The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Captured

Finishing his words, Su Yi turned and left. He did not wish to have anything to do with these people. These people were obviously not your good Samaritans.

The youth in black clothes was stunned for a moment. As he was used to being all high and mighty, he never thought Su Yi would not give a care about his orders.

“You bastard! you are courting death!”

In the next moment, the youth recovered from his daze. His face turned dark and a cold light flashed across his eyes. He drew an arrow from his quiver and laid it on his bow. Yuan Qi flowed and the bow was drawn and released. The arrow flew towards Su Yi’s head like a lightning strike.

The other ten-plus men saw Su Yi’s reaction and were also quite surprised.

Seeing the youth let loose an arrow, there was a sneer on their faces. That kid was purely looking to die. He dared to offend the Young Master of the Black Fiend School.

Within the entire Forest of Demons, there wouldn’t be many people who would dare offend the Young Master.

Su Yi turned and left, but he remained vigilant towards his surroundings. Naturally, the arrow shot was in his field of detection, but it was too fast. It had already reached the back of his head in an instant.

Without any hesitation, using the “Hundred Transformations Step”, he pushed his speed to the max and along with his experience, Su Yi dodged the arrow with an unbelievable angle and speed.

But the back of Su Yi’s head and neck was injured by the sharp winds and left a trail of blood. The strands of hair beside his ear were scattered by the winds, making him look very pathetic.

“Yuan Xuan Realm. Even stronger than Ji Chao!”

Su Yi's face changed. He didn't expect that the young man in black was so ruthless, attacking him for no reason.

Everyone else thought that when the Young Master made his move, the boy in tattered clothes would be dead for sure.

But now, seeing that Su Yi had actually dodge it, everyone was very surprised.

The youth was almost the same age as the Young Master. He actually seemed younger than the Young Master. Was it a coincidence or was he stronger than the Young Master?

In the entire Forest of Demons, the people with the Young Master’s level of talent could be counted easily.

The Young Master was even more surprised. His target had actually dodged his shot, this was embarrassing for him.


Su Yi dodged, his figure pathetic, but he made use of this chance and pushed the “Hundred Transformations Step” to the limits and ran away.

In a place like the Forest of Demons, there was no right or wrong. There was only the strong and the weak!

Currently, his enemy was stronger than him, Su Yi was clear about that. So, what he needed to do now was just run!

“Where did this bastard come from, die!”

In an instant, seeing Su Yi straight away making a run for it, the ten odd men shouted and one by one, they dashed towards Su Yi.

Su Yi’s speed was like lightning. He was using the “Hundred Transformations Step” with all his strength. his speed was shocking.

But as soon as Su Yi’s figure shot out, his face changed immensely. A strong aura had instantly descended and crushed down upon him, stagnating the Yuan Qi within his body. His speed was greatly affected, and he almost fell.

At the same time, Su Yi also felt that numerous auras entered his body and blocked his meridians.

Without his Yuan Qi being able to flow, Su Yi’s body could not help but freeze and became unable to move, his body just collapsed forward.

A figure appeared beside Su Yi. Su Yi fell to the ground, but his face was facing upwards, so he could see clearly, that it was an old man who looked around 60 years old. A black robe covered his withered, skinny body like a dress.

The old man was slightly pale. The paleness of his face looked like someone who had just been through a great sickness. His eyes were deep within his head, making people tremble slightly at the sight.

“He’s strong!”

Su Yi could not move a muscle. He knew that his body had been sealed. He was astonished that the aura of this old man was strong, very strong. Even when compared the Wang Quan De, he wasn’t much weaker.


Su Yi felt so bitter. No wonder the mysterious person said though he may have become a Soul Tamer, but with his ability now, anyone could easily kill him in the blink of an eye.

He was only Yuan Soul Realm Third Grade. He was too weak.

“Greetings, High Elder Bai!”

The ten-plus men were dashing towards Su Yi at first, but when they saw the old man, there was a look of shock on their face. Their eyes showed a type of fear and they bowed immediately.

“Bastard, why are you not running now?!”

The youth in black clothes came beside Su Yi who was on the ground. His anger was not yet calmed, and he fiercely kicked Su Yi’s stomach.

“Young Master, it is almost time, we should go,” The old man in the black robe said to the youth.

“Okay, let’s kill this bastard first, then we shall go!”

The youth nodded. It looked like even he did not dare ignore the old man’s words. Once he finished his words, bloodlust leaked from his eyes.

“He is only a Yuan Soul Realm kid and it is a time when we need workers. Just throw him in the mine, at least he can be of use there!” The old man casually said. To him, a Yuan Soul Realm kid was no different than an ant and the mine was lacking workers. He could use him for what he’s worth.

“That’s fine as well. Leaving this kid alive could be considered as making the best use of him!”

Hearing the old man’s suggestion, the youth nodded his head, but he was still angry and kicked Su Yi’s stomach once again.

“As long as I am not dead, there will still be chances. I shall remember this and return this debt to you tenfold!”

Su Yi clenched his teeth, but his face showed no expressions. Though he did not know what sort of place the mine was, at least he could live. As long as he was alive, there would still be a chance.

Afterward, the burly men pulled the corpse of the Blaze Wolf and left while Su Yi was carried on the shoulder of one of the men.

Not long after, in a valley not far away, Su Yi saw many flying beasts.

Those beasts were all mounts and there were many people with an air of blood around them. Their clothes were all the same. They seemed to be from the same organization.

And within this valley, there were two hundred figures. Old and young, all of them were cultivators. Some were sitting down, while some closed their eyes and rested.

“Let us depart,” As soon as the man threw Su Yi onto the back of a flying beast, the old man in the black robe who was leading opened his mouth. His voice reverberated through the valley.

Everyone heard him and stood up. As the flying beasts stretched their wings and stood up, one by one the figures leaped onto the flying beasts.

Su Yi was thrown on the back of a flying beast. There were many figures seated around him. There were the people from the organization which had an air of blood around them and there were also many other figures.

Though there were many who were curious about Su Yi, everyone ignored him. In the Forest of Demons, no one was willing to be a busybody.

But there were some people who were familiar with each other and they whispered among themselves.

“I heard that the mine that Black Fiend School found this time is huge and requires a lot of people to dig. Working for three months would get them three Yuan Stones. That salary is quite high!”

“Mining is very tough and there is always danger around you. If they do not offer a higher price, I doubt Black Fiend School would be able to find many people to dig at the mine!”

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