The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Is He Inhuman?

Very soon, in just a couple of hours, Su Yi had cleared all the meridians needed for the “Hundred Transformations Step”.

“The first step is completed.”

Su Yi took a deep breath and opened his eyes filled with glee.

“So fast?” Above the deep valley, the ancient voice mumbled to itself in disbelief.

“Time to start cultivating.”

Su Yi stood up. His meridians were now cleared and he could finally start cultivating.

From the cultivation method he got, the “Hundred Transformations Step” had a few levels. Cultivating it to minor completion would give him the ability to shrink the earth into inches, increasing his speed greatly.

If cultivated a step further, he could turn into an unpredictable blur. When facing an opponent, he could confuse the eyes of people. One moment it is real, the next fake, making it impossible for your opponent to see the real thing.

And if he could cultivate it until major completion, he could condense and materialize Yuan Qi into wings. At that time, he could take off into the skies and soar like a roc.

Being a cultivator, once one reaches the Yuan Spirit Realm and becomes a very strong cultivator, he could materialize Yuan Qi under his feet into virtual figures of beasts and run in the air.

The cultivators who were even stronger could materialize some virtual figures of bird-like beasts and fly. But, this causes the consumption of Yuan Qi to be huge and secondly, it was hard to keep it up for long periods of time.

But the “Hundred Transformations Step” was different. If he could cultivate it to major completion, he could stretch his wings and soar through the air.

Hand seals formed and while controlling the Yuan Qi within him, Su Yi started to cultivate the “Hundred Transformations Step”.

Yuan Qi gushed out from the soles of his feet and converged into a whirlpool.

Su Yi’s body wobbled from side to side, looking like he was about to fall any moment. It wasn’t as easy as cultivating “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”.

But it wasn’t because “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” is of a lower grade than “Hundred Transformations Step”, rather it was because “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” was an offense technique while “Hundred Transformations Step” was a body technique which focused being unpredictable. This caused Su Yi to be unable to find his balance in a short amount of time.



In that training routine, Su Yi kept on falling to the ground. His hair was messy and his face was stained with dirt, looking very ragged.

But Su Yi did not care. He got up and continued practicing.

Once he fell, he got back up and this process kept on going over and over again.

Sometimes the impact was very hard. Even with his tough body, it became bruised and battered. Every part of his body was injured.

But Su Yi did not stop. Every little bit of progress made him beam with delight.

And soon only after a couple of hours, Su Yi caught hold of the feeling. Yuan Qi formed under his feet, he chanted the lines needed for the “Hundred Transformations Step” and instantly his body shot through the valley.

Though it still wasn’t on par with the level of being able to shrink the earth into inches, Su Yi’s speed had already increased by who knows how many times.

Once again, it was the dusk of another day and without waiting for the water which had turned into vapor by the rays of the sun to dissipate, the already faint sunlight began to disappear.

Hence, the breezes within the valley brought along with it a heavy coldness. The shadows formed on the surrounding rock walls became darker and darker, gradually merging with the darkness of the night. But soon, it turned into silver-grey by the light of the moon.


Within the valley, amidst the mountains of bones, Su Yu darted everywhere. His speed enormous and faintly there were even afterimages.

“This “Hundred Transformations Step” really isn’t bad!”

His feet halted and the Yuan Qi under the soles of his feet scattered. The tattered clothes on him fluttered for a moment before calming down. Delight could be seen in Su Yi’s eyes.

Su Yi was ecstatic. With this body technique, his speed has indeed changed abnormally.

If he could fight another time with Ji Chao, Su Yi felt that he did not need to choose to go head-to-head with Ji Chao. Just with the “Hundred Transformations Step”, he would not be at any disadvantage.

“First rest, then I shall continue cultivating tomorrow.”

Su Yi sat down with joy in his heart. A day’s worth of practice was tiring. He could just continue cultivating tomorrow. Anyways, what he had now was time.

Within the deep valley, if one raised his head up, the sky would just be a thin line, but you could still see the gentle rays of the moon illuminating the night sky. Fog covered the valley like a silver veil.

The boulders and walls of the valley could barely be seen. Only occasionally when the moon’s rays hit the pile of white bones, did the darkness have a few sparkles of white light.


All of a sudden, a roar echoed through the valley, its origins unknown.

“Successfully cultivating it in a day and his spiritual power is still so strong. This type of talent, is he inhuman?”

There were soft mutters in the night, but no one could hear what the voice was saying.

Dawn arrived, Su Yi stopped his meditating and continued practicing the “Hundred Transformations Step”.

From dawn to dusk, there was nearly no rest. In between, he had also fallen many times after a few mistakes.

“Mistakes are not tolerated!”

His eyes were firm. Su Yi knew that if he was fighting someone else, not even talking about mistakes, just slight carelessness could cost him his life.

He had no one to guide him, so Su Yi could only learn stuff the hard way through trying and practicing. He could only make up the gap between those who were in the same generation as him who had famous masters to guide them through sheer hard work.

Another day passed, Su Yi once again went into meditation, his mind consolidating his results during the day.

On the morning of the third day, Su Yi once again threw himself into practice. His body technique was getting faster and faster as he got more familiar with it and he started to become a blur. Where his body passed, it only left behind a cloud of dust and traces of stones out of their place.

“Watch your rhythm. You have to be calm. Circulating your Yuan Qi within your body faster and faster does not mean it is better.”

“Kid, how could you be so stupid?! The focus of the “Hundred Transformations Step” is on the transformations! If you want to become virtually nowhere, you have to focus on the two words Hundred Transformations!”

The ancient voice could not help shouting from time to time and seemed as if he was more anxious than Su Yi.

Su Yi did not reply, but in his heart, he paid attention to the areas which the mysterious person had reminded him about while he was practicing.

At first, Su Yi’s body still sent a cloud of dust into the air and shifted the sand and stones on the ground, but on the fifth day, wherever Su Yi passed, there was no cloud of dust. Sand and stones remained where they were. This was the level of becoming virtually nowhere.

It was deep at night before Su Yi stopped practicing and meditated as he rested. After five days, finally, he had some results on the “Hundred Transformations Step”.

“This kid, where did he come from?” In the still of the night, the ancient voice appeared once again in some place, thoughts filled his mind.

The next day, Su Yi wanted to continue practicing the “Hundred Transformations Step” but unfortunately, he was unable to cultivate it to the point of being able to materialize wings.

“The “Hundred Transformations Step” is an Emperor Grade Body Technique. Strictly speaking, it is not what an average Emperor Grade Martial Technique can compare to. Being able to cultivate the very surface of it is already not bad. But if you want to materialize wings at the Yuan Soul Realm, dream on,” The ancient voice sounded in the valley as if he had seen through Su Yi’s intentions.

Su Yi gave up. It looked to him that this was the limit of his cultivation of the “Hundred Transformations Step”. After all, his cultivation level was still too weak.

From these few days of observation and interaction, Su Yi felt that this mysterious person, at least for cultivation, he would not mislead him.

“Thank you, Senior.”

Su Yi clasped his hands and bowed. Anyways he had no idea where the mysterious person was at, but in his heart, he felt grateful to him.

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