The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Emperor Grade Martial Technique

“Kid, I will see how long you can tolerate it. Seeing that you have some speed but not a single body technique, if you were to meet an opponent, you would definitely suffer.”

“I have some martial techniques here which focus on body technique. There is one which is the Earth attribute King Grade technique. This technique barely passes.”

“And there is another which is an Emperor Grade Wind attribute body technique. This is definitely special and extremely rare. It seems that it also has something special about it. I think it was gifted to me when someone came to beg me for something.”

“But I do not know whether you have the Wind attribute. People with the wind attribute are not many. What a pity.”

“Wind attribute, I have it.”

Su Yi opened his mouth and interrupted the words of the old man. Back then at the City of Man during the test, he found out that there was the wind attribute on him.

This world had two recognized special attributes. One was the Thunder attribute and the other was the Wind attribute.

People say that those with these two attributes would become extremely strong, but there were very few which had these attributes.

It was just that though he had the wind attribute, he also had the earth, water, and fire attributes at the same time. Hence, he was deemed to have an errand boy’s talent.

“Hahahaha. Kid, I thought you wouldn't speak? Haha!” The aged voice sounded so cheeky. He had finally forced the kid to speak.

"You do not need to use martial techniques to tempt me. I am taking it on the account that you guided me yesterday and respect you a little. You are unable to leave this place. Though you are slightly mysterious, I guess that you are nothing special."

Su Yi opened his eyes and stopped cultivating. Looking above the valley, he stopped talking for a moment. The corners of his mouth curved up to form a slight grin, exuding an air of sarcasm and said, “Here you open your mouth and talk about King Grade and Emperor Grade body techniques. Do you not worry that the wind will cut off your tongue? Seeing the state of you, if you can take out a Xuan Grade martial technique, I think that would already be impressive.”

“Haha! The newborn calf does not fear the tiger, the ignorant fears nothing!”

[T.N: “The newborn calf does not fear the tiger” refers to youths who had not experienced much in life and does what he dares to say, afraid of nothing.]

The aged voice laughed and said, “Kid, if it was back in the past and someone dared to say this to me, the person would already be chopped into eight pieces. But I would not argue with you today. I know that you little kid is trying to incite me, but I shall play along with you. Isn’t it just an average Emperor Grade Body Technique? If you want it, take it. But wait a while, first I need to dig it out."

The voice sounded very casual but there was a tone of pride in it.

Su Yi looked around, his gaze slightly stunned. It can’t be that this guy could simply take out an Emperor Grade Talent Body Technique and simply give it to him. Aren’t Emperor Grade Techniques worth at least a few cities?

“Kid, don’t resist. I can only imprint the cultivation method of this martial technique in your mind. No worries, I will not harm you.”

As Su Yi was thinking, the aged voice spoke once again.


At the same time, before Su Yi made his preparation, he only saw a bright flash and a huge wave of information gushed into his mind.

Su Yi consciously resisted the information.

“Eh? Why do you have such a strong soul? Kid, don’t block it. Do you want to die? Would I need to harm you weakling in such a way?!” The voice was like thunder and sounded in Su Yi’s mind.

Hearing the voice, Su Yi let down his guard and allowed the information to rush into his mind.

The sphere of light in Su Yi’s mind also seemed to feel no hostility and disappeared by itself without any movements.

A light surrounded Su Yi and only started to fade away after a while.

Su Yi’s eyes were tightly shut. He continued to meditate while sitting as if he was in some sort of state.

“Strange, how strange. Yuan Soul Realm Second Grade, how could your soul be so strong? I have never seen this, I have never seen this…”

The old voice muttered to himself and the voice echoed through the valley, but no one could hear it.

“Hundred Transformations Step!”

This was what Su Yi had learned from the information which had just entered his mind. It was indeed a cultivation method of a body technique and it was an Emperor Grade Wind attribute Body Technique.

Just like that, he had gotten an Emperor Grade Martial Technique which was invaluable. Su Yi could barely believe it.


Incredulously, Su Yi decided to immediately cultivate this “Hundred Transformation Steps” and he could also test it out to see whether it was the real thing.

He scanned through the cultivation method which he had just received. After careful examination, he calmed himself and prepared to start cultivating. First, what he must do was to clear those specific meridians which were needed for the "Hundred Transformations Step".

From what Su Yi derived from the information, this “Hundred Transformations Step” was no doubt an Emperor Grade Technique. It was deep and complex. Initiating it would require quite a few meridians within the body. Trying to clear these meridians would not be easy.

But since what he had now was time and from the fight with Ji Chao, Su Yi knew that he urgently needed a body technique. If not, when he met those whose ability was close to his, he would suffer quite a bit.

Su Yi could not help but look forward to if the “Hundred Transformations Step” was real.

According to the information, the speed of “Hundred Transformations Step” was horrifying. If he cultivated it to the limit, with enough strength, he could tear space and materialize a pair of wings with Yuan Qi and fly.


Su Yi was a bit excited and threw himself into cultivation and started to clear all the meridians needed for the cultivation method.

“This is an Emperor Grade martial technique and a mere Yuan Soul Second Grade wants to cultivate, you sure are ambitious!” The old voice mumbled to himself and observed what was happening from the shadows.

Retaining his sitting posture, Su Yi directed the Yuan Qi within him to clear the meridians needed for the cultivation.

Focusing and clearing his mind of any unnecessary thoughts, Su Yi gradually fell into a state of meditation like an old sage, undisrupted by the outside world.


The Yuan Qi gradually flowed through his meridians like it was tidying up the meridians in the body.

Clearing the meridians, this was a process which required much patience and time.

Su Yi was not one of those who had no patience.

Furthermore, currently, Su Yi was in the process of clearing the meridians. It was the same situation as during the time for “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”. Everything went as smooth as silk. There were no obstructions.

Su Yi’s meridians were long since forged wide and thick, causing Su Yi to clear his meridians without any difficulties.

But for the average cultivators, if they wanted to clear those meridians, it would be an extremely tough process.

Maybe just for the sake of clearing those meridians, it was normal to take several months to finish the task.

Even if someone took half a year or an entire year, it would still be considered as normal.

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