The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Cultivating the Heavens Taming Incantation

People say that in the past, the strongest Soul Tamer was able to summon the residual souls of the Ancients. How strong would that be!

It could be said, in a condition where you could choose, you would rather offend an alchemist rather than a Soul Tamer because a Soul Tamer is already very strong on its own.

But to become a Soul Tamer, it was a lot harder than an alchemist or a tool refiner.

Under the requirements to become a Soul Tamer, there were not many requirements for the attributes. But the requirement towards the spiritual power was definitely at the point where it could be called insanity.

If one said that to become an alchemist or a tool refiner, the spiritual power had to be two to three times of an average cultivator, then to become a Soul Tamer, the spiritual power had to be two to three times more of an alchemist or a tool refiner, which was equal to the weakest Soul Tamer having at least five times as much spiritual power as a normal cultivator.

This insane requirement of spiritual power was what caused the people who wanted to become Soul Tamers to be shut out.

“Soul Tamers are such insane existences! Their numbers are so much fewer than alchemists and tool refiners!” Su Yi was astonished, his eyes filled with glee. If he could become a Soul Tamer, then he would be a step closer to the day where he could step onto Sacred Mountain.

“Cultivate it well. If you are unable to become a Soul Tamer, then you can only stay here!” The ancient voice said weakly.

“Senior, what happened to you? Are you hurt?” Su Yi could tell that the ancient voice was much weaker than a few days ago.

“Where I am at now, you are unable to enter it. Do you think that for me to communicate with you does not need any strength? Go and cultivate. I need to rest for a while. I hope that the next time I see you, you would have already successfully cultivated it,” After these words, the surroundings became completely silent.

“Senior!” Su Yi cried out but there was no response.

Su Yi did not know whether the mysterious person had really rested. Maybe he had a chance to leave this valley now.

But soon, Su Yi shook off this thought. Firstly, he did not know whether the person really went to rest, and secondly, since he had already made the bet, then he had to honour his promise and become a Soul Tamer. He also needed such an opportunity anyway.

“Time to cultivate,” Su Yi calmed himself down and did not waste a single moment. He did not want to waste any time and immediately threw himself into gaining insights to become a Soul Tamer.

From the information, the technique which Su Yi had received was called the “Heavens Taming Incantation” and was only suited for Soul Tamers to cultivate and if one became a Soul Tamer, it wasn’t enough to successfully cultivate the “Heavens Taming Incantation”. You still needed to have enough talent and very strong spiritual energy.

For example, the ability to detect residual souls, the affinity with them and strong ability to materialize residual souls. No matter whether it was the ability to detect residual souls, the affinity with them or the ability to materialize residual souls, they all needed very strong spiritual power, and it also depended on one’s own talent.

Cultivating the “Heavens Taming Incantation”, Su Yi felt that there wasn’t much difficulty. The cultivation of this “Heavens Taming Incantation” was mainly about his own soul.

As Su Yi cultivated, an energy descended from within the deep valley and circled around Su Yi, giving off a faint glow before finally darting in between Su Yi’s eyebrows.

When this energy entered in between Su Yi’s eyebrows, it felt very warm, like the spring breeze brushing past you. It had an indescribable comfort.

Su Yi could even feel that within his mind, there was something converging and increasing in strength.

A soul. It is already a formless object. It could be felt but there was no way to touch it.

But at this moment, with this energy, Su Yi could faintly feel that he could touch his soul.

In the deep depths of his mind, under the envelope of that warm energy, there were strands of light shooting out. There was some movement on the surface which moved according to one’s thoughts.

“Is this the soul?” Su Yi was puzzled and shocked. This feeling was way too peculiar. He had never experienced anything like that. Under the embrace of the energy, his soul could feel an indescribable comfort.

As time gradually passed, unknown when it started, Su Yi was wrapped in light and its rays fluctuated. It gave off a very ancient aura.

This extraordinary scene continued for an entire day and night.

Currently, within Su Yi’s mind, the strands of light were getting brighter and brighter. It started becoming more and more real, gradually turning into a mist.

“Boom!” Suddenly, Su Yi stopped his cultivation. He kept his hand seal and before he opened his eyes, he felt that everything in his surroundings was in his sight. The once lifeless wind was now something which seemed to have life under his detection. He could clearly catch its every movement. The wind blew the fallen leaves, the fallen leaves then floated onto the white bones, everything played out like a clear scene in his mind.

“This is amazing…” Su Yi opened his eyes filled with disbelief.

Was this the benefit of cultivating spiritual power? Now, he could feel that his soul had turned into a substance and when he was calm, he felt that he could see everything in his surroundings in a very wide radius.

“Is this counted as successfully cultivating the “Heavens Taming Incantation?” Su Yi scratched his head. He was unsure. According to the tone of the mysterious man, the “Heavens Taming Incantation was supposed to be extremely hard to cultivate successfully.

“Senior!” Su Yi shouted, his voice reverberating in the deep valley.

After a while, Su Yi still did not get any reply.

“I think I still have not successfully cultivated it. Maybe after becoming a Soul Tamer, then it would mean that I have successfully cultivated it,” Su Yi mumbled and pondered like this.

“Time to start detecting the residual souls,” Very soon, Su Yi continued to immerse himself into cultivation and started to try to detect residual souls. The cultivation method of a Soul Tamer was also in the huge piece of information. What Su Yi had to do now was to slowly try and feel the waters himself.

One by one, hand seals started to form as Su Yi sat with his legs crossed. He carefully felt his surroundings, trying to feel the existence of residual souls with his spiritual power.

But unfortunately, he could only feel the air, wind and everything around him. But Su Yi did not even know how a residual soul was like, so he had no way of detecting one.

Failure after failure had occurred. Su Yi tried again and again.

Su Yi’s stubborn temper started to rise. He had no way of becoming an alchemist or a tool refiner. Was he also going to be unable to become a soul tamer?!

“Continue,” For three whole days, Su Yi kept on failing. Failure after failure, try after try, but the result was still a fail.

What he expended was purely spiritual energy. After many tries, he started to feel giddy and Su Yi had no way to continue and had to rest.

Such consumption also caused the consumption of Yuan Qi to be equally much.

Performing the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, Su Yi controlled his breathing. His mind still continued to ponder. Why did he keep failing? Does he really not have the talent to become a Soul Tamer?

“I must be calm. I cannot be impatient,” Su Yi consolidated his fails and said this to himself.

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