The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 540

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Chapter 540: I Have a Bad Temper!

But Mu Yao and Su Yi also made it to the top four, leaving the onlookers amazed and astonished.

In the crowd, Futeng Guang and his brother Teng Ming couldn't hide their menacing expressions. Their eyes gleamed with coldness, and this was the outcome they dreaded to see.


At the same time, the remaining four colossal battle platforms once again shimmered with radiant light.

On the ancient, weathered battle platform, intricate patterns resembling mysterious runes emerged once again. As they filled the air, a powerful energy enveloped the entire square, causing it to quiver and shake.

Four battle platforms moved across the square, making a constant rumbling sound. They crisscrossed and changed positions, creating a dynamic display.

With a loud rumble, the four battle platforms collided together and merged, transforming into two larger battle platforms that now faced each other from a distance.

On one of the battle platforms, Mu Yao and Liu Yunchuan stood facing each other from a distance.

On another battle platform, Su Yi and Yun Lingfeng gazed at each other from a distance.

This kind of battle made everyone in the audience quite surprised.

"It looks like Mu Yao is going to stop!"

"Su Yi is very strong, but he will also be defeated, right?"

Among the spectators, some were discussing that Mu Yao and Su Yi were facing Liu Yunchuan and Yun Lingfeng, who were ranked first and second in the Sword Tower. These two individuals were likely going to be stopped here together. Not many people believed that Mu Yao and Su Yi could defeat Liu Yunchuan and Yun Lingfeng, two terrifying beings who had always been the top two in the Sword Tower.

"Boss Su Yi, keep going!"

Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, Qing Chao, and others had already stepped aside and were anxiously watching the outcome on the battle stage. At this moment, they tightly clenched their fists, with nervous expressions, silently cheering for Su Yi. It seemed like they were even more nervous than if it were their own turn to go on stage.

"Now things are getting interesting."

On the high platform, many elders and Dharma Protectors at this moment showed expressions of anticipation. This kind of showdown seemed to carry some significance.

"What do the two elders think, who will be the two to proceed to the next round?"

On the highest platform, Situ Liuyun quietly asked the two elders beside him.

"It's really hard to say."

The second elder said, at this moment even he couldn't predict the outcome and couldn't come to a hasty conclusion.

"In my opinion," said the third elder, "all four of them are holding back. Who is stronger and who is weaker, may require a fierce battle to determine!"

"Hehe, this is not good now, that kid is asking for trouble!"

In the crowd gathered at the square, Futeng Ming and Futeng Guang couldn't help but smirk. They knew that Su Yi had put himself in grave danger by facing the one person he should never have crossed paths with.

"This time, Su Yi is in big trouble. Martial Brother Yun Lingfeng will definitely not let him off!"

On the Fifteenth Sword Peak, many disciples were now showing smiles of happiness.

The Fifteenth Sword Peak, we can say, was looked down upon by Su Yi and was unable to hold its head up high. It became the laughingstock of the entire Divine Sword School.

And now, only Yun Lingfeng could prove the true strength of the Fifteenth Sword Peak.

"You are older, please go ahead and take action!"

Amidst the buzzing discussions around, on the dueling stage, Liu Yunchuan bowed to Mu Yao. Despite standing tall, he still had a graceful yet frail appearance, like a leftover snowflake.

"You have always been the first in the Sword Tower, but there's been a lot of unnecessary talk."

Mu Yao spoke softly, her lips rosy and delicate. Her slender figure was adorned in an orange garment, radiating grace and elegance. At that moment, her face lacked a smile but still exuded a captivating beauty.


As soon as the words were spoken, Mu Yao took immediate action. Her delicate hand swept through the air, and amidst the dazzling glow of her energy, a beam of sword light shot out.

But it was evident that at this moment, Mu Yao's expression showed no signs of carelessness.

Facing Liu Yunchuan, Mu Yao knew that this person was stronger than Gu Chenyou, whom she had just faced. Therefore, she took him more seriously and treated him with greater caution.

Liu Yunchuan's eyes lit up, and he stomped his foot on the dueling platform. Energy surged throughout his body, and suddenly, dazzling electric arcs burst forth, swirling around him. A sword appeared in his hand, and a radiant arc of sword light met the electric arcs head-on.

"Rumble, rumble!"

With a dull and thunderous sound, on the dueling platform, there suddenly appeared bright flashes of lightning and deafening thunder.

At this moment, Liu Yunchuan seemed to sense something. He was surrounded by lightning, and his every move exuded a terrifying aura. The air became filled with a menacing and powerful presence, sweeping towards Mu Yao.

Such commotion immediately caught Su Yi's attention.

"Lightning element..."

Su Yi was a bit surprised. Apart from the five known elements - gold, wood, water, fire, and earth - there were two recognized special attributes in the world. One was the lightning element, and the other was the wind element.

Rumors had it that warriors with these two special attributes were extremely powerful.

And after all this time, Su Yi was seeing someone with the lightning attribute for the first time. He never expected Liu Yunchuan to be a warrior with the lightning attribute.

Su Yi's gaze swept over Mu Yao and he noticed that despite Liu Yunchuan's domineering presence, Mu Yao remained calm as she fought him.

"Zoom zoom zoom..."

Liu Yunchuan swung his sword, and at that moment, the sword was surrounded by arcs of electricity. The gleaming sword seemed to unleash a series of lightning bolts, as the electric arcs burst open like flashes of lightning, creating a dazzling spectacle on the duel platform.


Mu Yao didn't back down at all, and the sword in her hand made a sound like wind and thunder. The sword's radiance filled the air as she skillfully blocked each and every attack from her opponent.

In this thrilling battle between this man and this woman, they moved like fierce beasts and graceful birds. One displayed dominating power, while the other possessed captivating grace.

Mu Yao remained calm, her orange attire fluttering as she swung her sword. Every now and then, her fair and slender arms would be revealed, with skin as white as snow. Her beautiful hair danced in the breeze, adding to her captivating presence.

"You have reached this step, which truly surprised me..."

While Su Yi observed the battle between Mu Yao and Liu Yunchuan from the side, such a sound faintly came from ahead.

With a glance over his shoulder, Su Yi saw Yun Lingfeng slowly approaching step by step, his eyes carrying a chilling darkness without much concealment.

Step by step, Yun Lingfeng walked closer, his cold eyes fixed on Su Yi as he said, "Well, it's for the best. At least now, you have nowhere to escape. Everything you owe will be publicly repaid on this duel stage!"

Su Yi didn't like Yun Lingfeng from the beginning, so he raised an eyebrow and said, "I don't remember owing you anything, and I don't think I've ever owed you anything!"

"Did you hurt Teng Ming's hand? He is my cousin."

Yun Lingfeng's steps were accompanied by twinkling lights. It seemed like he only took a few steps, but he had already reached the center of the merging duel stage. He paused slightly, a glimmer of coldness flickering in his eyes, and continued to speak to Su Yi, "The humiliation of the Fifteenth Sword Peak is also something you owe. Your actions in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords will also come at a price!"

"Oh, so that's how it is!"

Su Yi smiled and realized that Yun Lingfeng and Teng Ming were actually cousins. They both wanted to stand up for the disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak.

With a calm gaze, Su Yi said, "Teng Ming and the disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak shouldn't blame others. It would be best if you don't provoke me either. I have a temper and won't be polite to you!"

Listening to Su Yi's words, Yun Lingfeng wasn't too surprised either. He subtly twitched his eyes at the corner without showing any trace.

Yun Lingfeng had originally wanted to stand up for the disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak and his brothers Futeng Ming and Futeng Guang. But inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, he was repeatedly toyed with by Su Yi. Even the Dark Spirit Fruits were taken by Su Yi. The resentment in his heart had changed from what it once was.

No matter what, he was determined to make sure this young boy was crushed beneath his feet today. He had endured for so long, all for the chance to soar to the top at the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. He truly believed he was unbeatable and wouldn't allow anyone to frolic in front of him. The Dark Spirit Fruits were also rightfully his to take.

"Boy, you do have some potential and power, but there are some people you cannot provoke. Even if you are Elder Su's disciple, they will not protect you today. However, don't worry, I won't kill you, but you will pay a price!"

Yun Lingfeng looked at Su Yi, his expression indifferent. He coldly said, "Of course, if you're scared, you can kneel down and surrender. Maybe I'll consider letting you go. But what I really hope for is that you dare to fight me. That way, I can defeat you!"

"Senior Brother Yun Lingfeng, please teach that little guy a lesson!"


In the crowd, the disciples on the Fifteenth Sword Peak shouted loudly. They vowed to reclaim the honor of the Fifteenth Sword Peak that had been tarnished.

"It seems that Yun Lingfeng will not easily let Su Yi go!"

"In the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Su Yi also played a trick on Yun Lingfeng. This might cause some trouble!"


Some people whispered among themselves, observing the situation on the duel platform. They could sense that Yun Lingfeng wouldn't easily let Su Yi off the hook.

"Boss Su Yi, keep going!"

Looking at Su Yi's opponent turned out to be Yun Lingfeng, who was ranked second in the Sword Tower. Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, Wang Fan, and others watched from a distance, their hearts racing in their throats.

On the elevated platform, Elder Bai Mingshan maintained a calm expression. There was a faint smirk in his eyes, barely noticeable, as it quickly disappeared.

With swords crisscrossed behind him, Su Yi stood quietly. The cheers and shouts from the surrounding crowd echoed clearly in his ears. It seemed that many people took pleasure in his misfortune.

When Su Yi arrived at the Divine Sword School, although he had never intended to join, he found himself in it for now. To avoid future troubles and seek tranquility within the school, he knew he needed to establish a powerful presence.

"As you wished, I will give you the chance to defeat me!"

Su Yi walked forward slowly, with a handsome face and a slight smile. However, in his deep and mysterious eyes, a glimmer of coldness and determination flickered.

In front of him stood Yun Lingfeng, the perfect embodiment for him to show his absolute awe-inspiring presence.

What's more, Su Yi had already made up his mind. If Yun Lingfeng truly intended to provoke him, he wouldn't hold back at all.

Su Yi could somewhat sense Yun Lingfeng's cultivation strength in his heart. Perhaps, Yun Lingfeng had already reached a cultivation level exceeding the sixth stage of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

But so what? There was nothing to fear. Su Yi had already reached a higher level, even if Yun Lingfeng had reached the seventh stage of the Yuan Spirit Realm, it wouldn't be a big deal to him.

"Good, at least you have a bit of courage, not running away like last time!"

Looking at Su Yi, who was approaching slowly, Yun Lingfeng's eyebrows furrowed with a hint of coldness. He subtly shifted half a step to the right with his right foot, causing his aura to gradually fluctuate. Suddenly, the surrounding wind howled and surged, enveloping the entire arena.

In an instant, the howling wind became as sharp as a blade, carrying a fierce gust that invisibly pressed against Su Yi.

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