The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: The Three Major Powers

From the whispers, Su Yi found out that the old man and the youth in black clothes were from the Black Fiend School.

Black Fiend School. This name made Su Yi’s heart shake a little.

Being in the Forest of Demons for three years, how would Su Yi not know about the three major powers in the Forest of Demons.

And one of the three major powers were the Black Fiend School.

Black Fiend School, Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance, Blood God Sect, these were the three major powers within the Forest of Demons. They controlled the entire forest.

Forest of Demons. Though it was desolate, with beasts roaming around and there being the rumours of extremely strong Demon Race cultivators being there, it was precisely because it was like this, that the Forest of Demons was a land of many treasures. It produced many different types of medicinal herbs, tool refining materials, and there were also the various materials from the bodies of beasts. These were all items that cultivators could not lack.

If there was a market, then there were benefits. If there were benefits, then there would be conflicts and disputes.

The Forest of Demons was desolate and full of dangers, but this led to the Forest of Demons becoming an isolated world.

For years, amid the chaotic fights for the benefits, there were factions within the Forest of Demons which were eliminated and scattered like the winds, but there were also other factions who took the opportunity to rise up.

And currently, the three major powers of the Forest of Demons controlled almost all the benefits which could be gained from the forest.

All other mercenary groups, medium and small factions had close relationships with these three major powers.

Other than beasts, medicinal herbs, tool refining materials et cetera, the Forest of Demons still had something which any cultivator could not lack, that was Yuan Stones.

In the common masses, there were gold, silver, materials which were used as currency.

But among cultivators, alchemists, tool refiners and even Soul Tamers, gold and silver was not the one being used as currency, Yuan Stones were.

Yuan Stone, a gift from the Heaven and Earth for cultivators. They had various attributes and were formed naturally. They contained the energy of Heaven and Earth and could raise the cultivation speed of a cultivator.

When cultivators absorbed the energy within the Yuan Stones, it was much faster than an ordinary cultivation. One could imagine how important were Yuan Stones to cultivators.

But Yuan Stones were not found everywhere. It could be said as one of the most precious items in the world and in the Forest of Demons, coincidentally, there were some Yuan Stone Mines.

And now these people who were riding on the flying beasts were the people which Black Fiend School had paid a hefty price to hire them to help mine for Yuan Stones.

Mining Yuan Stones was a very dangerous job. Normal people were unable to do it.

“Stop your chattering, shut up!”

The whispers in the surroundings drew the attention of the disciples from Black Fiend School. They turned their heads and swept their eyes coldly across the whisperers.

The people who were whispering were frightened. They lowered their heads and spoke no more.

Black Fiend School was ruthless and fierce, or else how would they become one of the three major powers in the Forest of Demons?

In the entire Forest of Demons, how many people would dare to offend Black Fiend School?

While Su Yi was sealed, his mind was constantly thinking how he could escape.

“Perform the techniques and break the seal!”

The Yuan Qi within him could not move, but Su Yi did not give up. He kept on trying secretly. He could not become a fish on a chopping board for others to kill, right?

“This seal cannot block the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique!”

Suddenly, Su Yi was ecstatic. As he was performing the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, he found out that the seal could not obstruct it.

After performing the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, the Yuan Qi within his body was slowly becoming free, then it started to flow once again.

Afterward, as the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” was being performed, the Yuan Qi started to head towards the sealed meridians and tried to break the seal.

“There’s some effect.”

Though it was only the beginning, Su Yi could feel that the breaking of the seal under the repeated impacts of the Yuan Qi within the meridians. It was slow, but with enough time, he could definitely break the seal on him completely.

“No, I can’t do this. I must wait for the situation to stabilize first or else I will put myself in even greater danger!”

Su Yi stopped trying to break the seals. He was still under the eyes of the Black Fiend School, especially being in front of the old man. Once they found out that he was trying to break loose, at that time, he would be in even greater danger.

Su Yi was deep in thought. Once they settled down, then he would try to think of a way to escape. At least, he could not try anything when he was in front of that old person. If something happened, the old person would surely be able to notice it quickly.

After several hours, the sun was setting beneath the horizon.

Far away, thick clouds were still in the sky and the rays of the setting sun made their ways through the thin gaps, painting them orange, like dusk.

Su Yi laid on the back of the flying beast. His eyes looked through the forest and mountains. At the point where the sun was setting beneath the horizon, there were many simple structures and occasional roars of demonic beasts.

“We have arrived.”

A disciple from Black Fiend School said and stood up on the back of the flying beast.

On each flying beast, everyone stood up. Various emotions swirled in their eyes. Some filled with expectations, some worried.


One by one, the flying beasts landed on a flat area within a valley. Simple structures were scattered around them.

Su Yi was still looking around when he was thrown off by a disciple of the Black Fiend School and landed heavily on the ground.


The skinny old man who was called High Elder Bai silently appeared beside Su Yi. Several auras radiating light spiralled out from the tip of his finger and landed on Su Yi.

Su Yi’s sealed meridians were instantly unsealed. They were a bit numb and pained, but they gradually recovered.

“Throw him into the mine to dig for Yuan Stones. If he doesn’t behave, kill him!”

High Elder Bai causally reminded. He did not take a second glance at Su Yi and joined up with the youth in black clothes not far away and they walked towards a comfortable camp.

The youth in black clothes turned around and glanced at Su Yi. His eyes were full of mockery and did not bother with Su Yi any further.

Su Yi stood up and looked at the thin old man and the youth. A streak of killing intent flashed across his eyes without leaving any traces.

“Move! You better behave or else you will die!”

A disciple of Black Fiend School came forward and kicked Su Yi’s waist, making Su Yi stagger forwards a few steps.

“Everyone, gather around! It is time to enter the mine!”

A disciple of Black Fiend School shouted that someone would lead the way for the workers to enter the mine.

“It is already night time. Are we going to be mining throughout the night?”

A person did not understand. The sun had already set. Was mining for Yuan Stones so urgent?

“Shut up and move!”

The disciple from Black Fiend School shouted. His cold gaze stared at the person who had just asked the question. Killing intent leaked from his eyes, scaring the person until he did not dare to say another word.

Some other people were also unhappy, but they stayed silent and did not ask any questions.

Su Yi followed behind the crowd. Though his seal had already been removed, disciples of Black Fiend School were everywhere. When he was in the air on the flying beast, he kept his eyes out and found that all the vicinity was the Black Fiend School’s territory. If he wanted to escape, he would need to look for the perfect timing.

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