The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 546

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Chapter 546: Soul's End!

"Su Yi is a mysterious person, but now he might be in real trouble!"

On the high platform, the elders whispered to themselves, aware of Su Yi's mysterious nature. However, at this moment, everything Yun Lingfeng displayed was truly awe-inspiring. He was a Soul Tamer, and judging from the power of the soul storm, he was no ordinary Soul Tamer.

"Boss Su Yi."

Originally filled with joy, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and others couldn't help but feel a surge of anxiety for Su Yi. Little did they know that Yun Lingfeng, who had already suffered greatly, still had such a powerful hidden card.

"Ha ha..."

As the whole crowd gasped in shock, Yun Lingfeng's tightly closed eyes slowly opened. In that very moment, his eyes sparkled with a bright light, and a terrifying surge of soul energy erupted from within him, sweeping through the area.

"Did you really think you could be my opponent? My true identity is a Soul Tamer. Although you may have some small talent, it doesn't matter in front of me. You're just a foolish clown!"

From Yun Lingfeng's mouth came a chilling and commanding voice. As he finished speaking, a golden figure swiftly emerged from in front of him. The figure appeared ethereal and indistinct, but emanated a sharp and powerful aura. A soul storm relentlessly erupted, accompanied by streaks of swordlight that swept across the entire arena, enveloping everything in its path.

A stunning and sharp aura surged, covering the sky and earth. Rays of swordlight, following unique paths, stirred the energy of the entire space.

"Very strong!"

As the air filled with this powerful aura, Ying Qianqian, Zhang Diyun, and even Situ Muyang, who had stepped back from the inner arena, all had their eyes widen in astonishment. The strength of this aura had reached an incredible level.

Liu Yunchuan stood to the side, gazing at the golden swordlight and soul storm that enveloped the entire arena. His eyes trembled fiercely with intensity.

"To think that it could influence such strong residual soul power, it may be difficult for even the eighth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm to resist!"

On the high platform, the elders and dharma protectors were all taken aback, their eyes filled with shock. Even with their experience, they couldn't help but sense the immense power of the residual soul energy that Yun Lingfeng was gathering. It was unlike anything they had ever witnessed before. Not even the most powerful cultivator in the eighth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm would be able to withstand it, especially considering the terrifying soul power attack hidden within it.

"Su Yi, this young boy, is probably unable to resist anymore!"

As Su Yi faced Yun Lingfeng, some of the elders secretly worried for him, realizing the overwhelming strength that Yun Lingfeng possessed.

On Bai Mingshan's face, which was originally twitching, a smile began to emerge. All of this was within his expectations. Today, his disciple was going to soar to the sky!

In front of everyone's gaze, a terrifying torrent of sword light descended from above. Su Yi, however, had somehow grasped a precious sword in his hand. This sword was summoned from Su Yi's space bag. Though it was not of high level, faint sounds of wind and thunder gradually resounded from it. Radiance filled the air as a sharp and powerful aura emanated in subtle fluctuations.

At this moment, as the person stood there with the sword, it seemed like more than just a simple sword technique, but rather a display of tremendous power. Despite appearing still, it conveyed an unshakable presence. Even though it was a seemingly ordinary posture, it gave off a sense of unstoppable force, as if there was boundless potential and overwhelming pressure hidden within. It was truly an indescribably marvelous sight!


On the elevated platform, some people were shocked, sensing the surging aura within the seemingly plain posture of the young boy with the sword in his hand.

The golden sword light that covered the sky and the terrifying storm of souls were already crashing down, causing fear even from a far distance. The onlookers could feel its terror, secretly trembling in their hearts. They couldn't help but gasp and hold their breath, waiting in anticipation for what would happen to Su Yi.

After all, this was rumored to be the most terrifying strike of a Soul Tamer. Could Su Yi withstand it?

At a critical moment, with the gazes of everyone in the room fixed upon him, just as the overwhelming golden sword light was about to come within three feet of Su Yi, a gleaming light resembling the brilliance of two swords suddenly flashed from the depths of his eyes.

At the same time, a transcendent aura emanated from within Su Yi, filling the air with a tremendous pressure.

Su Yi took action, thrusting his sword forward with great force.


The sword light shimmered brightly, accompanied by a sharp whooshing sound as it swiftly soared through the air. It then landed upon the overwhelming golden sword light, as if cutting through an invisible path.

"Ding dong, ding dong..."

The golden swords clashed, filling the sky with shattering fragments of sword light and gusts of powerful energy. It was like a waterfall cascading down, creating a cacophony of crackling sounds.

Even though Su Yi had only made a single sword strike, at this moment, it caused the overwhelming golden sword light to shatter slowly.

The golden sword light shattered in a circle, causing Su Yi to stumble back a step. The fighting platform beneath his feet rumbled with a deafening sound. If it hadn't been for the powerful defenses set up by the Divine Sword School, it's likely that it would have been completely crushed at this moment.

But at that moment, as they watched Su Yi's sword strike, many of the elders on the high platform couldn't help but show a look of disbelief in their eyes.

When Su Yi took five steps back, the overwhelming golden sword light completely shattered. A beam of sword light swept out, directly cutting through the golden figure and bursting into a dazzling explosion of light.

"Oh my goodness, he actually withstood it!"

The entire crowd held their breath in anticipation. Someone couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. Su Yi managed to directly withstand that terrifying strike! The seemingly overwhelming attack was merely crushed by a single sword strike from Su Yi.

On the high platform, many of the elders and Dharma Protectors had a noticeable change in their expressions. They couldn't help but feel stirred by Su Yi's previous sword strike. They were well aware of what it symbolized.

"Do you think it's over? This is the real attack! You are still too inexperienced. Today, you will pay the price for everything!"

Suddenly, from the shattered golden figure, a chilling voice echoed. Yun Lingfeng's voice emerged from within, accompanied by a terrifying coldness in his spiritual power.

"Kill the spirit!"

Yun Lingfeng shouted coldly, sending a bone-chilling sensation through the air. His robes fluttered in the wind as his soul was wrapped in a powerful storm. A radiant column of soul light condensed from his hands, resembling a dazzling arrow of lightning, aimed straight at Su Yi's forehead.

This speed was incredibly fast! In an instant, it aimed directly at Su Yi's forehead and shot out explosively.

"Kid, you will pay the price!"

The column of soul light in his hand shot out like an arrow. Yun Lingfeng's bone-chilling voice echoed across the entire arena in an instant.

"The soul attack is so scary, this is Yun Lingfeng's ultimate move!"

When the thunder-like soul attack burst out, the elders and Dharma Protector on the high platform felt the terrifying soul power and were shocked!

At this very moment, in the distant peaks of the vast sky, an elderly figure looked towards the arena in the distance. His eyes squinted as he watched the showdown taking place.

The terrifying soul attack was so scary! In an instant, it shot towards Su Yi and reached him, right before his eyes, while countless eyes were watching.

The frightening soul attack came crashing down from above, covering the entire area.

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