The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Gamble

Though this mysterious person had trapped him, at least he had no intentions of hurting him. He had even guided him over the past few days.

“I thought you said that I could not take out any Emperor Grade Martial Arts Technique. Hehe.”

The ancient voice casually laughed coldly, sounding very proud. There was a feeling as if he had just slapped someone in the face with his strength. Not broadening the horizons of this kid, this kid had actually looked down on him.

“Hehe, blame it on my bad vision. I apologize for looking down on Senior.”

Su Yi smiled awkwardly as thoughts swirled in his eyes. He said, “Does Senior still have any other Emperor Grade Martial Arts Techniques? If there really isn’t any, King Grade would also work. Anyways I am very bored, so I can cultivate a couple of them.”

“Emperor Grade and King Grade may be average, but do you really think that these items are so common?” The ancient voice said with no emotions.

“Fine, then slightly lower grade would also work. If there are techniques higher than Emperor Grade, I would not mind them as well,” Su Yi looked at front of the valley and said with a serious face.

Hearing Su Yi’s words, the ancient voice seemed to have been shocked into a daze, after a while, he said, “I have lived for quite a long time. I have met many people in my days but talking about shamelessness, you have the right to be among the top 3.”

“Modesty can’t be eaten. Why should I need it?” Su Yi said weakly.

“And now you are first,” The ancient voice sounded so helpless.

“Kid, you really fell down here?” Afterward, the ancient voice asked.

Su Yi smiled bitterly. He had already been trapped in this valley for quite a few days. Other than cultivating, it would still be cultivating. It was quite boring and repetitive. Now, he felt better about this mysterious person.

“It’s a long story.”

Su Yi sat down and began summarising his situation, but he mentioned nothing regarding the secret space on his body.

“Those so-called upright and official sects and schools all look like gold and jade on the outside, but within, they are all broken and rotten to the core. Their very nature is being shameless and despicable.”

Hearing Su Yi’s words, the ancient voice sounded like he had recalled something and sighed. He asked Su Yi, “Now that you are not dead and have survived so luckily, what do you plan to do next?”

“I once swore that if I, Su Yi, do not die, there will be a day that I will step onto Sacred Mountain and chop that Wang Quan De into a million pieces!” Su Yi snarled, a cold light streaked across his eyes.

“Hahahaha, good. You have ambition. I like your temper.”

The ancient voice guffawed, showing how happy he was. Then he said, “But kid, it is not that I want to beat you down. Ambition is ambition, but with your cultivation level and having no backing, if you want to step onto Sacred Mountain, no doubt it would be the act of an ant trying to shake a tree.”

“For thirty years the river runs east, for thirty years the river runs west. A man would take up a sword to repay someone else’s kindness, but he would not be willing to spend his life in vain. A rock would take off into the skies one day and soar ninety thousand leagues into the sky. The sun, moon, and stars constantly change positions but at the summit of the mountain, I shall be its peak and there I shall stay through the weathering by wind and water till the end of days. If Sacred Mountain dares stop me, I will crush and raze them to the ground. If Sacred Mountain dares stop me, I shall slaughter them like pigs and paint the ground red with blood!” Su Yi coldly said as a crimson red color appeared in his deep black eyes.

With each word said, a breeze flew through the valley and a cold aura spread.


At the mouth of the canyon, the six beasts felt something and paced slowly back and forth, growling and roaring, their eyes filled with bloodlust as if their feelings echoed along with Su Yi’s.

“Good, good, good. You have enough of it, that aura of arrogance and dominance!”

Being silent for a moment, the ancient voice broke out in a fit of laughter. It echoed through the valley and was so loud like it was going to pierce through the clouds.

“What is so good? If I have to stay here with you for tens of years, I would be able to accomplish nothing,” Su Yi groaned.


The ancient voice asked Su Yi, “Kid, I know you want to go out, so how about this. Do you want to make a gamble?”

“What gamble?” Su Yi raised his eyes and asked.

“You have said before that when Sacred Mountain tested you, you had four attributes: fire, wind, earth, and water. The attributes of fire, water, and earth go against each other, no wonder they said you had trash talent. But logically speaking, you really do not have much future in cultivating, but I believe everything has an exception. From your body, I could see an exception. From the ancient times to the present, there have been many strong cultivators which did not only have one attribute, some even had many.

The voice paused for a moment and continued, “When I gave you the “Hundred Transformations Step”, I checked your soul. It could already be considered quite strong. I have a technique here, if you are able to cultivate this successfully, I shall let you leave this place. If you are unable to cultivate it, then you shall stay here for the rest of your life willingly and entertain me. How’s that?”


Su Yi frowned and asked, “Senior, how would I know if you would take a technique which had problems with it and give it to me? That technique may not be able to be cultivated successfully by anybody.”

“Why would I lie to such a little kid? Furthermore, do you think you have any other choice? I am only giving you a chance. If you are not willing, then we can end this here,” The ancient voice continued speaking, not giving a care about what Su Yi said.

“Okay, then you must honor your words. If I cultivated it successfully, then you must let me leave. You cannot be shameless and break your promise,” Su Yi said. He thought about it and realized he really did not have any other option.

Though he had cultivated the “Hundred Transformation Steps” but Su Yi felt that if he thought that he had a chance to leave this valley just by having cultivated the “Hundred Transformations Step”, that would be a joke.

“Of course!”

The ancient voice then said, “But first, before I give you the technique, tell me, how much do you know about alchemists and weaponsmiths?”

“Does Senior think I can become an alchemist or a tool refiner?” Hearing the words, Su Yi became excited.

Alchemists and Tool Refiners, any one of these beings were very high up in the hierarchy. The alchemist of the Liu Family at the City of man wasn’t very good, but even the City Master had to respect him.

For the three years when he was in the Forest of Demons, Su Yi knew clearly that whether it be an alchemist or tool refiner, anywhere they go, they would be treated as a VIP and the respective factions would fight to invite the person.

“Alchemist, Tool Refiners, hehe. Normal alchemists and tool refiners, they are nothing. Only when you yourself are strong, then that would be a true strength. No matter if you are an alchemist or a tool refiner, those are the stray paths to take. You must engrave this in your mind, true strength always lies in yourself!” The ancient voice said seriously and the words resonated in Su Yi’s ears like thunder.

“This small one has learned. I will remember it forever in my heart!” Su Yi respectfully bowed. He could hear that this mysterious person is truly guiding him. If not, he would not say such words.

“Mmm. It is good if you remember, but I am not saying that alchemist and tool refiners are absolutely useless. There are still some real alchemists and tool makers, and each of them is extraordinary!”

The ancient voice became much kinder. The voice was like it was beside Su Yi’s ears and it gradually said, “This technique which I want to give you has some relations with alchemists and tool refiners. I see that you know very little about cultivators, alchemists and tool refiners. Indeed, you do not seem to come from any sect or school. Well never mind, anyways I have plenty of time and I am bored. I shall just treat this as chatting with you.”

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