The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Soul Tamer

Afterward, while hearing the ancient voice, Su Yi felt like he had opened the door to a whole new world.

Even though he had been born in this world and he knew a lot of stuff about this world, but what Su Yi had known was only the tip of the iceberg.

Even if he had been in the Forest of Demons for the past three years, he had always been struggling to survive and train during that time.

“If you want to become an alchemist, the requirements are harsh. First, you need to have the fire and wood attribute. The fire attribute is needed to refine the herbs while the wood attribute is needed to retain the vitality of herbs and keeps its medicinal value.

The conditions for a tool refiner is just as harsh. First, you need the fire and metal attribute. But it doesn’t matter if you are an alchemist or a tool refiner, the attributes you have are only the requirements to enter that world. What is most important is talent and spiritual power and spiritual power is the hardest to cultivate.

Cultivators who have both the fire and wood attribute are already few in numbers, but among those who have the fire and wood attribute, there may not be even one out of ten thousand who could become an alchemist and for these alchemists, those who can succeed are yet again as rare as the feathers of a phoenix and horns of a unicorn. The same goes for tool refiners,”

Hearing the words of the mysterious man, Su Yi was shocked in his heart.

No wonder the positions of alchemists and tool refiners were so high in this world. There were so many cultivators in this world and all of them need weapons and elixirs. These items could not be missed.

But the number of alchemists and tool refiners were yet so little. Hence, creating the high positions of alchemists and tool refiners.

But now Su Yi felt slightly depressed. He had the fire attribute, but he did not have the metal or wood attribute.

So as to say, he could not become an alchemist or a tool refiner.

“The strongest in this world, do you know what they are?” The ancient voice asked.

“I heard that those strong cultivators are able to move mountains, split the seas and tear space!” Su Yi replied as his gaze showed admiration.

“Your answer is correct, yet not at the same time,” The voice smiled and said, “How much power you have means how much stuff you would know. You only need to remember, the strong in this world are not only the strong cultivators. The so-called One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects and Four Schools, though they may be strong, there are still some existences which they fear,” Su Yi’s eyes squinted. The One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects and Four Schools were already such huge existences and there were still things which they feared. Then, it seemed that this world was much more vast than what he knew.

But then this is a good thing for himself. The chances for him to have the day when he would be able to step onto Sacred Mountain would also be bigger.

In the following days, the ancient voice kept on chatting with Su Yi. From the lost words and the secret history of the past to cultivation and experiences, just like a teacher and his student.

In the few days, Su Yi seriously listened and what he did not know, he would ask.

It may be that the mysterious person has not had anyone to talk to for a long time as he answered every single one of Su Yi’s questions.

In these few days, Su Yi felt like he had a new understanding of this world.

This world was huge. Even the entire Forest of Demons was only on a small island in the vast ocean.

This world had many continents and there were many dangerous places. People say that wherever it was dangerous and abnormal, going in there would mean a certain death.

“Two hundred years? One hundred years? How long has it been? I have already forgotten. Anyways, I have not talked so much for a very long time,” said the ancient voice. It was the dusk of the fourth day.

“Senior, have you already been here for over a hundred years?” Su Yi was shocked. This mysterious person had actually been here for so long.

“Okay, I shall now pass the technique to you. Remember the bet, if you are unable to cultivate the technique successfully, then you must stay here willingly and entertain me for tens of years,” When the ancient voice finished its words, a light descended from the sky onto Su Yi who was sitting down.


A huge amount of energy rushed into Su Yi’s mind and instantly turned into a huge amount of information.

“Do not obstruct it, or else suffer the consequences,” As the old voice resounded in Su Yi’s ears, the huge amount of information started to engrave itself on Su Yi’s mind.

“Argh!” That amount of information was way too much. It made Su Yi feel as if his brain was going to explode. A searing pain was felt in his mind.

“Howl!” Within the canyon, the beasts were all looking at Su Yi who was crying out in agony as they paced back and forth while roaring. Looks of unease and worries hung on their faces, yet they feared the canyon and did not dare step a foot within.

After who knows how long, the cries from Su Yi’s mouth finally stopped. The light in the surroundings gradually dissipated and the valley once again fell under the light of the moon.

“In the end, he was unable to tolerate it. I wonder whether it would be a blessing or a disaster,” The ancient voice mumbled. No one could hear it, yet the voice was a lot weaker as if it had just gone through a serious illness.

When Su Yi opened his eyes once again, it had already been three days.

“Hoo…” A breath of stale air was exhaled as Su Yi gradually opened his eyes, his eyes shook slightly.

That amount of information was far too much. It included anything and everything. There was knowledge about cultivation, herbs, the Demon Race, beasts, cultivation materials, tool refining materials and so on.

“Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, White Jade Swallow, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Spectral Mouse and Golden Python,” Su Yi looked at the six beasts within the valley. This was what he had known from the information which he had gotten.

It turned out that the tiger was called the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, the little red mink was the Fiery Red Demonic Mink, the white bird was the White Jade Swallow, the white butterfly was the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, the big, black mouse was the Spectral Mouse and the Golden Titanic Python was called the Golden Python.

The grades of these six beasts were not high.

Among the beasts, some strong beasts once they were born were already very strong and were destined to become a strong cultivator in the Demon Race, and some beasts no matter how much they cultivated, it would be nearly impossible to reach such a height.

Just like the six beasts, their grades were not high and no matter how much they cultivated, if any miracle did not happen, it would be hard for them to even step into the Demonic Spirit Realm.

“Soul Tamer!” Su Yi said each word with a pause. So, this technique which the person gave him was something which could let him become a Soul Tamer.

Soul Tamer, Su Yi had heard about it before.

If one said that the positions of alchemists and tool refiners were already very high in this world.

Then, the positions of Soul Tamers would be at the very summit.

Alchemists and Tool Refiners had their high positions mostly due to others needing something from them.

But it was different for Soul Tamers. The position of Soul Tamers came solely from how strong and horrifying they were.

Soul Tamer, with their own strength, they were able to summon the residual souls in this world. It could be cultivators, it could be the Demon Race.

When these residual souls were summoned, they could be used by the Soul Tamers.

People say that the strongest Soul Tamer was able to summon the Ancients. How strong was that!

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