The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 542

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Chapter 542: Being Hurt Like This

"What kind of magic is Su Yi using? He can fly in the air!"

"One move made Yun Lingfeng suffer, this Su Yi is truly mysterious!"

Some Dharma Protectors and elders couldn't help but exclaim, and this truly amazed them.

"It's not a treasure, but a pair of wings formed by condensed vitality. It should be a kind of body movement technique, probably at least at the level of Emperor Grade!"

The second elder's eyes were bright and filled with excitement. In that moment, he sensed something meaningful. The techniques Su Yi was using seemed to be a form of skillful movement.

"An identity skill of Emperor Grade, this boy is only at the Yuan Spirit Realm level, how did he succeed in cultivating it?"

Listening to the words of the second elder, the elders and Dharma Protectors were amazed and confused.

An Emperor Grade Martial Technique is a type of skillful movement that cannot be easily cultivated.

Yun Lingfeng rose from the duel platform, a bit of crimson blood staining the corner of his mouth. One side of his face was swollen and marked with a clear handprint. His expression and gaze still held an incredulous shock, but as he looked at Su Yi, it transformed into a chilling coldness. His face turned dark and ashen to the extreme.

"Okay, okay, okay, hahaha..."

Yun Lingfeng, his cold gaze fixed on Su Yi, spoke three words in a row, "Okay, okay, okay..." Then, he burst into laughter, consumed by anger.

Anyone could hear the laughter, and it had an icy chill that conveyed extreme hatred.

As the chilling laughter subsided, a new gust of wind-like energy emanated from within Yun Lingfeng, rapidly rising.

As his vitality surged, it grew immensely powerful. Accompanied by the howling winds, it soared high into the sky!

In a brief moment, from within Yun Lingfeng, a powerful surge of energy erupted like a raging hurricane, roaring and soaring into the air.

On the entire stage of the showdown, there was a tremendous flurry of activity, creating a terrifying spectacle!

"This is..."

And when they felt the energy emanating from Yun Lingfeng at that moment, someone gasped and their face turned pale.

"Huh, I've actually reached this point. I was really careless just now..."

On the elevated platform, the elders and Dharma Protectors' gazes were so fierce. Instantly, they secretly grew uneasy and it seemed that Yun Lingfeng had indeed been a little careless just now.

"In the pinnacle of the Yuan Spirit Realm, it seems that reaching the seventh grade is just within reach!"

At this moment, even the third elder, Wu Chaoyang, couldn't help but admire Yun Lingfeng. At his young age, he has already reached the seventh realm of the Yuan Spirit Realm. Such talent is extremely rare, like finding a needle in a haystack.

"Yuan Spirit Realm, at the peak of the sixth level, almost reaching the seventh!"

At this moment, as Su Yi sensed the unfettered aura emanating from Yun Lingfeng, his eyes flickered with curiosity. Surprisingly, he wasn't quite taken aback. This was the true extent of Yun Lingfeng's cultivation, after all.

"It was my mistake, I gave you a chance that could have made your whole life amazing. But now, you must pay back a hundred times!"

As Yun Lingfeng unleashed the full power of his sixth level in the Yuan Spirit Realm, his face turned ashen and icy. His eyes filled with an intense coldness, reaching its peak. There was even a hint of sharp killing intent in the air!

"Your Yuan Spirit Realm has only reached the sixth level, but this statement might be a bit premature!"

Behind Su Yi, his spiritual wings fluttered, emitting a radiant red glow. His cultivation at the peak of the sixth level in the Yuan Spirit Realm was nothing to worry about. After all, he had proven his ability to contend with higher-level opponents before.

"You will pay a heavy price for this!"

Yun Lingfeng's eyes were filled with a chilling gaze, sending shivers down one's spine. The air was heavy with a sense of danger, and his face turned pale with determination.


As these words were spoken, a burst of light erupted from under Yun Lingfeng's feet. Soon after, an enormous shadow of a demon beast formed, stretching several meters in size.


A wolf howled loudly, and a lifelike giant wolf appeared.

The enormous wolf had wings on its back, and it let out a fierce and terrifying roar. Its body shimmered like crystalline white, and its eyes were a deep, blood-red color. They seemed like two small, glowing moons in the shape of blood-red circles.

The shadowy image of the giant wolf gleamed with sharp and menacing fangs. It exuded a ferocious and ruthless aura that sent shivers down one's spine.

"Blood-eyed Monster Wind Wolf!"

Su Yi, a young boy, glanced at the shadowy image of the giant wolf and couldn't help but take a closer look. He felt a sense of awe and curiosity welling up inside him.

To Su Yi's astonishment, the shadowy figure turned out to be a Blood-eyed Monster Wind Wolf, a creature with powerful bloodlines that belonged to the realm of demons. Its bloodline was even stronger than that of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat.

If one wants to obtain the essence of such high-level demon beasts to transform their own energy, it would be impossible to achieve without strong support.


As the Blood-eyed Monster Wind Wolf appeared, its radiant presence illuminated the surroundings. Mysterious symbols flickered and surged, emitting a fierce and menacing aura. It was as if it had suddenly come to life, charging ferociously towards Su Yi.

At that moment, Yun Lingfeng bravely rode atop the Blood-eyed Monster Wind Wolf, its radiant glow shining brightly. The duel arena shimmered with brilliance, emitting a dazzling light, as they charged directly towards Su Yi.

The claws of the Blood-eyed Monster Wind Wolf were sharp and curved like hooks. Its fangs gleamed with a menacing shine, exuding unparalleled ferocity. Its entire body was filled with a fierce and unmatched power!

Yun Lingfeng's robes fluttered in the wind, his hair swaying gently. He rode on the phantom of the Blood-eyed Monster Wind Wolf, which emitted a radiant glow so dazzling that it was difficult to look directly at it.

The whole scene was filled with astonishment. At this moment, Yun Lingfeng was incredibly powerful, riding on the back of the Blood-eyed Monster Wind Wolf, moving forward with unmatched fierceness and strength. It was truly a display of immense power!

Su Yi, his eyes locked on the charging Blood-eyed Monster Wind Wolf, remained calm. With a flick of his energetic wings sprouting from his back, he didn't retreat but rather moved forward. He raised his arm and delivered a powerful punch, directly striking against the enormous wolf claw.


However, at the same time, Su Yi's aura of cultivation, which was at the late stage of the fifth realm of the Yuan Spirit Realm, was now unleashed without reservations. In his clear and deep gaze, whirlpool-like rays of light emerged, exuding a terrifying presence that filled the air with an ancient and majestic aura. It seemed capable of suppressing all directions, pressing forward and overwhelming everything in its path.

This is the aura described in the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse.

At this moment, Su Yi was utilizing the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse!

"Roar..." The demonic beast mounts residing around Spirit Sword Peak seemed to have sensed something, growling deeply and feeling uneasy, as if influenced by it.

The Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, although not as effective at suppressing demon beasts as the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, still had the power to subdue them.

"Roar..." In that instant, the Blood-eyed Monster Wind Wolf also felt its blood-red eyes surge, affected by the surroundings.

With each punch and claw, they collided directly.


In an instant, a deafening thunder rang out on the stage of the duel, bright light soared into the sky, making the surrounding void pale in comparison.

The void rumbled and strong winds howled, everything became incredibly frightening!


In front of everyone's watchful eyes, the fierce werewolf with blood-red eyes roared. The moment its sharp claws met Su Yi's fist, they only held on for a brief moment before crumbling to pieces. The fragmentation spread rapidly throughout its entire body, completely shattering it.

The terrifying gust of wind resembled waves crashing against the shore, spreading in a circular pattern in all directions, permeating the entire square.

Yun Lingfeng's expression changed and his face turned pale in an instant.

"Bad person!"

With a furious roar, Yun Lingfeng was suspended in the air, his body radiating a brilliant glow like burning flames. Surprisingly, he momentarily halted his descent, as if a mysterious restriction had been lifted from his body. His aura surged once again, as if he was about to step into the seventh level of the Yuan Spirit Realm.


With a fierce surge of elemental energy, Yun Lingfeng swiftly swung down a magnificent sword in his hand. A sharp and dazzling sword light, like lightning, flashed across the sky, directly striking towards Su Yi.


The dazzling sword light was so powerful that it seemed to affect the energy of the whole world. It made a humming sound, as if resonating with the wind and thunder, creating ripples in the air and carrying a fierce and imposing aura of the sword.

This sword was filled with tremendous power.

This was no ordinary sword. It was a testament to Yun Lingfeng's expertise in the way of the sword, standing out from the rest.

Su Yi focused his gaze, the wings of elemental energy flapping behind his back. With determination, he clenched his teeth and charged forward, leaving a trail of blurred figures in the sky as he swiftly descended towards Yun Lingfeng.


Yun Lingfeng suddenly moved with a swift and dazzling sword strike. The speed was incredible as the sword cut through the air, creating a long and visible crack in the empty space. It was like a knife slicing through water. The sword light descended from above and landed on Su Yi's body.

With numerous shocked and pounding hearts, if this sword were to fall, Su Yi would likely be cleaved directly in half while suspended in mid-air.


The sword light indeed landed on Su Yi's body, but at that moment, Su Yi's speed was even faster. He managed to evade the sword light, though his right wing of elemental energy behind him was swept by it, getting severed and vanishing into nothingness.

Su Yi's face trembled, and he wavered in his stance. Yet, simultaneously, he managed to approach the other person.

"Oh no..."

Watching Su Yi dodge the remaining sword light and approach him, Yun Lingfeng's gaze darkened once again. He had a vague sense of something ominous, which unexpectedly filled his heart with unease.

In an instant, a cold smirk appeared at the corner of Su Yi's mouth. He extended his hand, curling his fingers with a radiant glow. With prior preparation, he firmly clasped Yun Lingfeng's ankle, securing it in his grasp.

"Come down to me!"

With a loud shout from Su Yi, he exerted a strong force, and his whole body filled with energy. From a low altitude, he descended swiftly.

Yun Lingfeng was captured and unable to move. His body helplessly dropped from mid-air, losing balance in an instant. His face filled with shock and fear.


Su Yi fell heavily onto the dueling stage, his feet touching the ground. His robe billowed in the air, and his black hair danced wildly. The entire dueling stage trembled with his presence.


At this moment, a powerful surge of energy emanated from Su Yi's body, like a young warrior or a fierce young creature. It exuded an unmatched fierceness and an imposing aura.

"Some words, you did indeed speak too early!"

As the sound echoed, Su Yi landed on his feet with an indifferent expression. With a sudden swing of his arm, a powerful surge of energy gushed out from his meridians like a rushing river. He grabbed the arm that held the ankle bracelet of Yun Lingfeng and forcefully flung it onto the dueling stage.


The entire dueling stage trembled, causing even the square to shake. Yun Lingfeng's face turned towards the ground as Su Yi yanked him down from the air, and he landed heavily on the incredibly sturdy dueling stage.

This sudden trembling made the hearts of the entire crowd also tremble, as if their hearts momentarily stopped beating.


In an instant, Yun Lingfeng let out a scream similar to that of a pig being slaughtered.


The dueling stage kept rumbling without stopping, as a terrifying energy surged, causing the ground to shake and tremble.

The whole crowd was filled with shock, their mouths wide open, and they couldn't believe what they saw!

"Coo coo..."

The whole place remained motionless for a while, as if frozen in surprise, and then a series of gasps filled the air, sending shivers down everyone's spines.

Someone's throat was burning, causing them to gulp down saliva.

Yun Lingfeng, the second-ranked man in the Sword Tower, a rare cultivator in the sixth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm. At first, he was nonchalantly slapped away, perhaps because he underestimated his opponent. But now, he found himself humiliated in front of everyone on the dueling stage, with no excuses left to offer.

This was truly astonishing! Yun Lingfeng, the brave warrior ranked second in the grand Sword Tower, was being completely overwhelmed and defeated with ease!

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