The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Egg Hatching

“Kid, if you still do not leave, I will go back on my words and you would not be able to leave,” The ancient voice said.

Su Yi bent his back and grinned. Then, he bowed respectfully to the deep valley. He said, “Su Yi wants to thank Senior for your guidance. I wish to know Senior’s name so that this kid can remember it in my heart.”

Su Yi’s face was serious and his heart was the same as what he said. He was very grateful. Not talking about the priceless Emperor Grade Martial Arts Technique and the “Heavens Taming Incantation”, Su Yi was more grateful about the guidance from this mysterious person. Compared to the Emperor Grade Martial Arts Technique and the “Hundred Transformations Step”, it was much more valuable.

“Hahahaha. Su Yi, what do you want to do? Do you want to acknowledge me as your master? Don’t think about it. If you want to become my disciple, wait until you have stepped into the Yuan Zong Realm. Only then you would barely be qualified!” The ancient voice laughed happily.

“Senior has given me a big help and is like a teacher who has enlightened me. This small one bowing down to Teacher is a must! If I must step into the Yuan Zong Realm to become your disciple then when this small one steps into the Yuan Zong Realm, I will come over and officially acknowledge you as my master!”

Su Yi bowed. His figure was upright and the tattered clothes on him could not hide his proud demeanor. Wasn’t it just Yuan Zong Realm? There will be a day that I will step into that realm or else how would I even step onto Sacred Mountain?

“Good! Stepping into the Yuan Zong Realm! You are ambitious. That suits me very well!” The ancient voice laughed and said, “When you have really entered the Yuan Zong Realm, this old one shall recognize you as my disciple, how’s that? But before that, I think that it is better that you do not know my name. Now go,”

“Teacher, do you still have any more martial arts techniques? Treasures would also be fine as a gift to remember you by,” Su Yi asked weakly.

“Scram, scram!”

The ancient voice said with an unhappy tone. This kid definitely knew nothing about the “Heaven Taming Incantations”. He actually dared to open his mouth and ask him for more.

“If you don’t want to give then so be it.”

Su Yi raised his eyebrow, turned around and asked the White Jade Swallow, “Could you bring me back up?”


The White Jade Swallow nodded its head, stretched its wings and crouched in front of Su Yi.

His foot gently touched the ground and having already cultivated the “Hundred Transformations Step”, Su Yi’s figure instantly landed on the White Jade Swallow’s back gently. With his back turned towards the valley, he waved his hands and said, “I’m going now. Don’t need to send me off. Wait for me to return!”

Once Su Yi finished his sentence, the White Jade Swallow flapped its wings and burst into the air.



The other five beasts immediately rushed towards the top as well.

The valley regained its silence.

“Teacher, hehe, this kid.”

No one could hear the old voice muttering to himself, “In the end, I could not bear it. I do not know whether it’s a blessing or a curse. With that kid’s personality, I guess that once he goes out, he will make this age a lively one.”

At the peak of the cliff, clouds drifted around.

When the White Jade Swallow appeared at the top of the cliff, Su Yi leaped off the bird’s back and could not help but take a deep breath. After surviving a huge disaster, he finally managed to escape.


The other five beasts also climbed onto the cliff one after another and circled around Su Yi’s side.

“Ah, I forgot all about it. I wonder how your eggs are now.”

Looking at the Golden Python, Su Yi remembered about the two eggs which were still in the mysterious space.

That cliff was desolate with no signs of people, but Su Yi was still careful. He found a hidden area and entered the mysterious space.

Feeling the aura which was emanated from the mysterious space, the six beasts were all filled with respect and fear.

The mysterious space was still the same, around 30 meters in radius.

It seemed that because Su Yi made a breakthrough within the space, it made the energy within the space to decrease by quite a bit, but after these few days, it had become rich with energy again.

“It has shattered.”

When Su Yi saw the two eggs within the mysterious space. His expression changed greatly and saw that the two eggs had completely shattered.

“No, they have hatched.”

But then, Su Yi’s eyes lit up. Beside the shattered eggshells, there were two tiny golden snakes around a finger long lazily slithering about.

The tiny golden snakes gave off a faint glow. After seeing Su Yi and the rest of the beasts enter, it seemed to have felt something. Happiness filled their eyes and the figures seemed like they could fly and darted towards the Golden Python.


The two small golden snakes slithered around on its left and right. The Golden Python’s tongue flickered in and out and its eyes gave off a light of happiness, and more so a gaze of motherly love.

The rest of the beasts curiously looked at the two small snakes.

The two small snakes snuggled up to the Golden Python for a while and then one of them darted out and landed on Su Yi’s shoulder. Its small tongue flickered in and out and its small head rubbed against Su Yi’s head, being very intimate.

Feeling that the snake had no evil intentions and was just being intimate with him, Su Yi stretched his hand and carried the snake in his palm.

“It doesn’t seem the same.”

Su Yi was puzzled. He did not know whether it was because the golden small snake had not grown up, but he felt that there was something different between this snake and the Golden Python. Its scales seemed to be even shinier.

And Su Yi could even feel a strange aura on this snake’s body, forming a bond between him and the snake.

The other snake saw the scene and also intimately jumped onto Su Yi.

“Very strange!”

Examining the second small snake, Su Yi was even surer that the two small snakes were different from the Golden Python and they both had some sort of bond with him.

After a moment, on the cliff.

Su Yi looked at the six beasts and said, “You guys do not need to follow me anymore. Go back!” “Howl!” The six beasts growled and shook their heads. They seemed to have made their decisions to follow Su Yi.

Su Yi wondered why these beasts would act so abnormally.

Even when he was in the valley for such a long time, those beasts had never left him, they seemed to have really submitted to him.

“It would not be convenient if you guys follow me. Go back and cultivate. When you guys are strong one day, maybe there would be a time when you guys would really help me out!” Su Yi smiled. Though this was within the Forest of Demons and he had no idea where we would be going next, but if those beasts followed him it would be slightly inconvenient.

“Howl!” The six beasts did not feel like leaving and told Su Yi via their gazes that they did not feel like leaving.

“Go back and cultivate. One day when you guys are strong, at that time if you guys are still willing to follow me then we shall talk about it again,” Su Yi waved his hands, turned and left. At the start, he feared these beasts, especially the Golden Python, but now he actually didn’t feel like leaving them.

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