The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Swearing and Cursing

Su Yi took the chance to observe the surroundings. He thought about how to escape from this situation.

If he acted now, that young disciple was only around Yuan Xuan Realm cultivation level. If he suddenly attacked him, he may have a chance.

But the hardest part would be not attracting the attention of other disciples. Once they noticed him, then he would not have any chance left.

If he did not attract the attention of other disciples, he may have a chance of survival.

It was several hundred meters away from the mine and there seem to be no other disciples nearby the ravine. Su Yi was furiously calculating whether that chance was worth taking.

“Are you looking for a beating? Hurry up and move! Do you want to die?!”

The young disciple saw the two older miners resting and shouted at them. Without any hint of holding back, he kicked one of the old miners.


The thin body of the miner staggered a few steps from the kick.

“Hurry up!”

The disciple was merciless and he raised another foot towards the second old miner.


At this moment, Su Yi made his decision. If he went back to the mine, he did not know if he would ever have the chance to come out again.

The chances of escaping from within the mine would probably be tens of times slimmer than now.

He had no time to hesitate. It was the best time to make his move.

The chance had arrived and Su Yi acted. There was a very heavy stone in his hand while he performed the “Hundred Transformations Step”.

Just as the young disciple raised his second foot, Su Yi’s figure appeared behind him.

He circulated his Yuan Qi and fiercely slammed the rock against the back of the disciple’s head.

Everything happened in a single breath. It was as fast as lightning.

Surprise attacks had always been a specialty of Su Yi.


A low thump was heard. The young disciple did not know what happened to him. He did not expect that there would be a miner which dared to attack him. The back of his head was immediately smashed and blood spurted out.

Su Yi used all his strength in that hit. How strong would that be? The skull of the young disciple was instantly smashed to pieces and had only a slither of life remaining.

Everything happened too quickly. So fast that the old person did not have the time to react.

When the old person finally realized what happened, the young disciple was already almost dead and collapsed to the ground.

The two older miners were even more astonished. They did not think that the youth which seemed honest and well behaved actually had the courage to kill a disciple of Black Fiend School.

“Everyone, jump down quickly. Escape now while we have a chance, if we go back we would be looking for death!”

Su Yi said to the old person and the two miners who were still stunned. As he spoke, he did not stop moving. He turned his body and straight away wanted to jump into the deep valley.

Since the bottom was a ravine, there should be a tunnel. It was pitch black down there and Su Yi did not know what would happen after he jumped down. But if he were to return to the mine, then it would truly be no hope left.

“There is no other way, kid. Who asked you to become involved in this.”

Suddenly, Su Yi heard a voice like the talking of a mosquito.

Only Su Yi could hear this voice.

And as Su Yi heard this voice, his body which had just turned around suddenly stopped. He was pulled back by something, and then there was a loud shout from behind him. “Oh no! Murder! Someone has killed a disciple of Black Fiend School!”

The voice was very loud. In this deep night, it was enough to travel throughout the camp.

Su Yi quickly turned his head back. The one who was behind him was not anyone else but the old man. He was actually pulling his sleeve.

When the shout spread, Su Yi’s expression changed greatly. He prepared his arm and sent a fist flying towards the old man.

Yuan Qi was giving off a rumbling sound in his vein and it gathered on his fist, blowing apart the air around it. It was not the “Overlord’s Fist”, but it was a fist with all of Su Yi’s might. Its strength was also not normal.

“Murder! Hurry, come!”

The old man kept on shouting at the side while his body dodged Su Yi’s fist while looking all pathetic, but he still dodged to Su Yi’s side and his hand was still holding onto Su Yi’s clothes.

Su Yi did not know what happened. All he felt was that the old man took the opportunity to swing him away. A strength which was soft yet hard sent him off.

Afterward, Su Yi was swung out several meters. What people saw from the side would be that Su Yi had staggered a few steps and his foot had slipped.


Su Yi’s body fell and slid across the ground.

“Strong, very strong!”

At that moment, only Su Yi knew that the short old person was definitely very strong. Purposefully becoming a miner, he must be plotting something.

“What audacity, are you courting death?!”

The shouts just now had alerted the disciples and instantly several figures darted towards the area.

Su Yi was not hurt and when he was swiftly getting up, there were already quite a few figures around him.

Bloodthirsty auras spread around the area and various weapons, sabers, spears, swords, halberds all pointed towards Su Yi from all directions.

“Behave and don’t move!”

A disciple shouted at Su Yi and another disciple rushed forwards to check on the young disciple who was on the ground.

“It’s all over.”

Su Yi’s expression was as serious as it could be. Now there were ten-plus disciples there and more were coming. Anyone of them would have cultivation level most likely above his and there were even Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators. How would he be a match for any of them?

The two miners had not snapped out from their daze and were also tightly surrounded.

“It was him! It was the kid who killed the person!”

“It was the kid who killed the disciple! It had nothing to do with us!”

The two miners were terrified and panicking as they pointed towards Su Yi.

“Human nature…”

Su Yi sighed helplessly. This was human nature.

Now, the person who Su Yi hated the most was naturally that skinny and short old man. He had even wanted to bring that old man along with him. Never had he expected the old man to bite the hand which fed him.

“Where is he?”

And as Su Yi was cursing the culprit which caused that situation, he suddenly realized something. The old man which was just there had already disappeared completely without a trace.

“He’s dead!”

The disciple who was checking the disciple who Su Yi had hit stood up and shook his head as he said to the other disciples. The disciple was already as dead as he could ever be.

“How bold! You are courting death!”

A disciple of Black Fiend School shouted and kicked Su Yi.


That kick was filled with strength. The disciple had the cultivation level of Yuan Xuan Realm and Su Yi was sent flying.


When such strength hit Su Yi's body, a mouthful of blood was spat out and his body landed on the ground heavily.

“This kid seemed to be someone which High Elder Bai had brought along. Leave him alive for now and notify High Elder Bai of this. Then we shall punish him!” The man who had just checked the dead disciple said. His face showed no emotions. He continued saying, “Spread out and search. There was another one which escaped, find him.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

When the disciples heard the man’s words, they instantly spread out in every direction. They did not even exclude the ravine. Some disciples jumped into the ravine to check.

The man who had just spoken seemed to be the highest ranking among all the disciples and afterward, he went to Su Yi's side. Numerous energies landed on Su Yi and a seal was formed on him. The man said, "Bring these two in and lock this kid into the prison while he waits for his punishment!"


There were two disciples. One carried Su Yi on his shoulder while the other escorted the two older miners back into the mine.

“Chase him down. I want to see how far he can run!”

The remaining few disciples also joined in the hunt for the old man.

Su Yi had been imprisoned again. At this time, he was bitterly swearing and cursing at the old man. If not for the old man, he would definitely have a chance to escape.

But now, he was probably being sent to the execution grounds.

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