The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Insufferably Arrogant

The six beasts gazed at the back of Su Yi and groaned softly. Two golden small snakes were laying in a coil on the Golden Python’s body. Their heads also raised, their “puppy eyes” filled with reluctance.

Su Yi left and headed into the forest with his clothes all tattered.

Though bringing six beasts along with him would be safer in the Forest of Demons, there would also be many inconveniences.

After surviving such an ordeal, Su Yi had to think where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do.

He definitely cannot go to Sacred Mountain. Furthermore, he was thoroughly disappointed with Sacred Mountain. Su Yi was no longer interested in Sacred Mountain.

As for the City of Man, Su Yi knew he could not go back. Once the news of him returning to the City of Man spreads, then Wang Quan De’s doing would be revealed. Who knows whether it would be a blessing or trouble. Maybe it would even bring a calamity on the Su Family.

“Before I have absolute strength, I cannot go back to the City of Man!”

Su Yi clenched his teeth. Before he had absolute strength, he would not be able to return to the city.

Without even thinking, Su Yi knew that when Wang Quan De had silenced him, he would have said that he was murdered by the mercenary group and there was nothing to do with him.

But if the news of him dying was known by Grandfather and Wan Er, they would be devastated.

“Grandfather, Wan Er, I did not die. There will be a day when I will return to the City of Man,” Su Yi’s eyes were slightly bloodshot. Grandfather was seriously injured and would not be able to hold on much longer. I must find a way to become strong and search for the elixirs which can heal Grandfather’s injuries, extend his life and increase his strength.

The Forest of Demons was not a stranger to Su Yi.

But because of this, Su Yi did not dare be careless. In the three years, he had no right to enter deep into the Forest of Demons.


Suddenly, in the depths of the forest, there was a loud howl of a beast, surprising birds into flying.


Within the valley, there were seven Blaze Wolves around a meter-long surrounding Su Yi. Their bodies had a fire burning on them, their sharp canines bared, and the surrounding temperature started to rise.

Su Yi looked at the seven Blaze Wolves in front of him. They were all Demonic Soul Realm, equivalent to the humans’ Yuan Soul Realm.

But from the aura, these seven Blaze Wolves were all very strong. The alpha seemed to have already entered the Demonic Xuan Realm.

Blaze Wolf, fire attribute beasts. Su Yi did not find them unfamiliar.

Within the Forest of Demons, Blaze Wolves were considered the most ordinary beasts. Not long ago, the virtual figure of a beast which Su Yi had summoned wrongly using the residual souls was also a Blaze Wolf.

The seven Blaze Wolves had Su Yi all surrounded, their eyes fierce. Su Yi did not dare be careless and initiated the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” at once.


At that instant, as if they had felt something as Su Yi performed the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, the seven Blaze Wolves trembled. Their fierce eyes turned into one of a natural fear and shock. They growled and did not dare step forth.


The alpha Blaze Wolf paced back and forth with shocked eyes and at the end, it gradually backed off.

“What happened?”

Su Yi was also surprised. The reaction was not as big as the Golden Python and the rest of the beasts back then, but under the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, these beasts all seemed to fear it.

“Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, it must have some extraordinary origins.”

Su Yi pondered. This kind of reaction was sufficient to prove that the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” came from some terrifying origins but with his newbie strength right now, he was nowhere close to knowing the truth.

But the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” had the effect of frightening beasts. This fact let Su Yi chuckle in his heart. No matter what, this was a good thing to him.

“Someone is here.”

Suddenly, Su Yi slightly frowned. After cultivating the “Heavens Taming Incantation”, his spiritual energy had strengthened a lot and he could detect much more movement in the surroundings.

Within the Forest of Demons, Su Yi did not dare be careless. Hence, he was always cautiously looking for any movement around the area. Just now when he was surrounded by the seven Blaze Wolves, though he had felt them, it was already too late.

Just like now, Su Yi had detected that there was someone near, but it was too late to hide.


The howls of the wolves were ear-deafening. From where the seven Blaze Wolves had just retreated, a Blaze Wolf rushed out, its expression anxious as if it was escaping from something.

At almost the exact same time, a golden light like lightning shot out from behind the Blaze Wolf. Its speed was much faster than the Blaze Wolf’s and shot directly into the Blaze Wolf’s neck.

“Thump, thump.”

The meter-long Blaze Wolf collapsed and lost all life, but its body was still in a running figure and slid across the ground and finally, coincidentally stopped at Su Yi’s side.

Su Yi saw everything clearly. That Blaze Wolf was the strongest Blaze Wolf just now. It had an arrow in its neck, blood flowing down and had lost its life.

“You got it! You are amazing Young Master!”

“With only one shot you got it. Young Master’s archery skill has improved a lot!”

“Whoosh, whoosh”

From the forest, there were sounds of chatter and then, ten-plus figures shot out. Their unordinary auras flowing about them, fierce and bloody.

“They are not the average people!”

With that kind of aura, Su Yi could tell that this bunch of people were definitely not a part of any mercenary groups.

Being in the Forest of Demons for three years, Su Yi still had this bit of judgment.

Following the ten-plus figures darting out, Su Yi looked and saw ten-plus burly men. All of their auras were not at all normal. They were all very strong and would not be much weaker than the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators which had accompanied Wang Quan De from Sacred Mountain.

Finally, Su Yi’s gaze laid upon a youth around 16-17 years old.

This youth was in black clothes. On his arms, wrists, shoulders, and chest were all plated with gold armor. His hand held a giant golden bow and he carried a quiver. Several tens of golden arrows laid within, reflecting light. He looked handsome and extraordinary.

It was obvious that the one who had killed the Blaze Wolf was this youth in black clothes.

Demonic Xuan Realm Blaze Wolf, killed with a single shot. Su Yi was slightly surprised. The strength of this youth in black clothes was comparable to Ji Chao from Sacred Mountain and maybe even stronger.

Seeing Su Yi dressed in rags, the youth only looked at him casually. He had an air of insufferable arrogance around him. He looked at Su Yi and said, “Oi, kid. Help me take my arrow and give it to me.”

Su Yi raised his eyebrow. What was within his bones did not allow him to be ordered around by people. His gaze unwavering and said, “You have many people. I don’t think you need my help.”

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