The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 544

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Chapter 544: Yun Lingfeng's Secret Weapon!

Some people trembled with fear. At this moment, Liu Yunchuan, who had already been trying his best, unexpectedly suffered another injury.

"Oh, Mu Yao is so frightening!"

Some people whispered in awe, amazed at how powerful Mu Yao had become.

Liu Yunchuan managed to stabilize his retreat, his eyes shimmering with electricity. He looked serious as he began to form one after another hand seal with great concentration.

As Liu Yunchuan formed the hand seals, electric arcs around him grew brighter and wrapped around his body. Finally, they gathered together, forming a ball of lightning that resembled a radiant lightning sun.

At this moment, Liu Yunchuan's face turned pale, as if all his energy had concentrated into this ball of lightning.

"Eternal Thunderstorm!"

With a loud shout, at that very moment, Liu Yunchuan's presence reached its peak, exuding an overpowering dominance.

In that moment, Liu Yunchuan truly resembled a god of thunder. Every move he made was accompanied by flashes of lightning and deafening thunder, filling the air with a terrifying aura that seemed capable of destroying everything in its path!


Liu Yunchuan pushed the thunderball like a radiant sun, with the awe-inspiring power of a god of thunder. It obliterated everything in its path, rumbling as it moved forward!

Mu Yao's eyes shimmered with a golden light, radiating beauty and an imposing presence. She lifted her gaze, revealing a captivating aura!


The thunderball fell, accompanied by a trail of lightning sparks. Arcs of electricity emerged like shimmering silver snakes, covering the entire arena in a spectacular display.

The countless arcs of electricity illuminated the sky, creating a dazzling display akin to a sky full of sparkling fireworks.


Mu Yao stirred, uttering a single word with simplicity. Her body shimmered with a radiant golden light, enveloping her graceful figure, shaping a hazy silhouette. With a flick of her sleeve, a palm imprint emerged, continuously striking with incredible speed. In an instant, it seemed as though she had unleashed countless strikes, and finally, all the palm imprints overlapped into one.

At that moment, Mu Yao's beauty and majesty intertwined flawlessly, captivating yet fierce.

Wave after wave of palm imprints emerged, transforming into shining golden wings. The golden radiance glistened, resembling sharp and menacing blades, soaring out from the empty space. Lastly, they collided with the colossal thunderball, reminiscent of a sun made of lightning.

"Boom, rumble, rumble..."

Spirit Sword Peak was on the verge of being overturned, causing the empty space to tremble intensely. The air was filled with continuous ripples and disturbances.

Golden light and electric arcs spread outward, sweeping through the area before quietly dissipating at a certain distance.

With every golden palm imprint that Mu Yao released, the thunderous ball of lightning propelled by Liu Yunchuan diminished slightly. In the end, it was completely dissolved and scattered upon the dueling platform.

"Ha ha..."

At that moment, as shimmering golden light sparkled, Mu Yao's graceful figure mysteriously appeared before Liu Yunchuan. Her hands, enveloped in radiant gold, swiftly landed on his chest, unleashing a dazzling burst of golden light.

The wild surge of power caused Liu Yunchuan's battle armor to crackle with electricity and scatter, while the empty space around him thundered loudly!


Liu Yunchuan's mouth spurted a mouthful of bright red blood, and then his body was sent flying, crashing heavily into the distance. His thunderous battle armor also instantly lost its glow.


The entire audience trembled in fear, as they witnessed this terrifying scene.


They immediately gasped in shock, their mouths dry and swallowing heavily.

On the high platform, the elders and Dharma Protectors also looked shocked, their hearts filled with fear.

Liu Yunchuan has stepped into the peak of the Yuan Spirit Realm, and with the precious battle armor he obtained from the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, one could imagine just how incredibly powerful and formidable he had become.

When Liu Yunchuan revealed the powerful battle armor he possessed and the aura of his advanced cultivation in the Yuan Spirit Realm, the elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform couldn't help but believe that he would likely maintain his position as the number one.

Such strength was truly astonishing.

But now, the elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform were trembling with fear.

Liu Yunchuan, to everyone's surprise, was defeated by Mu Yao. She emerged victorious over him in a direct and straightforward manner.

"I can't believe how strong they've become. This aura, it feels so mysterious."

Su Yi was once again distracted, to his surprise, he discovered that this woman had become so powerful. It seemed that she had made remarkable breakthroughs during this time.

Su Yi still remembered the last time he had battled against Mu Yao. He realized that back then, this woman was nowhere near as powerful as she is now.

As Su Yi secretly probed Mu Yao's soul power, he sensed something peculiar about the golden aura emanating from her at that moment. It carried an absolute sense of dominance, far beyond what he could fully comprehend.


Liu Yunchuan's eyes widened as he regained consciousness. The ancient battle armor on his body looked dull and faded. Another mouthful of fresh blood spilled from his mouth, and his face turned an extremely pale color.

Looking ahead at Mu Yao, Liu Yunchuan's eyes were filled with astonishment.

"You are already very strong, you have received an opportunity, but it seems like time is not enough."

Mu Yao spoke to Liu Yunchuan, with a hidden meaning in her words.

She knew Liu Yunchuan's strength and the power of that battle armor. If some more time passed, with her current abilities, dealing with him wouldn't be like this.

"I was ultimately defeated."

Liu Yunchuan's eyes held a hint of regret. The lightning battle armor faded away, and a bitter smile appeared on his lips. He politely bowed to Mu Yao and then descended from the arena.

"Liu Yunchuan lost!"

The entire crowd was shocked, and among all the onlookers, nobody had expected that Liu Yunchuan would actually lose. Mu Yao was astonishingly powerful, far beyond anyone's imagination.

"Senior Brother Liu Yunchuan and Senior Brother Yun Lingfeng seem to have lost, huh?"

"In the Grand Swordsmanship Competition this time, three unexpected talents emerged. Mu Yao, Su Yi, and Situ Muyang were all incredibly formidable!"

"Mu Yao and Su Yi, unexpectedly defeated Senior Brother Liu Yunchuan and Senior Brother Yun Lingfeng!"

There was a buzz of discussions, as Liu Yunchuan had already been defeated. Looking at Yun Lingfeng's appearance, it seemed like he had no strength left to fight, and he probably had also been defeated. The fact that these two unexpected talents reached the top two positions was truly astonishing.

"Mu Yao and Su Yi are both very strong!"

One disciple remained in shock for a long time, unable to snap out of it.

The formidable strength of Liu Yunchuan and Yun Lingfeng goes without saying. The power they demonstrated today left everyone in shock and awe, truly astonishing and eye-opening.

Unfortunately, Mu Yao and Su Yi, these two unexpected talents, came forward with even greater strength, overpowering and overshadowing them.

Otherwise, in this Grand Swordsmanship Competition, it would once again come down to a battle between Liu Yunchuan and Yun Lingfeng.

"No, it's not right, it seems that Senior Brother Yun Lingfeng hasn't lost yet!"

Suddenly, amidst the astonished crowd, someone shouted in surprise.

Immediately, many eyes followed the gaze and saw on the stage of the showdown, Yun Lingfeng, who was previously disheveled and weak, suddenly emitting a new aura that gradually spread. It grew stronger and more formidable, becoming increasingly intimidating.

The Dharma Protectors and elders on the high platform also sensed it. This kind of aura seemed unusual and caused them to worry secretly. Their gaze immediately became fixed.

Elder Bai Mingshan's eyes twitched, revealing an unpleasant expression on his face. A subtle smirk crossed his lips.

How could his disciple lose? Today, he would make a stunning debut and soar to great heights.

Originally, they thought that Yun Lingfeng's trump card would only be revealed during the championship battle. However, it seemed like they decided to use it ahead of time. In the end, the outcome wouldn't change.


Su Yi also felt it. As the person involved, he could sense a new and intimidating presence emanating from Yun Lingfeng.

Yun Lingfeng's gaze snapped back to reality. His face, which already looked dreadful, now wore a menacing expression. His cold eyes stared at Su Yi, emitting an eerie chill.

"I made a mistake by underestimating you, and now I realize it. They say 'third time's the charm,' but I never expected to be exposed early because of you. This plan was supposed to be for my final battle."

Yun Lingfeng's eyes filled with darkness as he stared at Su Yi. His voice echoed slowly across the duel arena.

In Yun Lingfeng's voice, there was a strong feeling of coldness. Suddenly, the temperature in the air surrounding the duel arena started to become icy. It sent a shiver down one's spine, making everything feel chilling and eerie.

As the words fell from his lips, a fiercer expression spread across Yun Lingfeng's face. His eyes grew colder, and then he slowly closed them.


Just at that moment, as Yun Lingfeng closed his eyes, a new and terrifying aura emerged from within him. It carried a chilling and malicious presence that made everyone's hair stand on end, sweeping across the duel arena!

At the same time, as everyone looked on with astonishment, a powerful aura of spirit descended upon the scene, much like a calm storm. It erupted suddenly from within that fearsome figure.


A deep, roaring sound echoed around Yun Lingfeng, filling the space around him. It swept across the entire duel arena, and an invisible soul storm formed around him.

Just as the soul storm surged and trembled, the space around the duel arena seemed to twist and distort, as if something magical was happening.

When the soul storm appeared on the duel arena, the Elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform were the first to have a drastic change in his complexion. Their eyes widened in shock, one after another.

Elder Bai Mingshan smiled knowingly. Even though he had been revealed early, he knew that the outcome wouldn't change. This was the true strength of his disciple.

Yun Lingfeng had been patiently waiting for this moment for a long time. He wanted to soar high in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. Bai Mingshan believed that this time, the great benefits of the Divine Sword School would surely belong to his disciple.

"Spiritual power, could it be... Yun Lingfeng is a Soul Tamer!"

An elder's eyes trembled in fear, unable to resist speaking up.

At this moment, on the high platform, all eyes were focused on Yun Lingfeng.

On the high platform, Situ Liuyun stood in the front row, along with the second elder, third elder, and the Right Dharma Protector. Their eyes filled with astonishment as they watched Yun Lingfeng in the midst of the soulstorm on the dueling stage.

No one could have imagined that at this moment, Yun Lingfeng was actually unleashing such a remarkably powerful spiritual energy.

All the onlookers around, including Ying Qianqian, Liu Yunchuan, Zhang Diyun, and other disciples who had stepped back from the stage, suddenly turned pale with shock.

No one expected that Yun Lingfeng would suddenly unleash such an astonishing burst of spiritual power.

On one side of the dueling stage, Mu Yao's eyes, which had just lost their golden glow, were fixed upon the soulstorm Yun Lingfeng had conjured. A hint of astonishment appeared on her cheeks, but soon she regained her composure.

"Oh my goodness, such incredible spiritual power!"

"Soul power, is Senior Brother Yun Lingfeng perhaps a craftsman or an alchemist?"

"I've never heard that Senior Yun Lingfeng is a skilled blacksmith or alchemist."

The sudden and powerful surge of soul energy on the dueling stage amazed and astonished everyone in the audience. They were all filled with excitement and commotion.

"No, Senior Yun Lingfeng might be a Soul Tamer!"

In the crowd, a disciple exclaimed in shock.

"What? A Soul Tamer!"

Upon hearing these words, the entire crowd erupted into a series of shock and excitement. It was well-known that alchemists and blacksmiths held esteemed positions in this world.

The position of a Soul Tamer in this world would be the highest of all.

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