The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Spotting a Chance

All those heavy stones were transported outside the mine with pure human labor.

Though beasts had great strength, there were many tunnels within the mine and the bodies of most beasts were too big to fit the tunnels.

Taming and keeping a beast also required quite a bit of human and material resources. The Black Fiend School was not stupid. Relying on human labor was much cheaper than relying on beasts.

Su Yi could push the cart much more easily with the help of the short old man. As he travelled along the path, he memorized the route in his heart to prevent the situation where he had the chance to escape but he did not know the way out.

Nightfall. The mountains were already just a picture of pure black. Rows of dark blue mountaintops were stacked against each other in the chain of mountains.

In a stone hall, Elder Bai in the grey robe, the youth in black clothes and another old man looking fifty years old was sitting within.

The old man looking around fifty years old wore a robe with long sleeves. Both his eyes had a sharp gaze, proving that his cultivation level was not weak.

“I never thought that High Elder Bai would come here personally. Sorry to trouble Elder Bai,” The old person who looked around fifty smiled and was very respectful in front of High Elder Bai.

“The Young Master wanted to come out and widen his horizon. I had nothing to attend to at that time, so I accompanied the Young Master. We are both high elders of Black Fiend School, so High Elder Yu need not be so polite,” High Elder Bai nodded and said while smiling slightly.

“Young Master is a young hero. At such a young age and already at Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade. His future is limitless.”

The old person who was called High Elder Yu looked at the youth in black clothes and said. Though his words had the meaning of flattering the youth, the astonishment in his eyes was real.

At an age not even 17 and he was already in the Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade. This was the power of a King Grade Talent. Not many people in the Forest of Demons could compare to this level of talent.

"High Elder Yu is too courteous. The reason I came here was that my father had especially reminded me to listen to High Elder Bai during the trip but when I arrive in this place, I would have to listen to High Elder Yu and I must also represent him to thank High Elder Yu for guarding this mine. You have worked hard," The youth said. The words seemed polite, but his face showed some pride. The Black Fiend School belonged to his family. He did not understand why his father wanted him to be humble in front of the high elders.

He was the Young Master of the Black Fiend School. Sooner or later he would be the Leader of Black Fiend School. Shouldn’t it be natural that the High Elders respected him?

But this was his father’s instructions, so the youth did not dare to say his thoughts.

“I thank the School Leader for his worry. This is my responsibility. I would do my best and Young Master, please do not be so polite. But this place is in the wilderness, I am afraid I do not have anything good to entertain Young Master with. The Young Master may be disappointed,” said High Elder Yu.

“I know that this place is in the wilderness. I came here as I wished to fight some beasts in the area to train myself. The night doesn't seem bad. Why not I bring a few people along and roam around the area while High Elders continue to attend to your matters?" The eyes of the youth lit up. The only purpose of him coming here was to train himself.

Within the Black Fiend School, though it would be no problem to find a few beasts to train with, the Black Fiend School did not seem as pleasant as being in the wilderness. The feeling was completely different.

What he wanted was to roam around outside. He felt bored always practicing with the beasts which were caged up.

“That is not allowed, Young Master. Even though the level of beasts here in the wilderness is not very high, I am afraid that you may meet the strong beasts who came out to roam. Young Master is the future of Black Fiend School. No accidents are allowed to happen to you!”

High Elder Bai shook his head at hearing the youth’s suggestion. The School Leader had personally entrusted the Young Master to him when they left. The School Leader wanted him to see the progress at the mine and the Yuan Stones which were mined a while before.

But how would he not know that compared to this mine, what was most important was still the Young Master in front of him?

If something were to happen to the Young Master, he would be the unfortunate one at that time.

If the Young Master loses even a single strand of hair, he would not get any credit for coming out this time when he goes back to the Black Fiend School.

“Young Master, this cannot be allowed. How about this? Tomorrow morning, I would personally accompany Young Master and travel around the vicinity,” The expression of High Elder Yu changed. If something were to happen to the Young Master in the area which he was in charge of, he would also be punished.

“There is no fun if it is in the morning. It would be too boring. Hunting at night would still be the most fun.”

The youth was slightly disappointed. He came out as he wanted to find and experience something new and fun. If not, he would be more comfortable staying in Black Fiend School, why would he even come out?


Thought swirled in High Elder Yu’s mind. He did not wish to disappoint the Young Master when he had come all the way there. It was not at all advantageous to him. No matter what, the youth was still the Young Master of the Black Fiend School.

"How about this, Young Master? Since High Elder Bai had come personally, if Young Master really wants to hunt at night, I would personally accompany Young Master out while I would have to trouble High Elder Bai with the mine. What do you think High Elder Bai?" High Elder Yu asked High Elder Bai with the meaning of requesting instructions.

Even though both of them were High Elders, High Elder Yu knew clearly in his heart that the position of High Elder Bai was far above his. His strength was ranked third among the High Elders of Black Fiend School. His strength was also above his. Furthermore, he was one of the trusted aides of the School Leader.

“Okay, that seems fine as well. At least I get to go out and see the area tonight! If I could shoot down several Demonic Xuan Realm beasts, then this trip would be all worth it!”

The youth was ecstatic. If he could shoot down a few Demonic Xuan Realm beasts, after he returned to Black Fiend School, it would be a matter which he could boast about among his generation.

“Okay, but do not go too far. Just stay in the vicinity.”

High Elder Bai saw the happy and hopeful expression of the youth. He did not wish to pour cold water over him, so he nodded and instructed High Elder Yu, “Then, I entrust Young Master to you. You must take care of him.”

“Yes, High Elder Bai,” High Elder Yu nodded. He knew in his heart that there were no powerful beasts nearby. Not to mention, he would also look after the Young Master carefully.

This Young Master was only looking for a fresh experience.

They were out in the wilderness. After this, the Young Master would not have any intention to go out in the middle of the night to hunt again.

Outside the mine, there was an area to pile up all the stones.

Inside the mine, there were valuable pearls illuminating the cave.

When they were inside the mine, they had no idea what time it was, but as Su Yi pushed the cart out, the moon was already high and the moonlight gently lit up the area.

But the surroundings of the mine were lit up as bright as day and the disciples of Black Fiend School were not being careless. Instead, each of them was far more cautious and alert.

Several hundreds of meters outside a cave, there was a deep ravine. All the rocks would be poured into it.

“Dong! Dong!”

Like the two older miners, Su Yi and the old man poured the rocks into the cart into the ravine.

As the rocks tumbled down, there were deep rumbling sounds, showing that the ravine was deep.

“Hu, hu.”

After pouring the rocks, the two older miners were already panting for breath. They did not stop for a breather the entire way and were so exhausted that they thought their souls were no longer in their body.

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