The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Treasure Hunting

The owner of the aged-old voice had seen far too many things in the long life he lived. He witnessed the stories of countless prodigies, but never a martial technique like this. Surprisingly, it could actually be cultivated successfully with a mere singular attempt.

Though he’d given Su Yi a bit of guidance, the owner of the aged voice strictly taught him the basics. The only surprise was that Su Yi looked to be a novice in terms of cultivation and seemed to know absolutely nothing.

Those belonging to an academy, sect, or master to guide and teach them the path of cultivation, the basic laws would all be taught. There was no need to even ask.

Su Yi staggered back slightly. His body felt weak all over and immediately collapsed unto the ground, panting heavily. His face was pale and could not muster any strength to go on.

“The energy used is just too much…”

Su Yi donned a shocked expression. The Yuan Qi in his Dantian was all gone. He’d only used the first level of “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” and had already wasted himself fully. If the Yuan Qi in his body was slightly weaker, the repercussions would have been worse. Possibly the result was not being able to move at all.

“Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” had three levels. The first level’s “Oppress the Mountains and Rivers With a Single Foot” energy expenditure was already so big.

Su Yi sighed in his heart. With his current cultivation level, there was no possibility of using the second or third level of “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” lest he wished to suffer from the repercussions.

He got up and sat cross-legged and began forming hand seals, controlling his breathing and slowly recovering.

“This kid really has something special,” The aged voice muttered and spoke no further nor did he disturb Su Yi’s recovery.

The six beasts also calmed down, but they did not leave the area and instead stayed at the entrance of the canyon, quietly waiting for something.


Within the valley, everything was silent but it was broken with the occasional sounds of a beast’s echoing roar.

Su Yi’s body basked in a light when he performed “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Cultivation”. He’d already expended so much energy and only the next day was he able to fully recover.

Su Yi broke his hand seal and stopped cultivating. He felt the Yuan Qi inside his Dantian and shockingly discovered that his Yuan Qi was slightly richer than yesterday. It looks like that after pushing one’s own Yuan Qi to the very limits will allow one to improve.

He stretched widely and got up. His clothes were tattered but he had no other choice but to leave it as it was since he was inside the valley. Yuan Qi gathered under Su Yi’s feet with a gentle touch, his body shot forth like an arrow which had left its bow straight towards the front entrance of the canyon.


The six beasts in the canyon were all extremely nervous. The light in their eyes kept quivering.


At the same time, at the front mouth of the canyon, a tear in space appeared with a powerful aura.


When the tear appeared, the Yuan Qi under Su Yi’s beneath his feet was kept back into his body and he desperately tried to leap back. He calmed himself down, acting like nothing happened. He put his hands behind his back and walked away.

“Kid, don’t bother running away. There is no escape,” The aged voice echoed and sounded very triumphant. Everything was under his control. How could he let a mere kid escape from under his nose?

“Who wanted to run away? Tch, I was just exercising my bones and muscles,” Su Yi said casually. He looked around the surroundings of the valley and found that there were forests of beast bones and some remnants of human corpses.

“I wonder if there is any treasure,” He thought.

He had no clue why there were so many bones of beasts and humans alike, but there should at least be a few treasures left behind. He could try and look for them.

There was one rumor about beasts that if they reached the Demonic Spirit Realm, a Beast Core would be found within their bodies.

Beast Cores were a treasure indeed and the price of one was not cheap!

The valley was a vast expanse, extending over 300 meters in diameter. The area it covered was even larger, but what made Su Yi disappointed was that amidst the piles of beast bones, he found no traces of the rumoured Beast Cores.

He did not know whether it was because the beasts had yet to reach the Demonic Spirit Realm or the Beast Cores withered into nothing with the passage of time.

Su Yi sighed.

The skin and some other parts of the beasts are valuable.

Some alchemists and weaponsmiths could use the materials from the bodies of the beasts to make elixirs and weapons, but now those beasts had long since corroded and turned into dust. What’s left was only a pile of white bones.

At least Su Yi could find few weapons from the remnants of humans.

It’s just that those weapons were all broken and equivalent to scrap metal. There was barely any value in them. Other than the scrap, there was nothing else in the remains of the humans and beasts.

Su Yi initially thought that there may be the slight possibility of an Interspatial Bag or something like that.

An Interspatial Bag was a piece of treasure. The people from the Sacred Mountain also owned them. Inside the Interspatial Bag was a separate space which could contain a lot of items.

But the result was disappointing. Su Yi did not see any Interspatial Bags around.

“Are there really no rewards?”

He felt a little disappointed. Su Yi had searched for an entire day but he was not able to reap any profit.

The ancient voice did not say anything, only quietly observing Su Yi.

“Kid, don’t bother looking for anything. There is nothing here. What do you want to find? Martial techniques? Elixirs? What is it?” He seemed as if he could no longer bear it and happily said, “How about this, if you promise to stay for fifty years, I will give you a high-level martial technique. How does that sound?”

“No thanks,” Su Yi raised his eyes and looked around.

He was only able to cultivate “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” due to this mysterious person. He owed him a big favor so his attitude was slightly better.

Su Yi then proceeded to sit down and began cultivating.

Su Yi had already successfully cultivated “Overlord’s Fist” and “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” and at the moment he had nothing to cultivate. All he could do was to raise his cultivation level.

Though he knew that if he cultivated in the mysterious space he had, the progress would be a bit faster, but within this deep, mysterious valley, everything was being watched. Su Yi did not dare bring out the space.

“Kid, how about chatting with me a little. Maybe you’ll find me in a happy mood and I’d be willing to give you a martial technique. You should know that people begged for my techniques, but in the end, they still would not get any.”

“Kid, just purely cultivating will not have much use. Your technique also seems special but without good teachers to guide you, I’m afraid you’ll find it difficult to achieve something.”

“Hey kid, are you listening?!”

“Oi, kid. Would it kill you to speak a little?”

The ancient voice kept echoing in Su Yi’s ears.

Su Yi showed no interest and continued to ignore him.

“Damned kid. You sure do have tolerance. You are resilient. I like it.”

The aged voice sounded very helpless. He made attempts to make his words travel into the kid’s ears on purpose so he may cause the kid to not be able to cultivate.

But the owner of the voice did not expect that the kid could actually tolerate the ruckus. It seemed simple, but it was actually not easy.

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