The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 538

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Chapter 538: Look From Afar, but Do Not Touch!

No matter how fierce and powerful Gong Qi's attacks were, even when they overwhelmed Su Yi, they could never completely suppress him.

Occasionally, the two swords would collide with a resounding boom, but it would also result in an immediate separation.

Su Yi never gave Gong Qi a chance to directly confront him.

Su Yi knew very well that the sword in his hand could not compare to the sword in Gong Qi's hand.

Directly colliding with it would be extremely unfavorable for him.

And at this moment, Su Yi was using the foundational sword technique from the book "Foundations of Swordsmanship."

These past few days, with guidance from Elder Su, Su Yi has learned a lot and now it's the perfect time to put it into practice.

All the sword techniques and moves are derived from these foundational sword techniques, and Su Yi is eager to refine his fundamentals.


In the far distance, on a peak called Spirit Sword Peak, a slender figure stood, his eyes shining brightly. He gazed upon the peak, muttering softly to himself.

On the dueling stage, the swords shimmered and clashed, while figures swiftly moved about.

The energy and sword light merged together, continuously surging and spreading, creating astonishing gusts of powerful wind ripples.

"This person has such strong force, is he using it to practice his sword skill?"

Gong Qi hinted in secret language, she sensed Su Yi's intentions. No matter how fast she moved, she couldn't touch his body. His strength was even more terrifying. Occasionally, when their swords collided, Gong Qi's sword seemed to be of a higher level, but it ended up numbing her hand from the impact.

Gong Qi observed, "This is the impact caused by that person's energy. It must require incredibly powerful energy." This made Gong Qi even more secretly alarmed.


With his sword shining like a bolt of lightning, Su Yi dashed forward. Green lights filled the air as his water-based energy surged. However, no matter how Gong Qi attacked, she couldn't completely suppress Su Yi.

"I can't continue like this anymore!"

Gong Qi's expression on her face was completely covered by seriousness. She had to be cautious in dealing with the strength displayed by Su Yi.

At this moment, she was completely certain that Su Yi's progress up until now was definitely not a coincidence.


As the two figures collided, Gong Qi quickly took the opportunity to retreat, her face showing a serious expression.


Gong Qi took a deep breath quietly. The green energy on her body started to change color, and the overwhelming aura around her transformed into something sharp.

In an instant, the sword in Gong Qi's hand was enveloped in a sharp golden glow.

As her energy shifted, Gong Qi's own aura became sharp, exuding a cold and deadly vibe. The golden elemental energy surged on her body, linking with the sword in her hand.


Centered around Gong Qi, a powerful surge of sharp aura spread without restraint, filling the entire battle arena.

The golden light shone brightly, dazzling and radiant, emitting an intimidating aura!

"Golden attribute, the top level in the Yuan Spirit Realm!"

Su Yi's eyes widened in surprise as he discovered Gong Qi's main attribute was actually the golden attribute. No wonder she had such a fiery temper.

And the aura of Gong Qi has reached the peak of the fifth grade in the Yuan Spirit Realm was so powerful that it seemed like she was almost stepping into the sixth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm. This amazed Su Yi greatly.

Although Jian Shiyi and Ouyang Ran had reached the fifth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, they were much weaker compared to Gong Qi.

Gong Qi remained silent, her phoenix-like eyes shimmering with golden light. Suddenly, she raised her arm and with a swift step, her figure dashed forward, unleashing a multitude of sword shadows with a mighty swing of her sword.


Immediately, a sharp and fierce aura filled the air, causing the very fabric of space to tremble.

Feeling the opponent's overwhelming power, Su Yi's eyes became filled with a hint of alarm. He swiftly maneuvered his precious sword, causing bright and fiery sword lights to fill the air. A wall of swords suddenly materialized in front of him, creating a formidable barrier.

"Ding dong ding dong!"

The sound of ringing golden swords echoed, as the sword lights clashed and sparks flew.

With a fierce and scorching heat, an intense murderous aura filled the air. It radiated a dazzling brilliance, causing the entire arena to resonate with a thunderous roar.

Many eyes were fixed upon Su Yi and Gong Qi, watching the intense clash happening before them, causing them to feel awestruck.

This girl and young boy were incredibly powerful.

Gong Qi, of course, was a name that needed no introduction. She held the prestigious seventh position in the Sword Tower, making her an indomitable figure in the eyes of other disciples.

But Su Yi's current performance truly astonished everyone around him.

If we were to talk about Su Yi's consecutive victories over Jian Shiyi and Ouyang Ran, it left them completely stunned.

And at that moment, Su Yi's performance had already left everyone in complete shock.

Those doubting eyes would now come to know Su Yi's true strength.

Inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Su Yi would often avoid direct confrontation and launch surprise attacks. However, it was simply because he had no intention of engaging in a direct fight.

"Ding dong ding dong!"

Swords clashed, illuminating what it meant to be a disciple of the Divine Sword School in this generation. Their exceptional skill and power were displayed through the collision of dazzling sword beams. It was an awe-inspiring sight that surpassed the imagination of many.

"Break now!"

Gong Qi raised her phoenix-like eyes and was surprised to find that she couldn't break through Su Yi's sword defense. In response, she twirled her precious sword, creating shimmering golden light and changing her sword technique. A sudden burst of golden sword energy shot out fiercely towards the center of Su Yi's sword defense.


This sword, with intertwining golden light, is so radiant that it is difficult to look directly at it, unable to keep one's eyes open.

This sword carried a mighty force capable of piercing through anything, sharp and fierce!

Su Yi raised an eyebrow, realizing that Gong Qi was extraordinarily strong, surpassing even Ouyang Ran and Jian Shiyi. Realizing this, the sword in his hand moved even faster.


A sword pierced straight ahead, with an overwhelming presence. A burst of golden light erupted, accompanied by a terrifying aura. With the sound of clashing weapons, like "swoosh swoosh", waves of sword light surged and engulfed the dueling platform.

The spectators were stunned by the sight, as anyone who witnessed such a confrontation was left in awe.

The duel between Su Yi and Gong Qi had reached such an unexpected climax!

"Click, click..."

Su Yi swung his sword, causing a crackling sound to emanate from the shimmering blade. Suddenly, it shattered completely, overwhelmed by the forceful impact.

"Dong dong..."

Su Yi stumbled, his sword showing several cracks, and he took a few steps back.

Su Yi was at a disadvantage in his swordplay. He had been using only the most basic and simple sword moves all along.


Gong Qi took advantage of the situation, showing no mercy. This was a rare opportunity, a clash between two strong individuals, where the outcome would be decided in a split second. The sound of swords clashing filled the air as Gong Qi's sword tip aimed straight at Su Yi. A dazzling golden light surrounded them, as a swift and lethal sword strike was directed towards Su Yi.

Su Yi's gaze deepened, and at that moment, a transformation surged through his body, even his aura instantly changed. The surface of his sword began to emit a radiant glow, accompanied by a sharp and fierce energy that swept through. A burst of icy coldness filled the air, colliding with the opposing force.

This is the Iced Shadows Sword Style, from the book called Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation.

Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, mainly focuses on "spirit". It has the power to attract the strength of countless beasts, with attacks that harness the power of souls. By harnessing the mighty force of various beasts, it combines strangeness and power, sweeping away everything in all directions!

Su Yi knew very little about swordsmanship, but now he faced the opponent with the Iced Shadows Sword Style. His sword techniques carried a fearsome power within the attacks.


The golden spear doesn't stop, bursting with dazzling light as a gust of strong wind sweeps through.

Gong Qi's expression changed, and for some unknown reason, it seemed like her very soul was also affected.

"Click click..."

In Su Yi's hand, the precious sword started cracking one after another, revealing gaps. The sword's quality suffered a lot.

Gong Qi couldn't take advantage as her sword was blocked. The force was terrifyingly strong, bouncing back and affecting her. She let out a muffled groan from her throat, feeling a surge of energy and blood.


With a burst of energy from his feet, Su Yi swiftly moved forward, his figure appearing almost ghost-like as he approached.

Gong Qi was greatly shocked, her delicate face turned pale, and she quickly retreated in a hurry.

But Su Yi's speed, in that moment, was like a shadow sticking closely to him.


In a state of panic, Gong Qi raised her hand, and suddenly a shining golden sword light emerged.

At the same time, Su Yi swiftly approached, and he had already arrived by Gong Qi's side. It seemed very risky, but he narrowly managed to dodge a sword.

And then, a sound of laughter echoed in the air.

As his body spun, in an unbelievable moment, Su Yi capitalized on the opportunity and swiftly brought down his hand. The heavy impact of his elbow landed on Gong Qi's radiant wrist, where she held the sword.


With a powerful force, Gong Qi's precious sword dropped to the ground as her entire arm went numb, causing her to feel pain.

Gong Qi's beautiful eyes widened in surprise. Without thinking about anything else, she quickly retreated, her elegant figure fading away in a rush.

"Do not move, or you will ruin your appearance!"

Suddenly, a soft voice sounded right next to the ear.

Gong Qi instinctively stopped in her tracks, her gaze widening in surprise. She suddenly felt a sword, riddled with scars, pressed against her face. It emitted a chilling gleam, causing her skin to prickle with fear.

A hand also slipped around her delicate waist, barely fitting in a grasp, gently pulling her close.

Gong Qi's eyebrows furrowed suddenly, and her eyes widened with a mix of fear and discomfort as she felt the sword on her face. Simultaneously, the hand on her waist made her feel embarrassed and angry.

"Don't move, otherwise if you ruin your appearance, you won't be able to show your face in public anymore."

A soft voice, once again, came from Su Yi's mouth and reached Gong Qi's ears.

Su Yi gently cradled a warm jade in his arms, and beneath its faint, pleasant fragrance, he took a deep breath. It smelled quite nice, he thought.

"Su Yi, you jerk, we're not finished!"

Gong Qi snapped back to reality and slowly turned her head to look at Su Yi's face in front of her. She immediately became angry and shouted with a mix of exasperation and annoyance.

But as a girl, fearing the instinct of ruining her appearance, Gong Qi was truly hesitant to make any reckless moves.

"If you admit defeat, I will let you go. Otherwise, this sword will have to stay close to your face. In case I accidentally misstep, you might end up disfigured. Besides, I have been holding onto you like this, which might make your pursuers jealous."

Su Yi whispered as he observed the woman up close. Her delicate face was incredibly pleasant to look at.

Especially, her chest stood tall, seemingly restrained by a tight-fitting garment, revealing her truly remarkable assets. Below her slender waist, which was as flexible as a swaying willow, there was a curvature that caught Su Yi's attention, enticing him to explore further.

"Animal, what are you thinking about?"

Su Yi scolded himself silently, realizing that this was a crucial moment in the showdown. What was he thinking?

As this scene unfolded on the stage of the showdown, the entire audience was completely shocked and bewildered.

From a distance, everyone could see that Su Yi was actually holding Gong Qi in his arms. The way they were positioned exuded endless tenderness and sweetness.

"Su Yi, what are you doing? Release Gong Qi quickly! No, Sister Gong Qi!"

"Su Yi, we're not done yet. Let go of Senior Sister Gong Qi!"

"My heart is broken, Su Yi. You must not disrespect my Senior Sister Gong Qi!"

In the blink of an eye, many young people below regained their senses. They couldn't control themselves any longer and immediately started becoming restless and agitated.

Gong Qi, she was the goddess in their hearts, someone they admired from afar but could never approach intimately.

But now, surprisingly, Su Yi has been embraced by that guy in full view of everyone, and they were being so intimate. How could they bear it? Many young people's hearts were shattered on the ground.

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