The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 545

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Chapter 545: Yun Lingfeng's True Power!

Alchemists and blacksmiths have incredibly powerful soul abilities, which give them advantages in many situations. However, their high status is largely because others depend on them for their skills.

But a Soul Tamer is different. The position of a Soul Tamer solely relies on their own strength and awe-inspiring abilities.

The Soul Tamer, using their own power, can summon the lost spirits of this world.

The Soul Tamer can summon spirits that might be warriors or mythical creatures, and they can utilize these summoned spirits.

According to the stories, there were once incredibly powerful Soul Tamers who could summon the spirits of ancient mighty warriors, which was truly remarkable.

Any clever person understands that when faced with a choice, they would rather risk offending an alchemist or blacksmith than dare to offend a Soul Tamer.

Because the Soul Tamer themselves are already incredibly strong and powerful.

It is much more difficult to become a Soul Tamer than an alchemist or blacksmith. The requirements for mastering the power of souls are unbelievably challenging.

To become an alchemist or blacksmith, the requirement for soul power is two to three times stronger than that of an ordinary warrior. But to become a Soul Tamer, the required soul power is two or three times higher than that of an alchemist or blacksmith, or maybe even more. This is an incredibly terrifying number.

In the whole world, Soul Tamers are extremely rare. Any Soul Tamer would be sought after and nurtured by the superpowers. They would be considered precious to those superpowers. Whenever a Soul Tamer appears, they would be closely protected, with no risks taken.

Inside the Divine Sword School, there are said to be Soul Tamers, at least according to rumors. However, the ordinary disciples have never actually seen one.

According to stories, in the previous group of disciples, there were Soul Tamers, and not just one, but more than one. However, in this group of disciples, for some reason, there hasn't been a single Soul Tamer. There are a few alchemists and blacksmiths though, but none of them have made it to the top sixty-eight this time.

Alchemists and blacksmiths also have their own skills and abilities, and their overall strength may be stronger than that of others at the same level of cultivation.

But being at the same level of cultivation doesn't necessarily mean they can cultivate at a faster speed. Even though alchemists and blacksmiths may have stronger soul power, they are also divided in their focus. In terms of cultivation levels, they may actually fall behind in some ways. Of course, there are also some exceptional individuals who always defy the rules.

"Oh, what a strong and powerful soul energy!"

The Dharma Protectors and elders on the high platform were still in awe. With their keen observation, how could they not sense that at this level of soul energy, Yun Lingfeng was definitely a Soul Tamer? His hidden strength was truly remarkable.

"Hiding for so long, was it all for the sake of anticipating this momentous occasion, the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, where a great and unparalleled opportunity awaits!"

Elder Yu Changqing's gaze flickered changed slightly, even they even the Divine Sword School members didn't know that Yun Lingfeng could very well be a talented Soul Tamer Soul Tamer with great potential. Having endured for so long, it was perhaps all for this moment at the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, where he could soar to new heights shine and catch his unsuspecting opponents off guard, ultimately seizing the supreme opportunity from the Divine Sword School.

For a whole five years, Yun Lingfeng hid within the Divine Sword School without anyone knowing about his truly formidable soul energy. His ability to stay hidden and endure without revealing himself was extraordinary and beyond what ordinary people could achieve.

As the soul storm spread, Yun Lingfeng's eyes became fierce and icy-cold.

All the eyes around were now focused on him, with everyone watching intently. They could feel the terrifying soul storm, which was both visible and unsettling.

"Could it be a Soul Tamer?"

In the center of the storm, on the dueling stage, Su Yi's eyes shimmered with a hint of excitement. The powerful and dense soul storm was truly formidable, and it made him secretly intrigued. This kind of soul power was definitely impressive. Sensing Yun Lingfeng's confident demeanor, he couldn't help but wonder if he, too, was a skilled Soul Tamer.

Feeling the intense stares from those around him, Yun Lingfeng's fierce expression on his face grew even more menacing. He smirked coldly at Su Yi and then slowly closed his eyes again.

In an instant, the entire dueling stage, enveloped in the soul storm, suddenly became calm and still.

However, the calmness was only temporary. Suddenly, a much stronger surge of soul energy emanated from Yun Lingfeng, causing a sharp golden light to radiate from the center of the soul storm. It carried an unparalleled fierceness, roaring through the empty space and sending shivers down everyone's spines!

On the entire dueling stage, at this moment, a thick soul storm covered the line of sight. Those who were closer to it suddenly felt dizzy and their souls trembled inexplicably.

"That was..."

Suddenly, someone exclaimed in surprise as the golden light from the soul storm on the dueling stage grew brighter and brighter, eventually forming a blurry figure.

This blurry figure, appearing as a living being, was surrounded by shimmering golden light. Their face was unclear, but they held a sword, which seemed undeniably real. The sharp aura and overwhelming presence emanating from them captured the attention of everyone in the area, leaving them in awe.

"It's a true Soul Tamer!"

"Concentrating leftover spirits, Yun Lingfeng truly showed his skill as a Soul Tamer!"

"I never expected that Yun Lingfeng is actually a Soul Tamer, possessing such strong spiritual power, which is rare among his peers!"

That blurry figure of golden light appeared, leaving the elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform stunned. They understood the significance of a Soul Tamer. They originally thought that Liu Yunchuan, with his exceptional talent, was the strongest. Little did they expect that Yun Lingfeng was stronger. Though he had only reached the sixth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, his incredible spiritual power, combined with the abilities of a Soul Tamer, could potentially bridge the gap between them.

A golden blurry figure appeared, emanating a fierce and sharp aura that spread out, causing the previously prepared arena to shake like an earthquake.

"Human soul, made of gold!"

Watching the golden figure that formed within the soul storm, Su Yi couldn't help but squint his eyes. The immense spiritual power, combined with the condensed human soul, showed that Yun Lingfeng truly possessed extraordinary abilities.

And as Yun Lingfeng's identity as a Soul Tamer was confirmed, it greatly amazed Su Yi. No wonder Yun Lingfeng always seemed so confident. With such secret techniques, even Liu Yunchuan, who was at the peak of the seventh stage of the Yuan Spirit Realm, would have a difficult time matching up against him.

"Soul Tamer, he truly is a Soul Tamer!"

"Brother Yun Lingfeng is still a Soul Tamer, he hasn't been defeated yet!"

"Yun Lingfeng is invincible!"

The disciples who supported Yun Lingfeng and the disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak looked at Yun Lingfeng's pitiful and disheveled appearance. They were already feeling disillusioned, but at this moment, when they saw Yun Lingfeng stand up once again, confirming that he was indeed the legendary Soul Tamer, they were overwhelmed with excitement. It was as if they saw a ray of light in the darkness, causing their eyes to well up with tears of joy.

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