The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Guidance

“How could it be like this? I don’t think that there is anything wrong?” Su Yi’s forehead was filled with beads of cold sweat. A fear lingered in his heart from the feeling he had just now.

After pondering for a while, Su Yi felt that nothing had gone wrong.


Clenching his teeth, Su Yi continued to control the Yuan Qi within him according to the cultivation technique of the “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”, gradually moving it through his meridians.


But the result remained the same. Though Su Yi had already made his preparations when the Yuan Qi entered the second specific meridian, it was as if he was struck by lightning. The meridians felt like cramping together, giving him an incomparable pain as his face paled.

“Where did I go wrong?”

Su Yi was deep in thought. He carefully examined the cultivation technique of the “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”, seeing whether he did something wrong.

But even after a discreet examination, Su Yi could not find where he had gone wrong. He has done everything according to the cultivation technique of the “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”.

He didn’t give up and continued for the third time.

But this time, he was even more careful with controlling the Yuan Qi within his body to flow through his meridians and according to the cultivation technique of “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”, he directed them through the specific meridians.


Even after being so careful, Su Yi still did not manage to escape that anguishing pain. The result was still the same. The instant the Yuan Qi entered the second specific meridian, the meridian immediately spasmed and then there was an incomparable and unbearable pain coursing through him.

“Kid, is this your first time cultivating a martial technique? You really are retarded,” The old voice seemed like it could watch no further and said with some surprise and doubt.

“How did you know that this was my first time cultivating a martial technique?” Su Yi gazed at the surroundings. It was as if nothing could escape that person’s eyes, yet he did not know where the person was.

"So, it is your first time cultivating a martial technique. No wonder, no wonder."

The old voice was surprised. He finally saw that Su Yi had opened his mouth and immediately he began to say with some interest, “Kid, I see that you really are retarded. How about this, accompany me for tens of years to entertain me and I shall give you some guidance. At that time, though I am not able to say how much your cultivation will improve but at least within fifty years, there would be no problem for you entering the Yuan Emperor Realm. No, if you have some talent, fifty years would be more than enough.”

“Continue tooting your own horn. If you had that ability, would you still be in this place?”

He really does know how to brag. Simply giving a bit of guidance would be enough for a person to enter the legendary Yuan Emperor Realm, how could Su Yi even believe what he said.

Su Yi was long past the age where he would believe that it would be like in the books where a person after falling down a cliff would meet someone which had unbelievable strength and would take that person as a disciple.

“You are ignorant! What is a small Yuan Emperor Realm? Back then, even a small lackey of mine was of Yuan Emperor Realm!”

The old voice started becoming grumpy. How could this brat not believe him?!

“Never mind. I think that you really do not know. I am also too lazy to argue with you. Slowly cultivate yourself. Without my guidance, I think that in the end, you would experience Qi Deviation and that would be enough to kill you," The old voice switched the subject and said as if waiting for Su Yi to beg him for his help.

Su Yi did not bother with this mysterious person. He was already so familiar with the cultivation technique for “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”. He didn’t believe that he would be unable to successfully cultivate it.


The fourth try, the result was nothing special. Su Yi still did not succeed.

Fifth try.

Sixth try.

When Su Yi reached the seventh try, his face was already a hue of deathly white. Cold sweat ran down his forehead.

After one more fail, the Yuan Qi within his body would collapse and his physical body would be unable to take such a hit.

"You really are stupid. The technique that you are cultivating seems to be related to the Earth attribute. If you do not have the Earth attribute and forcefully cultivate an Earth attribute martial technique, you are literally courting death. Kid, do you really know how to cultivate? If you continue to forcefully cultivate like this, one day you will kill yourself,” The old voice seemed to be unable to bear seeing Su Yi’s repeated attempts to torture himself.

“Earth attribute Yuan Qi!”

Hearing the words, Su Yi’s eyes lit up. Back then in the City of Man during the test, he had Yuan Qi with four attributes: the wind attribute, the water attribute, the fire attribute, and the earth attribute.

Yesterday, when he was within the mysterious space, he had also used just the Fire attribute Yuan Qi to melt the Yuan Spirit Elixir for the eggs to absorb them.

But now, Su Yi did not know whether to believe the words of this person.

After thinking carefully, with the current state that he was in, Su Yi felt that if the person really wanted to harm him, then there was no need for him to do it this way.

“Let’s try it out.”

After slightly biting down on his teeth, Su Yi decided to try again according to what the person had just said.

Su Yi closed his eyes. He moved the Yuan Qi within him and isolated the Earth attribute. From other people’s perspective, it would seem that there was a gradual movement of Yuan Qi on his skin, but it was not shiny and glowing anymore, rather it had a black glow that was gradually becoming brighter and brighter.

“He really does have the Earth attribute,” The old voice said.

Feeling the Earth attribute Yuan Qi, Su Yi continued to follow the cultivation technique of “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”. A strand of Yuan Qi flowed through the first meridian and under the solemness and carefulness of Su Yi, the Yuan Qi entered the second meridian.

Su Yi was originally prepared to feel the anguishing pain once again but when the Yuan Qi entered the second meridian, there was no spasming of the meridian, instead, his strength seemed to have increased.

“It’s fine now!”

Su Yi was on cloud nine. He immediately controlled the Yuan Qi to flow through the rest of the specific meridians in his legs.

Following the Earth attribute Yuan Qi flowing through the designated meridians, the Earth attribute Yuan Qi started to ripple out from Su Yi.

Finally, the Yuan Qi gathered in Su Yi’s right foot and his eyes sprung open. A glaring light like the flash of lightning shot out from his eyes.

His tattered clothes fluttered, his hair flying back. At this moment, the aura of Su Yi was as if it was the rage of thunder. His eyes were like torches, and he shouted, “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands! Oppress the Mountains and Rivers with a single foot!”

Su Yi’s shout was like thunder. His right foot stepped out and the Yuan Qi beneath the foot was like a rampaging tornado and in an instant, the foot stomped onto the ground.


With the stomp of this foot, the earth shook and the air roared.

From where Su Yi's foot landed, circles of black Earth attribute Yuan Qi spiralled out like rippling waves.


The ground cracked under Su Yi’s foot. Crevices as thick as an arm spread through the ground like a spider’s web.

The surrounding bones and stones all shattered into a fine powder in a blink of an eye. The surroundings all trembled rapidly under the impact.


Within the canyon, the six beasts which had not left seemed to have felt something. their eyes quivered and they cried out.

“Just one time and he succeeded in cultivating it! And what is this martial technique, how could it be so strong?!”

The old voice could not help exclaiming in the midst of this earthquake, incomparably astonished!

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