The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Mine within a Mine

Su Yi could not help but feel some sympathy towards the miners who had come before him.

This scandal of Black Fiend School was squeezing every last drop of strength from everyone. But, at the same time, they gave them the slight strand of hope so that everyone would not fall apart from despair.

He had to say, this plan of Black Fiend School was good. They perfectly captured the weak point of a human.

Of course, Su Yi did not care about such things. He was thinking about how to escape from this situation. That place was not somewhere which one could stay for a long time.

And with Su Yi’s question, the miners around him who were resting were surprised and looked at Su Yi as if they were looking at a bizarre animal. Could someone not even know what was a Yuan Crystal?

“Yuan Stones are categorized into different attributes and grades, but Yuan Crystal is different. Yuan Crystal is a type of special Yuan Stone. It has no attribute and is very pure. Hence after being refined by a specialist, most of the time, it would become a Yuan Testing Stone. The most average Yuan Crystal is equivalent to a Three Star Yuan Stone.”

Someone replied Su Yi’s question.

Su Yi raised his eyes. He followed the voice and saw a short and thin old man.

It was the old person which he was paying attention to. This made Su Yi feel slightly surprised.

As for Yuan Crystals, Su Yi realized that Yuan Testing Stones were actually Yuan Crystals. Back then when he was in the City of Man, the Yuan Testing Stone which Wang Quan De had brought along seemed to have been absorbed by the mysterious space in his mind.

A piece of Yuan Crystal was equivalent to a piece of Three Star Yuan Stone, this caused a change in Su Yi’s face.

Su Yi naturally knew the different grades of Yuan Stones.

Usually, Yuan Stones were categorized into One Star to Seven Stars. The Yuan Stones which was being circulated around between cultivators were almost all One Star Yuan Stones. Even a Two Star Yuan Stone was an extremely rare existence, not to mention a Three Star Yuan Stone.

The exchange rate between the different grades of Yuan Stones was one to one hundred.

A Two Star Yuan Stone was equivalent to 100 One Star Yuan Stones.

And a Three Star Yuan Stone was equivalent to 100 Two Star Yuan Stones which was equivalent to 10 000 One Star Yuan Stones.

But under normal circumstances, no one would be willing to exchange a Three Star Yuan Stone for 100 Two Star Yuan Stones and they would be even more unwilling to exchange it for 10 000 One Star Yuan Stones.

The higher the grade of the Yuan Stone, the purer the energy within.

A high-grade Yuan Stone being exchanged for a lower grade Yuan Stone would always result in a loss.

These miners were willing to mine Yuan Stones for three months just for three Yuan Stones and of course, they were all only One Star Yuan Stones. This was already considered a high price and it goes to show how valuable Yuan Stones were.

“Thank you, Senior,” Seeing that the person replied to him, Su Yi clasped his hands to express his thanks.

“Kid, how did you manage to offend Black Fiend School and was brought to this place?” The old man looked at Su Yi. At that time, he saw Su Yi being captured by Black Fiend School himself.

Hearing this, the miners in the surroundings looked at Su Yi curiously. They were tricked here but this kid was captured and brought here.

But the gazes of the other miners were only filled with curiosity. There was not a single hint of sympathy. The matter had nothing to do with them. They could not even save themselves now, how would they be in a state of mind to care about other people?

“I can only say that I was unlucky, and I can also say that I was too weak,” said Su Yi.

He did not say anything more. He had no need to complain about his grievances to these miners.

In this world where the strong preyed upon the weak, no one would care about another person's grievances. Being oppressed by others only meant that you were weak.

Furthermore, Su Yi was not the type of person to go complaining to everyone about how he was wronged.

When there is an opportunity, he will make Black Fiend School suffer the consequences.

“Is there really Yuan Stones here? How come I did not see any?”

A new miner asked an older miner. From the moment he stepped in until now, he had not seen any Yuan Stones.

“Of course there was. Just that they have already been mined away.”

The old miner who had been there for four months said, “When I first came, I saw it myself that Yuan Stones were everywhere. There was many, many of them, but they have all been mined away. But, five days ago, when everyone thought that the Yuan Stones in this mine were thoroughly exhausted, the inner area suddenly collapsed and I heard that hundreds of people were buried alive in there. It was too horrible to look at.”

His words stopped for a moment. That miner still had the fear from back then. If he wasn’t outside at that time, he would have been buried. He continued, “Afterward, the people from Black Fiend School found out that there should still be Yuan Stones hidden here. It was extremely likely that it was a mine within a mine.”

“A mine within a mine? Doesn’t that mean that Black Fiend School is going to be rich?”

Someone was shocked by those words.

When such words were said, a wave of emotion rose in his eyes without any traces. Then his eyes regained their calmness.

Afterward, from the whispers of the people, Su Yi got to know what a mine within a mine was.

The name spoke for itself. A mine within a mine was a mine that still had another mine hidden within.

There were very few mines within a mine.

Normally, for the Yuan Stones of a mine within a mine, the Yuan Stones on the outside would be slightly lower in quality and the stones inside would be a much better quality.

The Yuan Stones which were being mined from this Yuan Stone quarry of the Black Fiend School were all One Star Yuan Stones.

But now that they have discovered a mine within a mine, there was a high possibility that the Yuan Stones deeper within would be Two Star Yuan Stones.

If they could discover a Two Star Yuan Stone mine, then this was a matter of huge importance to the Black Fiend School.

“But there is also the possibility of it not being a mine within a mine. Even if it is really a mine within a mine, the quantity of Yuan Stones may be little,” said a person. He did not look young and he seemed to have quite a bit of experience regarding Yuan Stone Mines.

“No, I feel that it should be a mine within a mine. Recently, the layer of rock here is getting harder and harder. Maybe not long after, we may be able to mine out the second layer of Yuan Stones,” said another miner.

"What are you all chattering about? Do you all want to die? If you still have the strength to speak, then get up and get back to work!"

Suddenly, the disciples who went out came back. Their faces dark and their gazes sharp.

“Newcomers, are your skins getting itchy? Get to work!”

A disciple kicked a new miner, causing the miner’s body to be sent flying.

This new miner crashed into the wall, blood spurted out from his mouth. The aura around him instantly withered down and his face became white. He struggled to get up and did not dare say anything. The miners in the area were frightened and immediately got back to work.

“You, you and you. You guys are in charge of transporting these stones out. And…”

The man who seemed like the leader among the disciples pointed his fingers. He also looked at Su Yi, pointing towards the stones which have already piled up within the mine. He needed someone to use the cart and transport the stones out.

"Sir, let this old man go as well. My legs are fast. The transportation could go faster," The skinny old man rushed forward with a bright smile. He bowed and scraped towards the man, hoping that he would also allow him to transport these stones.

“Okay. You and this kid would be one group. Hurry up, or else you will suffer!” The man nodded, allowing the old man to be in a group with Su Yi.

Su Yi was surprised, but he did not let his emotion show on his face. He felt that this old man had some secrets and was plotting something big.

Swiftly, Su Yi and the old man pushed out a cart full of stones.

As expected, it was very heavy. The stones in the cart may look little, but they would definitely be heavier than 1500 kilograms. If not for that cart being specially made, it would never be able to withstand such weight.

There were two carts with four people pushing. In front of Su Yi were two older miners who were leading the way. Behind him was a young disciple who was rushing them.

Su Yi was struggling. Before this, he was already exhausted. He had not rested properly and meditated to recover his strength just now since he was constantly listening to the others talking about this mine.

Soon, Su Yi felt that he was at his limit. The side where he was pushing was starting to shake.

At this moment, Su Yi suddenly felt that it was a lot easier to push the cart.

“He is helping me.”

Su Yi felt it and looked at the thin and short old man beside him. It was he who was helping him out.

“Kid, hurry up. Stop slacking,” The old man glanced at Su Yi.

Su Yi nodded and did not say anything. He felt that this old man did not wish to attract any attention.

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