The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 541

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Chapter 541: Slapped Away With a Single Hand!

"The Wind Element Qi!"

Su Yi's eyes widened as he witnessed the Wind Element Qi. Yun Lingfeng not only possessed the power of the gold element but also the wind element. Just by harnessing his inner energy, he was able to create such a formidable aura. It was clear that Yun Lingfeng was no ordinary person.


At the same time, as Su Yi took slow steps forward, a strong surge of energy emanated from his body. It spread outward, creating a swirling vortex of opposing air currents centered around him.

In an instant, the sharp gusts of wind that had surrounded Su Yi were completely shattered and merged with him.

In the midst of everyone's gaze, Su Yi walked step by step towards Yun Lingfeng. It was as if he was strolling leisurely in the midst of a storm, appearing remarkably at ease.

"Someone with such a powerful energy that can create such a commotion, and someone with the same wind attribute who can dismiss it. Both of them are amazing in controlling their energy."

On the elevated platform, witnessing such a scene, the elders and Dharma Protector was amazed.

Although Yun Lingfeng and Su Yi's confrontation was not as fierce and explosive as Liu Yunchuan and Mu Yao's, the techniques they displayed still filled people with amazement.

"Being able to control the wind element's energy to counterbalance and suppress the storm pressure, and doing so effortlessly, made controlling the energy even more challenging."

Elder Longsun left a soft remark, his gaze shimmering with a gentle light.

Outside the arena, the outstanding direct disciples, Gong Qi, Ying Qianqian, Gu Chenyou, Ou Luo, Zhang Diyun, and Jian Shiyi, who were defeated at this moment, all shifted their gaze to the remaining two dueling platforms.

Looking at what the remaining four individuals were showing at this moment, Ying Qianqian and Gu Chenyou frowned in silence. They were well aware in their hearts that their defeat seemed somewhat lacking compared to the others.

On the dueling platform, Yun Lingfeng's face gradually turned pale as he watched Su Yi steadily advancing step by step.

Yun Lingfeng had originally planned to make Su Yi embarrass himself in front of everyone, but he had never expected that Su Yi would handle it so effortlessly.

The suppression he imposed seemed to have no effect on the former, instead, it made him show off in front of everyone.

Yun Lingfeng, who was proud and ambitious, found it difficult to accept such a situation that shattered his soaring dreams.

"Golden Light Shaking Heaven Seal!"

With a cold and commanding voice, Yun Lingfeng unleashed a burst of energy from within him. The energy, infused with the power of gold, radiated a brilliant and sharp light, dazzling everyone on the dueling platform.

A terrifying aura surged forth, spreading out explosively from before Yun Lingfeng!


Under the frightening aura, it seemed like the entire dueling platform was being affected.

In an instant, a radiant golden glow emanated from within Yun Lingfeng. He raised his arm and clapped his hand, creating an imprint that formed instantly. The palm was filled with shimmering gold light, revealing mysterious patterns, and its presence sent a shiver down the spine.


Yun Lingfeng was as fast as a bolt of lightning, his speed was extraordinary due to his affinity with wind. With a terrifying and sharp presence, he fiercely charged towards Su Yi.

Yun Lingfeng exerted all his strength as he made his move. The tremendous power in his attack caused a slight change in the expressions of the elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform.

As Su Yi felt a sudden change in the surroundings, he also came to a halt, sensing something different in the air.

Su Yi's eyes locked onto the lightning-fast figure and the terrifying golden palm imprint. A cold shiver crept up the corners of his mouth.

Yun Lingfeng is quite ruthless. It's not just about competing anymore, but rather showing no mercy towards himself.

"I said I would get rid of you!"

A sound, like the buzzing of a mosquito, reached Su Yi's ears. Before him, the figure of Yun Lingfeng appeared like a fast-moving shadow.

In Su Yi's eyes, the golden palm imprint grew bigger and bigger. It had a terrifying sharpness and a frightening aura. With astonishing speed, it enveloped and blocked everything around.

All of this made Su Yi wish to retreat in this moment, but it was already impossible for him to do so.

But at this moment, there was no trace of seriousness on Su Yi's face. His eyes, deep and radiant, were filled with dazzling light.

At the same time, a bright and radiant aura of wind element surrounded Su Yi's body, like a white sun shining brightly. It burst forth from him as the duel unfolded on the stage.


With a dazzling brilliance, the entire duel stage trembled!

The dazzling white light was so bright that it immediately enveloped Su Yi's entire body.

Under the dazzling light, the onlookers couldn't look directly at Su Yi as if he disappeared within the brightness.

"This guy actually wants to use his energy to defend against Yun Lingfeng's powerful Golden Light Shaking Heaven Seal. Is he trying to get himself killed?"

"Is that boy Su Yi being too arrogant? He actually wants to use his vitality to defend against Yun Lingfeng's powerful and dazzling Golden Light Shaking Heaven Seal!"

"Su Yi is probably unable to avoid it at all and can only do this!"

Among the spectators, some disciples exclaimed and trembled with astonishment.

On the elevated platform, the elders and Dharma Protectors, their faces showing signs of surprise, expressed their astonishment.

In just a moment, Yun Lingfeng, with his powerful Golden Light Shaking Heaven Seal, fiercely landed on the dense and dazzling wind attribute energy.

"Boom, boom..."

With such a powerful collision, the entire dueling platform trembled fiercely. Soon, dazzling golden and blinding white lights merged into a violent energy storm, sweeping out like a hurricane. It caused the air to display traces of warped space.

The swirling hurricane expanded and burst from the dueling platform, covering the sky. It was a frightening sight!

The terrifying gust of energy made people tremble even when they looked at it from afar!

Many disciples in the audience had a clear understanding, knowing that they wouldn't stand a chance against the residual force of the spreading gust.

"Su Yi was extremely arrogant. Did he not realize the danger he was getting himself into?"

The terrifying commotion caused many people to feel certain that Su Yi had become too arrogant.

Facing someone as powerful as Yun Lingfeng, Su Yi foolishly thought he could defend himself with his energy shield. This was surely a recipe for disaster!

"Hehe, seeking death on your own!"

Among the crowd, Futeng Ming and Futeng Guang, two brothers, couldn't help but sneer. They believed that even if Su Yi somehow managed to survive, he would definitely be severely injured or rendered powerless.

"Boss Su Yi, hold on!"

Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, Qing Chao, and the others trembled with anticipation. Their tightly clenched fists squeezed so tightly that their nails dug into their flesh.

Only Situ Muyang, despite his pale face, gazed at the chaotic duel on the stage without a hint of nervousness.

Situ Muyang knew a lot about Su Yi's secret weapon. How could he be easily defeated like that?

"You overestimated your abilities..."

A strong wind blew ahead, spreading like a fierce storm. Yun Lingfeng felt his tension ease a bit, and a smirk appeared on his face.

Yun Lingfeng knew his own strength when he made a move. How could that kid withstand his mighty Golden Light Shaking Heaven Seal? He would probably be crippled, if not killed.


The story is long, but in that brief moment, as Yun Lingfeng finished speaking to himself, the air trembled in front of the fierce gust of wind. Suddenly, a radiant red light burst forth from the front.


This dazzling red light descended from the empty space, completely surpassing everyone's expectations.

Yun Lingfeng was surprised because he couldn't believe how fast this bright red light descended. It transformed into a thin figure that appeared right in front of him, amidst the stunned and bewildered gazes of everyone in the room.

A clear face appeared in Yun Lingfeng's sight, so close that it seemed like Su Yi, and who else could it be?

What was even more shocking was that at this moment, Su Yi was hovering in the air. Behind him, a pair of bright red wings spread out, shining with a radiant glow. They were as delicate as the wings of a cicada, gracefully curved and full of life.

"Not good..."

Yun Lingfeng looked at the face that suddenly appeared in front of him. It didn't seem like anything was wrong with Su Yi, not even a single tear in his clothes.

At that moment, Yun Lingfeng's face quickly changed in a frightened way. His eyes widened with shock, and in an instant, he moved backwards as fast as he could, preparing to attack again at the same time.

But it was too late. A hand was already rapidly enlarging within his pupils.


A crisp sound of a slap echoed on the duel stage, its clear sound reaching far and wide.

As everyone looked on in shock, they saw Yun Lingfeng being thrown backwards, his body crashing onto the duel stage. He slid across the ground for a moment before finally coming to a stop.

The whole place was silent except for the astonishing collision happening on the neighboring duel stage.

At this moment, most of the eyes in the venue were fixed in a dazed stare on the duel stage where Su Yi and Yun Lingfeng were facing each other in a showdown.

One by one, the observing disciples were left astonished, their eyes wide open, unable to snap out of their dazed state.

Many disciples had their jaws dropped, finding it difficult to close them for quite some time.

Yun Lingfeng was slapped away with a single palm. If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would find it hard to believe.

Moreover, even though they were witnessing it with their own eyes at this very moment, they couldn't accept this fact in their hearts.

Futeng Guang, Futeng Ming, and the disciples on the Fifteenth Sword Peak were all dumbfounded in this moment.

Their joyful cheers and shouts couldn't be contained, as their jaws dropped and their eyes filled with astonishment.

They believed that with Yun Lingfeng's intervention, Su Yi would surely suffer from oppression and mistreatment.

But little did they know that with just a single move, the incredibly confident Yun Lingfeng, who was ranked second in the Sword Tower, was actually slapped away by Su Yi with a single palm.

Even though they could see it with their own eyes, they couldn't accept this fact. It was too shocking for them!

"Oh my goodness!"

Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, and the other disciples couldn't believe their eyes as they watched the scene unfolding on the stage. They even rubbed their eyes, but it was still hard to believe what they were seeing!

Only Situ Muyang remained unfazed, with a calm expression on his face. He slightly raised the corners of his mouth, indicating that he already knew Yun Lingfeng wouldn't be able to harm Su Yi.

"Look, Su Yi can actually fly! What kind of ability is that?"

Some disciples exclaimed, shocked and amazed. "Su Yi is in the Yuan Spirit Realm, he hasn't cultivated his elemental energy to take physical form, yet he can actually fly!"

At this moment, the Dharma Protectors and elders on the high platform couldn't help but feel deeply moved and had a look of astonishment on their faces.

Situ Liuyun's eyes were filled with emotions, and his expression underwent noticeable changes in that moment.

And there was one more elder, whose facial expression went through the biggest transformation at that moment. It was none other than Elder Bai Mingshan.

Elder Bai Mingshan, who usually had a calm face, now, his expression completely changed to shock. His eyes started to intensely flicker, and his face underwent a significant transformation. Afterward, there was a slight twitch at the corner of his eye.

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