The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Going Closer to a Residual Soul

After recovering to his peak condition, Su Yi felt everything within his body and he seemed to have improved again.

It seemed that every time he expended himself to the very limits, it gave him a feeling that he had made some improvement and his body became even fuller with Yuan Qi.

That pleasant feeling was incredible and Su Yi could not describe its comfort.


Su Yi continued to feel his surroundings and hoped to feel the residual souls in the atmosphere.

But this time, Su Yi did not rush.

Su Yi knew the concept of haste makes waste, so he just let go of himself and the spiritual energy in his mind spread towards the surroundings, trying to feel for the souls.

Gradually, Su Yi entered some sort of a strange state. He was like an old monk which was meditating and had become one with the surroundings and the formless spiritual energy resonated along with him.

At the mouth of the canyon, the six beasts looked at Su Yi and they seemed to have felt something. They suppressed even the sounds of their breathing so as not to disturb Su Yi.

One day, two days, three days and nights passed.

The gentle rays of the moon cast down into the valley and the night breeze blew around back and forth through the valley.

Su Yi was still sitting down and seemed to have become one with the space around him.

From who knows when, a faint red light had appeared in Su Yi’s detection.

The faint red light was like it was both there and not at the same time. It was so faint and slight that it seemed to be going to disappear at any moment.

Slowly, in Su Yi’s perception, there were more and more of this light. There was faint black, red, white and even green.

These lights were just floating around in Su Yi’s perception, vivid and colourful.

The lights floated around the area and Su Yi immersed himself in it. It was as if he had entered some sort of wonderland.

“This is the power from residual souls!”

Su Yi snapped out of his state and was so ecstatic that he wanted to somersault in the air to celebrate. He had finally felt the residual souls.

Those colourful lights were as if they were there yet not. Normal people would never be able to detect them, only Soul Tamers who had extremely strong spiritual energy could be able to search and find them.

“Time to condense these energies of the residual souls.”

Su Yi was delighted. He knew that detecting these residual soul energies and condensing them were two entirely different things. A real Soul Tamer must be able to condense these energies and summon a residual soul.

There were many residual souls in this world.

All living things in this world absorb energy from this world, especially cultivators. The process of becoming strong was the same as using the natural energies of this world to strengthen oneself.

And once these living things passed away. From dust to dust and ashes to ashes, they once again become the energy of this world.

But during the process, some residual souls were not dissipated due to the short time and float around in the world.

Normal people could not feel those residual soul energies, not even cultivators or the demon race could feel them.

But Soul Tamers could and even use those summoned residual souls to fight for themselves.

There were many residual souls. Soul Tamers had to accurately find which residual soul was the strongest and then summon the residual soul into how it looked like before it died.

Residual souls were also a type of energy and once they were summoned, it was definitely terrifying.

Though he had never met a Soul Tamer and this was also his first time trying, Su Yi did not panic. Instead, he was calm and planned everything out.

Because at the same time that the mysterious person gave Su Yi the “Heavens Taming Incantation”, a huge wave of information also entered Su Yi’s mind.

This wave of information included every and anything and part of the information was everything he needed to know to become a Soul Tamer.

That information was just like an inheritance.

Su Yi had received this inheritance, but everything needed him to go, explore and try out things himself.

He was not part of a sect or school and he had no master.

Though the Su Family was also a cultivation family and one of the five big families in the City of Man, the Su Family was still too small and they even did not have any information about alchemists and tool refiners. How would they have any information about Soul Tamers?

Furthermore, since Su Yi was young, he could not store any Yuan Qi within him, hence he would not have anyone to guide him on cultivation.

One could say that since he was young, the mysterious person was the first person who had really guided Su Yi.

Controlling the formless spiritual energy, hand seals were formed and Su Yi tried to condense those formless floating residual souls.

Su Yi felt that the red residual soul was the densest in the surroundings. It was a fire attribute residual soul.

Soul Tamer could feel residual souls of various attributes, but if they wanted to condense the energies and summon a residual soul, it would not be easy.

And Soul Tamers could only summon residual souls who had the same attribute as them. For example, a Soul Tamer who had no metal attribute would never be able to summon a metal attribute residual soul no matter how strong he was.

Hence currently, Su Yi wanted to condense and summon that residual soul and coincidentally, his body also had the fire attribute.

As hand seals formed, there was a movement in the air around Su Yi’s hands and a light seemed to want to flash out but then it disappeared.

Su Yi’s eyebrows furrowed. He had felt the fire attribute residual soul, but it was too hard to condense and summon the residual soul.

“Do not be anxious. The residual souls are also souls. You must have your spiritual energy and the residual soul that you have felt, form a close bond. Only when you are close, then can you condense and summon the residual soul,” At that time, the mysterious person who had said nothing for the past few days spoke once again. His ancient voice seemed to be quivering as it travelled within Su Yi’s ears.


Su Yi was happy and surprised, but he did not let his feelings show on his face. Instantly, he released his spiritual energy freely and started to grow closer to the residual souls according to the instructions of the mysterious person.

And presently, Su Yi did not know that in a certain space, the face of an old man with messy hair and a wrinkled face but with eyes full of energy was quivering and kept on muttering to himself, “Inhuman. This kid is not human. This is unbelievable!”


Su Yu let his spiritual energy go freely and drifted around the area with the many colourful residual souls that he had detected, trying to become friends with them, growing closer and interacting with them.

Those floating residual souls were as if they were alive. At the start, they were still shy and afraid, but soon after, they became a bit curious and started to move around Su Yi’s spiritual energy.

“Use the attributes on you and grow closer with the residual soul that you need to summon but do no forcefully summon him or else, in a good case your soul would be injured but in a bad case, you would undergo Qi Deviation,” The old voice slowly entered Su Yi’s mind.

“Grow closer and guide it.”

Su Yi followed the instructions and completely immersed himself in his task.

Dawn. Above the valley, when one raised his head, he would see tall and majestic peaks of mountains and treacherous cliffs.

On the rock walls grew many unknown vines and plants.

In the deep valley, the fog fell, thick and blurry as if it had become one with the deep valley.

Su Yi was still sitting down and continued forming hand seals, but in the space around him, from an unknown time, strands of red energies were flowing about.

The strands of red energies were like red strings. They gave off a light and afterward, they condensed together and became hotter and hotter and finally became a ball of fire.


With Su Yi’s last hand seal being formed, his face suddenly became paler than ever and from within the ball of fire, there was a low and loud howl. Light flared like an intense fire erupting.

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