the opportunity to escape.

There was no time for delays. He immediately performed the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”. Like how he originally tried to break the seal that High Elder Bai had put on him, he started to assault the seal which had been placed on his him by the disciple.

After trying, Su Yi was delighted in his heart. The seal which the disciple had put on him could not compare at all to the one which High Elder Bai had put on him before. It was far weaker and Su Yi felt that breaking this seal would be a lot simpler.

Secretly trying to break the seal within his body, Su Yi’s expression was very serious. He was racing against the clock.

He was afraid that when the strong people from Black Fiend School came, he would not be able to keep his life. Killing a person from Black Fiend School, the consequences could be imagined.



Not long after, violent sounds of explosions and rumbles could be heard. The earth shook and there were constant rumbles like an earthquake.

“Who dares trespass into the important territory of Black Fiend School, come out now!”

The words were like thunder. Even Su Yi who was in the prison cell could hear it clearly.

“Intruders! Hurry!”

“Quick, someone is attacking our Black Fiend School!”

Afterward, Su Yi could only hear that the outside was chaotic and disciples rushed out.




Outside the mine, there were constant sounds of rumbling and cries of pain. There were even ear-deafening roars of beasts.

“You guys better behave or else you will get it from us!”

Within the mine, there were disciples shouting.

It seems that the miners were starting to grow restless and some disciples stayed behind to suppress the miners.

"Looks like Black Fiend School has some trouble! This is a grand opportunity. Faster! Break the seal!" thought Su Yi. Someone had come to attack Black Fiend School. Though he did not know which power it was, it did not matter. This was a rare chance for him.

But the seal was still there. Su Yi sped up and assaulted the seal within his body with all his might.

The disciple who placed the seal did not seem to be very strong. The “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” was also extremely special, so under the full might of Su Yi, not much time passed before the seal was broken.


When the seal was broken forcefully, Su Yi kicked his legs and got up. Then a mouthful of blood shot out from his mouth.

This was due to the Black Fiend School disciple’s kick. The injury was not light, but luckily, Su Yi was not at the point where he was severely injured.


He could not be bothered about the injury on him. Su Yi knew that this was a now-or-never chance. The disciple who was standing guard outside seemed to also be gone. If he doesn’t escape now, when shall he escape then!

First, Su Yi stuck his ear to the door and listened for any movements outside the door. Now, Su Yi was sure that there should be no one outside the cell.

Su Yi touched the stone door and lightly pushed it. He felt that the stone door was very heavy and thick. It was made from the extremely heavy rock which had been mined out.

That stone door should have some sort of mechanism which could only be opened from the outside. From the inside, it seemed that the only way to open the door was through force.

“Let’s give it a shot.”

With no other choice, Su Yi could only push the door open forcefully and immediately he placed his palm on the stone door.

At the same time, Yuan Qi from the whirlpool of Yuan Qi within Su Yi’s body gushed out and surged through the meridians, turning into a strong force which directly hit the stone door, wanting to forcefully push open that stone door.


The stone door shook as if it was going to be forcefully pushed open.

Then, in an instant, with no warning, something happened, changing the situation.


At that time, when Su Yi’s Yuan Qi slammed against the door, the mysterious sphere of light within Su Yi’s mind seemed to have been provoked by something and it started moving.

In a flash, light exploded out from Su Yi’s mind. A mysterious power flowed out like lightning and Su Yi had no way of stopping it.

But at that moment, Su Yi could clearly feel that the mysterious sphere of light had given out a strange energy which had covered the door.

Strictly speaking, Su Yi felt that the mysterious sphere of light within his mind was currently absorbing a type of energy within the door, some sort of weak energy.

Su Yi knew that feeling. It was exactly the same as the time with the Yuan Testing Stone back in the City of Man.

There was a type of energy within the sphere of light which was currently consuming a sort of weak energy within the stone door like during the time when it consumed the energy within the Yuan Testing Stone.

“Does this have something to do with Yuan Stones?”

Su Yi was surprised, but afterward, he inferred a few possibilities.

That stone door was made from the stones within the mine. The mine was a Yuan Stone mine. Even if that door wasn’t made of Yuan Stone, but there may be some energy inside it.

So, it was highly possible that the sphere of light could not only consume Yuan Testing Stone, but it was able to consume all Yuan Stones.

Su Yi was astonished. He could not control himself, but he could feel that a type of devouring power was in his palm that was currently absorbing the weak energy from within the stone door like how one harvested a silkworm cocoon.

But currently, the energy within the sphere of light did not stop there. A weird energy diffused across Su Yi’s palm into the stone door, wanting to extend into the deeper reaches.

Just as when Su Yi felt that the weak energy within the stone door was about to be completely absorbed, from the ground and ceiling which was connected to the door, strands of weak energy was drawn forth that was being converged and then absorbed.

Those strands of weak energy became strong and unbelievably fast in an instant.


Strands of weak energy instantly became rich and dense and then they converged into a surge of power at Su Yi palm and was absorbed.


Everywhere inside the stone room started glowing. From the ground to the ceiling, there were golden lights, black lights, cyan lights, red lights, white lights, green lights and more. Numerous lights of various colours were all mixed together.

The light was multi-coloured. It covered Su Yi and filled the prison cell, especially at where Su Yi's palm was currently touching the stone door. The light there was even brighter, like a small blazing sun.


Sounds of trembling could be heard from the entire prison cell as it shook from side to side and the ground quivered like it was going to collapse at any moment.

“Not good. This mine is going to collapse again!”

“Get out fast!”

“The entire mine is going to collapse, quickly get out!”

Outside the prison cell, sounds of panic could be heard. Some came from the disciples of Black Fiend School, some from miners but all their expressions was one of panic and worry.

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