The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: He Is an Actor

There was a flash of light and Yuan Qi flowed in the air. A cold light came from the hand of the leading Black Fiend School disciple. As fast as lightning and with an air of bloodlust around it, his hand clutched onto the shrewd man’s neck.

This sudden change caused a shock amongst many. The eyes of the man were filled with fear and shock. The disciple's cultivation level was far stronger than his. He didn't even have the ability to resist.

“When you want to come, you come. When you want to leave, you leave. What do you think the Black Fiend School is?! You are looking for death!”

A cold and emotionless voice came from the disciple. His five fingers also strengthened and closed.


The neck of the shrewd man was broken just like that. His lifeless body collapsed to the ground, devoid of strength like jelly. Blood seeped from the corner of his protruding eyes, looking horrifying and it filled people with fear.

Everyone shivered, their hearts agitated.

“Does anyone else want to leave?” The disciple who just made his move coldly looked at the crowd. Killing intent flowed out from him, not even bothering to hide it.

Everyone was scared still. No one dared to speak.

Seeing the crowd’s reaction, the few disciples which were leading the way sneered.

Arriving at this place, they had no fear about these people misbehaving. If someone didn’t listen to orders, then he can straight away be killed. Making an example of someone was the best way to keep everyone in check.

Su Yi slightly lowered his head. His eyes empty with no traces of his emotions and thoughts.

It looked like this was a slave scandal. These cultivators wanted to provide labor for a high wage but in the end, even their lives would need to be provided here.

The law of this world had always been the strong shall rule and prey upon the weak. Furthermore, this was within the Forest of Demons. Here the law was more prominent than ever.

Su Yi’s eyes then looked at the body of the short old man in front of him. He found out that this old man had also lowered his head, looking very frightened, like he was stunned by what he had just seen.

“This is an actor.”

Su Yi was even more suspicious now. This old man’s acting skills were top-notch.

The more the old man acted like this, the more he piqued Su Yi’s curiosity.

Under the guidance of the leading disciples, Su Yi and the rest continued to go deeper into the mine.

The space in front of them got bigger and bigger as they went into the deep parts of the mine.

There were many cave entrances around. Following those paths, you could find disciples of Black Fiend School shouting at people to mine the rocks.

After an hour, Su Yi and the rest finally arrived at their destination.

It was a huge cave, like a miniature canyon. There were pearls giving off light everywhere, illuminating the rocks until they shined like daytime.

There were tens of people under the supervision of several disciples currently using specialized equipment to mine the rocks.

This kind of rock seemed very tough. It was very special.

All the miners were cultivators. They were using their Yuan Qi but when trying to mine that kind of rocks, they seemed to also be struggling.

When the disciples who were supervising saw the other disciples bringing many people there, they were all filled with glee and came greeting as they whispered to each other discussing something.

“Everyone, get to work! Hurry up!”

Afterward, the disciples started distributing the equipment, allowing Su Yi and the rest to start mining the rocks within the cave.

The people did not dare to rebel. Though they were unwilling, they did not dare provoke those disciples.

Su Yi remained silent. He got a very special mining tool. It was like a hoe, yet it was also like a shovel. The material it was made of was very tough and according to the instructions, he started to mine the rocks in the cave.

Those rocks were even tougher than Su Yi had imagined. No wonder those miners looked like they were struggling and exhausted.

“The people shall be entrusted to you guys. Look at them closely and quickly mine to the bottom!”

The disciples who had led the crowd left and did not bother with them any longer.

“Everyone, move faster! If anyone dares to slack, I will teach him a lesson!”

The disciples held blades in their hands, their faces ferocious.

Just that cave alone had over a hundred miners working in it, but in front of those few disciples, they stayed silent and did not dare rebel.

Their ability was too weak. They could only lie down and be butchered by others.

This kind of mining was indeed very tiring.

Su Yi kept his head down and mined those special stones. In just four hours, he felt a slight exhaustion.

The miners were not made of metal. They needed rest as well.

Luckily, every six hours, the miners get to rest for two hours.

After all, Black Fiend School also did not wish to straightaway work the miners to death.

In those two hours, the miners could meditate and recover their strength, but they were not allowed to leave that cave.

“Let’s go out and take a breather as well. Junior Brother, watch over them for a while,” The few disciples who were supervising told the youngest to watch over everyone while they took the chance to go out.

In that cave, they felt so suffocated to the point of panicking.

“Everyone better behave, or else you will suffer the consequences,” When the few older disciples left, the youngest disciple also took the chance to go out as well.

He also felt very suffocated. Anyways in there, the miners would not be able to escape.


When those disciples left, many miners took a sigh of relief.

“Everyone, how long have you been here? What exactly is happening?”

A new miner immediately asked the experienced miners. Initially, there were disciples who were watching them, hence they did not dare ask anything.

“It’s been three months. This is a slave scandal. Once you are here, you will not be able to leave!”

“I have already been here for four months and I have not even been outside this cave.”

“Black Fiend School will never let us go!”

The older miners said. Looking at the new batch, their eyes were spiritless and full of helplessness, like they had already gotten used to all this.

“We have been tricked by Black Fiend School!”

The faces of some new miners changed. Now, even their last strand of hope was cut away.

They originally wanted the valuable Yuan Stones of Black Fiend School, but they had never thought that the Black Fiend School wanted their lives, wanted to squeeze them dry. They never intended to let them leave.

“There are so many people here. Did no one try to revolt?”

A new miner asked. From what he had seen on the way there, the miners within this entire quarry would number more than a thousand and there were only at most 150 disciples. Did no one think of revolting? Was waiting for their death the only choice they had?

“Do not think too much. Black Fiend School has strong people standing guard here. With everyone’s cultivation level, we would not be able to put up a fight.

An exhausted man said. In his spiritless eyes, there was a glimmer of hope, “Actually it is not impossible. If we are able to mine out Yuan Crystals, we would be able to get rewarded by Black Fiend School. Maybe even becoming a disciple. I heard that quite a few people had really mined out Yuan Crystals and were rewarded finely.”

“What are Yuan Crystals?”

Su Yi was listening at the side. Hearing the new term, he asked curiously.

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