The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 539

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Chapter 539: Endurance for Soaring to the Sky!

"Little rascal, I give up! Let go of me!"

Listening to the enraged voices around her, Gong Qi couldn't pay attention to anything else. Suddenly, a blush rushed to her delicate face.

"Did you give up? That's great!"

Su Yi smiled and immediately took a step back, retreating far away. It was better to stay away from this woman.

"You little rascal, you..."

Gong Qi glared at Su Yi with anger, and a trace of crimson bloodstain appeared at the corner of her mouth. Her eyes seemed about to pop out.

"We're not done, you and I!"

Hearing the many voices of indignation coming from all around, Gong Qi's face flushed with anger. She couldn't help but feel a deep resentment. With a determined heart, she turned around and leaped down from the duel platform.

On the elevated platform, at this moment, the Dharma Protectors and elders all looked at this direction.

Everyone could clearly see how Su Yi emerged victorious, which made them all the more astonished.

"Wow, such a skilled and mysterious little boy!"

The second elder whispered, his eyes shimmering with curiosity and intrigue. Even with his sharp perception, he couldn't quite grasp the true extent of Su Yi's abilities. This left him deeply moved and astonished.

"I am starting to believe that this boy actually reached the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs, which caused the malfunction!"

Elder Wu Chaoyang slowly breathed out a sigh of relief and whispered in awe.

The third elder couldn't understand why he couldn't see through it. Su Yi, until now, had not yet unleashed his true full strength, keeping something in reserve!

The showdown between Su Yi and Gong Qi seemed intense and thrilling, but it appeared as if Su Yi were merely sharpening his skills.

A young boy like this, achieving so much at such a tender age, made him believe that a month ago, it was because Su Yi reached the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs that the malfunction occurred, rather than the malfunction causing Su Yi to reach the seventh level.

"Senior Sister Gong Qi lost!"

Around the square, many people were stunned and amazed.

No one had expected it, but Su Yi emerged victorious, and it didn't seem particularly difficult for him. The one they had hoped for, Gong Qi, ended up in such a sorry state of defeat.

Many gazes were fixed on the dazzling young figure on the duel stage, where his swords crossed behind his back, making everyone tremble with awe!

In the past, when Su Yi defeated Huo Dongqiu and others, it not only amazed and surprised them, but also sparked great curiosity.

Inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, they finally realized the true might of Su Yi.

But many of these were just stories, and many people hadn't seen it with their own eyes, so it wasn't enough to truly astonish them!

On the top of Spirit Sword Peak, Su Yi once again defeated Jian Shiyi, and then emerged victorious against Ouyang Ran. This is when people truly began to realize how formidable Su Yi was – he was a terrifying individual.

And now, in an unbeatable display, Su Yi defeated Gong Qi, leaving everyone in the room fully aware that from that moment on, Su Yi's name would hold a newfound status within the entire Divine Sword School.

No one would question Su Yi's abilities anymore. The fact that he could defeat Gong Qi at such a young age was truly remarkable. Within the Divine Sword School, there were only a few individuals who could match his talent.

In this battle, Su Yi defeated Gong Qi and all doubts vanished into thin air!


Just as Gong Qi was being defeated, at the same time, on the side of the battle stage, a spirited four-winged earthfire beast shattered into pieces.


In the midst of a powerful aura, accompanied by a dazzling glow, Gu Chenyou spat out blood and was sent flying. The precious sword in his hand fell down as he plummeted from the battle stage.

On the battle stage, Mu Yao looked dignified, with a radiant aura surrounding her. The sword in her hand emitted a humming sound like the wind and thunder, but soon it subsided.

Without paying attention to the defeated Gu Chenyou, Mu Yao glanced around and then intentionally or unintentionally fixed her gaze upon Su Yi. She gave him a quick look, and a hint of displeasure flickered in her eyes.

"Looking at this Grand Swordsmanship Competition, it seems like there will be an intense battle!"

On the elevated platform, an elder exclaimed with astonishment, a smile spreading across their face. The Grand Swordsmanship Competition this time was truly remarkable. The strength displayed by all the disciples surpassed previous years' competitions. It was a great blessing for the Divine Sword School.

Ying Qianqian, Ou Luo, were still engaged in intense battles with Yun Lingfeng and Liu Yunchuan respectively, the battles were extremely intense.

Yun Lingfeng and Ying Qianqian pulled out their swords for their duel. At that moment, Yun Lingfeng's presence became incredibly fierce, radiating an unparalleled aura of strength. His sword gleamed as it slashed through the air, creating gusts of wind that tore through the atmosphere.

Ying Qianqian's eyes filled with seriousness, and a glimmer of excitement shone in her beautiful eyes. The power of the wood element surged within her body. With her fair and delicate hand, she swiftly unsheathed her sword. Waves of swordlight surged forward, and she didn't shy away. Instead, she bravely faced it head-on.


This battle was intense, and the swords gleamed brightly.

Yun Lingfeng's attacks were as powerful as a force of nature, overwhelming and defeating Ying Qianqian's attempts to defend herself time and time again.

Ying Qianqian's body was surrounded by a gentle green glow, making her look like a fairy. Her sword gleamed like raindrops, but even so, it still wasn't enough.

Finally, Ying Qianqian gave it her all. A powerful energy surged from her body, comparable to a sixth-level Yuan Spirit Realm. Her sword techniques became mysterious, accompanied by continuous palm strikes, unleashing astonishing power.

A gentle green light surrounded Ying Qianqian, transforming her into something extraordinary. She radiated a perfect blend of strength and grace, captivating everyone with her beauty and mesmerizing presence.

But Yun Lingfeng was even stronger. He swiftly moved, his sword gleaming brightly. Sword beams filled the air, wild yet graceful, shining brilliantly and stirring up gusts of wind.

Liu Yunchuan and Ou Luo's battle, too, was a fierce clash.

Ou Luo's body shimmered with dazzling sword beams, swift and mysterious.

Liu Yunchuan, being incredibly brave and unstoppable, kept colliding with his opponent as if he possessed invincible powers.

Ou Luo moved with great speed, darting back and forth with his body, leaving behind afterimages, displaying immense power.

But every time Ou Luo tried to attack, he was always blocked by Liu Yunchuan.

Both of them unleashed terrifying bursts of energy, as the thunderous clash of their powers echoed through the air, creating a intense and awe-inspiring spectacle.

Without a doubt, the battle between Ou Luo, Ying Qianqian, Liu Yunchuan, and Yun Lingfeng was much more intense compared to the clash between Su Yi and Gong Qi, Mu Yao, and Gu Chenyou.

The encounter between these four individuals left spectators astonished, as they continuously revealed various secret techniques and powerful moves.

"Wow, that's so powerful!"

The disciples in the room were amazed, and even some of the disciples from the previous year were feeling frightened at this moment.

A showdown like this, even if they were to step forward, would be difficult to stop.

Those four young people were not very old, yet their strength was incredibly powerful.

"Not bad, not bad..."

On the high platform, the elders and Dharma Protectors gazed at the remaining four people in the field, nodding in satisfaction.

Su Yi's gaze also fell upon the showdown between the remaining four people, silently amazed. Considering their level and strength, they were truly incredibly powerful. It was no wonder they were ranked so high in the Sword Tower.

"Ha ha!"

Finally, someone made a mistake. Ying Qianqian was overwhelmed by Yun Lingfeng's sword light, stumbling back in a graceful manner.


Yun Lingfeng, with a burst of dazzling golden aura emanating from his body, courageously moved forward. His palm radiated a mysterious pattern and a breath that made people uneasy.

"This is the Heavenly Golden Seal, and Yun Lingfeng has actually succeeded in practicing!"

As the entire palm imprint appeared, the elders on the high platform were filled with astonishment.

The Heavenly Golden Seal is a powerful martial technique of the Divine Sword School. Only those with exceptional talent can practice it, as it requires great skill. However, its power is immense. Once unleashed, it has the ability to move mountains and seas.

Among the group of elders, Elder Bai Mingshan couldn't help but smile to himself.

Yun Lingfeng was his most proud disciple, and he took great pride in him.

Everything happened quickly. Yun Lingfeng's palm imprint fell down, and Ying Qianqian couldn't escape it. She managed to avoid its crucial strike, but the palm imprint landed on her shoulder.


Ying Qianqian coughed out a mouthful of bright red blood. Her delicate body was immediately sent flying, crashing heavily at the edge of the dueling platform. Blood flowed profusely from her shoulder.

"I lost!"

Ying Qianqian struggled to get up, her face pale with distress. She had suffered severe injuries and could no longer muster any strength for another battle. She was aware of the gap between her and Yun Lingfeng. Continuing the fight would be pointless and only worsen her condition.

As Ying Qianqian finished speaking, she stepped down from the dueling platform with a look of regret in her eyes.


Liu Yunchuan leaped into the air, hovering like a fierce mystical beast. The brilliance of his sword gleamed brightly, with an eerie mist swirling within the sword's radiance. It emitted a hazy aura, as if countless sword beams were spreading out, enveloping Ou Luo.

"Ding dong..."

In a startling and ear-piercing moment, the air filled with an intense surge of energy. The sound of wind and thunder resounded with a deep and booming echo, shaking the very atmosphere. The sheer spectacle of it all left everyone trembling in awe.

Visible to the naked eye, Liu Yunchuan's countless sword beams suddenly spread out in a radiant burst of light. They all converged towards the center, growing brighter and more dazzling, as if they were about to pierce through the very fabric of space.

The sight left everyone in the room feeling terrified. The mysterious aura made their hearts race, and they all understood that no one could stop such a powerful sword.

Ou Luo put forth his utmost effort, his expression becoming extremely serious, as he was enveloped in a luminous aura of energy.

But in the end, this sword destroyed everything, and also pierced through Ou Luo's protective energy shield, finally stabbing into his shoulder.


Ou Luo spat out blood from his mouth, with blood flowing down his shoulder and his face looking pale.

"Thank you for sparing me. I have been defeated."

Ou Luo put away the sword in his hand and looked at Liu Yunchuan. There was a bitter smile on his mouth.

He knew very well that if Liu Yunchuan hadn't held back a bit just now, this sword wouldn't have only stabbed into his shoulder.

"Excuse me!"

Liu Yunchuan put away his sword and nodded at Ou Luo, with a smile in his eyes.

Ou Luo said, "If you win, you win. There's nothing to concede. I already knew I wouldn't be able to beat you." Then Ou Luo turned around, leaving the arena.

"Liu Yunchuan, Yun Lingfeng, truly worthy of being the top two in the rankings of the Sword Tower!"

On the high platform, the elders and Dharma Protectors couldn't help but sigh in awe.

Elder Bai Mingshan smiled with great joy, perhaps by the end of today, his proudest disciple's true strength would truly amaze all the elders.

After all, they had endured for so long, all for the sake of this Grand Swordsmanship Competition where his talented disciple would soar to new heights!


"Congratulations, Su Yi, Mu Yao, Yun Lingfeng, and Liu Yunchuan, for advancing to the next round. From now on, there will be no more breaks. You will continue with the next round of matches. Each of you will face off against opponents, relying on luck!"

On the high platform, as the sound of the bell echoed, the voice of Dharma Protector Hou Changming resounded, filling the air.

After the completion of the first two rounds of matches, there was a time of half an incense stick to rest and make adjustments.

But in the upcoming matches, there won't even be any time for a break in the middle.


As this round came to an end, the loud cheers and shouts reached the sky, deafening and overwhelming!

Liu Yunchuan and Yun Lingfeng made it to the top four, just as everyone expected, without any surprises.

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