The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Slave Scandal

Walking along the rugged mountain, on either side were disciples from Black Fiend School.

A column of two hundred people under the shouting of a Black Fiend School disciple hiked for a while before finally reaching their destination.

Su Yi saw a huge ravine. The ravine was a total mess and there were many caves all around.

Each entrance of a cave had a Black Fiend School disciple standing guard, treating the task as a matter of high importance. Their auras were all not average and any of them would have quite a high level of cultivation.

Su Yi observed them and mapped out the area in his heart in preparation for his escape.

The ravine was like an open quarry but the amount of energy of heaven and earth in the area was not normal.

“Come over and get checked.”

The two hundred people were split into groups and dispatched to their respective caves. Disciples of Black Fiend School examined them closely. No one was allowed to bring an interspatial bag in. They were not allowed to bring even a single piece of Yuan Stone.

The interspatial bag contained an isolated space. If someone brought an interspatial bag in to steal Yuan Stones, that would be a huge loss. Black Fiend School would not make such a mistake.

Furthermore, the checks by Black Fiend School was not only for interspatial bags. Each cave entrance had a special checking equipment which seemed that it was checking for something more.

Su Yi lined up and took note of everything. His face growing more and more serious by the moment.

The disciples stationed there were stronger than the disciples on the outside. These should all be the elites of Black Fiend School.

Yuan Stones were produced from this quarry, so naturally, it would be an important asset to the Black Fiend School.

Su Yi knew that with his cultivation level if he wanted to escape from this place, under normal conditions it would only be a dream of a fool.

No wonder the skinny old man from Black Fiend School removed the seal on him without any worries.

“Stretch out your arms. Take out everything you have.”

In front of Su Yi, a short and skinny old man stepped forth and was getting checked.

“I have nothing on me. If I had money to buy an interspatial bag, would I still come here to help you guys mine Yuan Stones?”

The old man wore simple clothes. The colours of his robe seemed to have worn off to a slight white. His dry and withered hair was like straw, tightly attached to his scalp.

Su Yi’s gaze fell on the old man unconsciously. From the aura of this old man, his cultivation level doesn’t seem to be that high, at most only Yuan Xuan Realm and his Yuan Xuan Realm Grade was also not that high.

Seeing the old man’s age, he should already be in his fifties or sixties. Su Yi sighed in his heart. Maybe talent deciding everything was not without reason.

At his old age and only being at such low cultivation level, even having to depend on Yuan Stones to cultivate, he should have lived his entire life for nothing.

“Move it. Follow closely behind and mine Yuan Stones without misbehaving. There will be a task every day. If you do not finish the task or play any tricks, you shall bear the consequences!”

The old man was finished being checked and was given the green light by a disciple at the cave entrance. The disciple’s tone was one of warning and reminder.

“Come over and get checked.”

It was Su Yi’s turn to get checked.

Following the disciple’s orders, Su Yi stood forth and his body was searched.

Currently, with Su Yi currently being dressed in rags, the disciple did not pay much attention to Su Yi. He checked him simply and let Su Yi into the cave.

Following the people in front of him, Su Yi carefully entered the cave. It was different from what he had imagined.

The space within the cave was gigantic and there were many intersections and paths, almost like a labyrinth.

It was also very lively inside. There were many disciples patrolling about and there was also quite the number of miners pushing specially made carts. Each cart was filled with both big and small rocks. The biggest was that of a size of a baby while the smallest was that of a fist.

Those rocks were not uniform in colour and they seemed very heavy. Two people pushed one cart. Both were cultivators and even then, they seemed to be struggling.

“Hurry up! If you do not finish the task today, you will get a special gift!” Within the mine, there was a big, burly man from Black Fiend School. He fiercely lashed the body of a man who was pushing a cart with the long whip in his hand.


Under the lashing of the whip, the man groaned and staggered onto the floor. A bloody scar opened on his back, but he immediately got up. His eyes full of fear, and did not utter a single word of retort. He immediately used all the strength he had and pushed the cart away along with his partner.

Su Yi and the rest saw this sight and many faces changed greatly.

Weren’t all these people the same as them who came to mine for Yuan Stones? It seems that they suffered quite a bit.

“What are you looking at? Hurry and prepare to go in to start mining.”

Seeing the gazes of Su Yi and the rest, the big burly man with the whip coldly glanced at them. He was clear that these fresh meats could work quite well at the start, but they won’t last long. However, it was enough to keep up with the schedule.

The short and skinny old man lowered his head and did not bother with the burly man. His eyes looked around with interest.

“He seems a bit special.”

Su Yi did not pay much attention the old man at first, but this unexpected reaction piqued Su Yi’s interest.

With Su Yi’s experience and interest, he could tell that this old man was not normal. Everyone else was shocked and feared the disciples but the reaction of this old man was not the one which suited this situation.

“Follow me. Don’t let your eyes wander! You guys better do your job or else you shall suffer the consequences!”

The disciple which led them warned the crowd and continued guiding them.

That mine was deep and there were many junctions and if there weren’t anyone guiding him, Su Yi felt that he would actually get lost there.

“This is not normal. This should be a slave scandal,” As they went deeper and saw more people, Su Yi felt that this was getting more and more wrong.

Those who initially came here to mine for Yuan Stones, basically every single one of them was just bones and skin and they all looked exhausted. They had been squeezed of every bit of their strength.

Su Yi and the rest seemed to have noticed this and their faces grew more and more solemn by the moment and their eyes started to be filled with worries.

“Everyone, why do I feel that something is not right here?!”

“Is Black Fiend School scamming us?!”

The people could not resist any further and started whispering among themselves, creating a small commotion.

“I told you guys to quiet down! Did you not hear me?”

The leading disciple turned his head and looked at everyone with a cold face.

“I want to back off now. I do not wish to come here and help mine for Yuan Stones for Black Fiend School. Please bring me out!”

A man around thirty years old spoke out loud. There was some shrewdness in his eyes. He too felt that something wasn’t right here and wanted to leave.

Hearing his words, everyone turned and looked at him.

Many people had the same thoughts. On the way, especially when they entered the cave, everything made them feel uncomfortable.

“Can you repeat yourself?”

One of the disciples who was leading the way walked in front of the man. His face emotionless and asked.

“I remembered that I have more important things that I have to do. Why not I come here next time to mine for Yuan Stones instead?” The man with some shrewdness continued with his decision and said to the disciple.

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