The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 543

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Chapter 543: Even His Mom Couldn't Recognize Him

"Ding ding ding..."

At this moment, on the dueling stage where Mu Yao and Liu Yunchuan were, there was a continuous clash of swords, making a strong metallic sound that shook their eardrums.


In the midst of the shining sword, a burst of dazzling light erupted, making it difficult for people to look directly at it.


In the strong wind's aftermath, Liu Yunchuan staggered backward, surrounded by crackling lightning and shimmering electric arcs. He took several unsteady steps before regaining his balance. His sword quivered in his hand, its brilliance fading away, revealing cracks.

Liu Yunchuan's neatly arranged hair became disheveled, and his robe had several torn spots. A hint of crimson blood slowly trickled from the corner of his mouth.

Mu Yao's delicate figure simply took two small steps back, radiating a bright aura that carried an air of authority.

"Liu Yunchuan unexpectedly fell behind!"

On the dueling platform, all eyes were fixed intently. The renowned Liu Yunchuan, who held the top position in the Sword Tower, unexpectedly fell behind. This filled many hearts with unease.

Including the elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform, everyone was moved.

Yun Lingfeng, who ranked second in the Sword Tower, and Liu Yunchuan, who ranked first, both experienced setbacks in a short period of time. This seemed to surprise the Dharma Protectors and the elders.

The commotion from the neighboring dueling platform caught Su Yi's attention as he glanced over.

"Liu Yunchuan got hurt!"

The disciples watching were shocked and couldn't believe it. Liu Yunchuan, who ranked number one in the Sword Tower, was actually injured.

"Does he want to use his energy to transform?"

There was a disciple who looked worried. The transformation of Liu Yunchuan's energy was extraordinary. He could turn into a powerful beast, a thunder leopard of a demonic tribe.

In the final battle between Liu Yunchuan and Yun Lingfeng, it was because of Liu Yunchuan's violent suppression with the thunder attribute from his transformed energy beast form that Yun Lingfeng ultimately suffered defeat.

Liu Yunchuan stepped back, and his face turned completely serious.


Suddenly, in the midst of everyone's surprised gaze, Liu Yunchuan swiftly sheathed his precious sword and, at the same time, a new surge of lightning began to emanate from his feet.

The lightning shimmered and surged fiercely, spreading across his entire body in an instant. It was radiant and bright, intertwining with the energy within him, filling his entire being.

"What is that..."

In the crowd, someone exclaimed in astonishment. As the dazzling lightning shimmered, Liu Yunchuan was now clad in a suit of battle armor.

The battle armor looked ancient and had a pale greenish hue. It emitted a combination of lightning-like energy and an ancient aura. It glowed all over, and arcs of electricity flickered and crackled. A sense of dread filled the air.

As the battle armor was prepared, Liu Yunchuan's presence underwent a noticeable change. A tremendous energy surged within him, erupting like a storm in an instant. The entire arena became tumultuous, with swirling winds and clouds, and a curtain of dazzling lightning obscured the view.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

The thunder rumbled loudly, flashes of lightning appeared suddenly, and an ancient and terrifying aura filled the air.

"The peak of the Seventh Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm!"

The whole crowd was in awe. In this very moment, Liu Yunchuan's presence had reached the pinnacle of the Yuan Spirit Realm, sevenfold.

Electricity crackled and thunder roared around him. In that moment, Liu Yunchuan seemed like a youthful thunder god, his presence surging. He had become even more formidable than before, revealing his true strength.

"Oh my goodness, this is Liu Yunchuan's true strength! No wonder he is known as the number one in Sword Tower!"

"He, as the first in the Sword Tower, must have a reason. Senior Brother Liu Yunchuan was invincible from the beginning!"

The entire crowd was trembling with awe. The attention that had been focused on Su Yi and Yun Lingfeng's duel on the stage was now drawn to the thunderous commotion, leaving everyone astonished.

"That was..."

On the raised platform, the elders and Dharma Protectors' gaze was fixed on Liu Yunchuan's body covered in lightning battle armor. It left them astonished.

With the discerning eyes of these elders, how could they not see that compared to the peak Qi presence of Liu Yunchuan's current Seventh Grade Yuan Spirit Realm, the set of mysterious and ancient lightning battle armor on his body is even more astonishing? It is undoubtedly a precious treasure.

"This is what he obtained from the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords!"

Among the seats of the elders, there was an old man who spoke up. His eyes were filled with a gentle smile as he addressed everyone.

Liu Yunchuan was this elder's disciple, and the lightning battle armor was something he obtained from the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. It was a great stroke of luck and opportunity for him.

"No wonder..."

The elders and Dharma Protectors' gazes flickered with interest, and a wave of emotions stirred in his eyes. They knew about the mysteries inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, so it wasn't surprising. No wonder Liu Yunchuan only emerged from the battlefield later and could only barely enter the top sixty-eight to obtain the Sword-patterned Stones.

It turned out that within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Liu Yunchuan unexpectedly had such great luck and opportunities, which caused him to spend more time there.

"The peak of the Yuan Spirit Realm is truly astonishing!"

Some Dharma Protector was amazed. Yun Lingfeng had just reached the astonishing peak of the sixth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm. Little did they expect that Liu Yunchuan had actually reached the even more incredible peak of the seventh level of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

"Very strong!"

Su Yi's eyes were drawn in, gazing at Liu Yunchuan, who was now covered in the Thunder Battle Armor. The aura of the seventh level of the Yuan Spirit Realm, combined with the ancient Thunder Armor that was as formidable as Situ Muyang's Wind Battle Armor, made it absolutely powerful.

Originally, Su Yi had some confidence in today's Grand Swordsmanship Competition, though he was not overly confident.

But at this moment, Su Yi's heart truly began to feel a bit cautious. The Divine Sword School, worthy of its reputation as a prestigious sect, had no weaklings among its direct disciples. Each one was stronger than the last, armed with various powerful techniques. They were not to be underestimated.

At this moment, Su Yi estimated that if he were to face Liu Yunchuan, he might not be able to win unless he fully utilized all of his hidden techniques.

Mu Yao's eyes showed a hint of concern at this moment. She had never underestimated Liu Yunchuan in her heart, and now that she felt his aura, she became even more focused and cautious.

"You are stronger than I imagined, so I won't be polite anymore!"

Liu Yunchuan had no words left to say. As he spoke, a powerful surge of electricity crackled and fierce lightning energy filled the sky. Numerous bright and dazzling electric arcs burst forth, causing uneasiness in the hearts of those who witnessed it. They surged towards Mu Yao like a powerful wave.

"You are even stronger than I imagined, worthy of a real battle!"

Mu Yao's sword disappeared from her hand, and her handprints condensed rapidly. She wore an orange robe that fluttered in the wind. In an instant, her water attribute energy transformed into golden energy, shining brightly. With her fair and delicate palm, she struck out with an unmatched sharpness and an immense force, radiating a vast and powerful aura.

A burst of thunder and lightning surged forward as Liu Yunchuan launched his fierce attack towards Mu Yao. Soon, his strike collided with her pure and white palm.

Accompanied by golden light, the electric arcs formed a powerful storm of energy. The strong wind produced by the aftermath of the attack spread like a hurricane, creating a wild and terrifying scene!

"Boom boom boom..."

It was hard to distinguish whether it was the muffled sound of colliding energy or thunderous explosions. The entire dueling platform trembled. If it weren't for the powerful restrictions and seals that experts from the Divine Sword School had placed on Spirit Sword Peak, it would have probably shattered at that very moment.


The two figures stumbled backwards, their eyes filled with surprise. It seemed that neither of them had expected the other to be so powerful.

"Oh my goodness..."

Among the onlookers, there were people who couldn't help but gasp. They were amazed at how intense the battle had become between these two individuals. It was absolutely terrifying!

"Not bad, it's really not bad. Oh, how fortunate my Divine Sword School is!"

On the seat at the high platform, a Dharma Protector couldn't help but tremble with excitement and joy.

No matter whether it was Liu Yunchuan or Mu Yao, with such extraordinary talent and strength, if we look at their peers throughout the entire land, they would definitely be considered as leaders. This is truly a stroke of fortune for the Divine Sword School!

In the eyes of Situ Liuyun, the second elder, and the third elder, a gleam of light appeared. Their eyes showed no signs of disturbance, but it was clear that they were amazed from within.


Liu Yunchuan didn't say a word. A tremendous surge of lightning energy pulsed through his body. As he steadied himself from retreating, he used the momentum to leap into the air and struck towards Mu Yao with an outstretched palm. A wild and fierce thunderstorm swept through the air, creating an intimidating display of electric arcs that crackled and filled the sky.

Mu Yao had a majestic expression on her face, and at that moment, her body emitted a wavering golden light. She remained calm and composed, and her eyes shimmered with a strange golden hue, as if they were made of pure gold.

Her fair and delicate jade-like hand glided smoothly, brushing against the empty space, as it reached out to meet the looming palm print above her!

Mu Yao didn't dodge, she bravely faced the attack. Her elegance was unparalleled, as beauty and strength merged in this moment, creating a captivating and awe-inspiring sight!


The two of them, in this moment, continued their ongoing battle, their energy stronger than before.

Liu Yunchuan was covered in a suit of armor crackling with lightning, resembling a thunder god. He was powerful and fierce, relentlessly charging forward.

Mu Yao's entire body was enveloped in a radiant golden glow, shining brilliantly. As she made her move, her actions became sharp and domineering.

These two were incredibly strong, constantly charging and colliding amidst the flashes of lightning and the rumbling of thunder. They unleashed astonishing power with each relentless clash.

This terrifying confrontation made onlookers tremble with fear from a safe distance.


A muffled groan came from the stage where the duel was taking place. Yun Lingfeng, lying on the ground, struggled to stand up. He looked incredibly disheveled, with his hair all messy and unkempt.

As Yun Lingfeng trembled and struggled to stand up, his handsome face was covered in bloodstains. While it might be a bit exaggerated to say his features were completely distorted, his face was battered and bruised to the point where even his own mother wouldn't recognize him.

Yun Lingfeng was just struck by Su Yi on the dueling stage, causing him to faceplant. One can only imagine the state he was in.

His nose and forehead were shattered from the impact, making for a truly gruesome sight!

As Yun Lingfeng struggled to climb to his feet, many of the onlookers shifted their gaze back to him.

When they laid their eyes upon Yun Lingfeng in that moment, everyone couldn't help but shiver uneasily. They thought Su Yi was way too harsh in his attack.

Some female disciples looked at Yun Lingfeng's gruesome face in that moment, and all their beautiful fantasies shattered instantly. Their hearts ached, and they couldn't help but curse Su Yi in their minds.

Even though Su Yi was briefly distracted by Liu Yunchuan and Mu Yao's duel, he had been secretly keeping an eye on Yun Lingfeng. In this moment, his gaze shifted back and settled quietly on Yun Lingfeng.

Yun Lingfeng stared at Su Yi, his face covered in blood. His expression was filled with shock and disbelief, his eyes unable to regain focus. It seemed that even now, he couldn't believe the extent of the harm he had endured.


With a deafening explosion, all of a sudden, from the neighboring duel platform, there came another sound, echoing throughout Spirit Sword Peak.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

In an instant, a tremendous thunderstorm swept through the area, accompanied by brilliant flashes of golden light. It was a sight so awe-inspiring and terrifying beyond imagination.


In the midst of a fierce and powerful wind, Liu Yunchuan's body staggered and shook, and once again, blood spilled from his mouth.

"What's happening? It seems like Liu Yunchuan has been hurt again!"

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