The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 537

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Chapter 537: So Shameless!

As Dharma Protector Hou Changming's voice spread, a wave of excitement erupted all around. Cheers filled the air, resounding joyfully.

Such a competition opened their eyes and amazed them.

"Martial Brother Liu Yunchuan is unbeatable!"

"Senior Brother Yun Lingfeng will definitely win the championship!"

"Sister Gong Qi, keep going!"


The disciples on each peak and their respective followers were all cheering for the one who remained on the competition stage.

On the eight duel stages, there were still eight individuals at this moment.

They were called Ming Yao, Liu Yunchuan, Yun Lingfeng, Ying Qianqian, Gong Qi, Ou Luo, Gu Chenyou, and Su Yi, respectively.

"That kid actually made it into the top eight!"

In the crowd watching, Teng Ming's expression turned pale and his gaze became icy. His future was completely ruined in an instant. He had come to Spirit Sword Peak today with the sole purpose of witnessing someone take care of that kid firsthand.

"Don't worry, someone will naturally make that young boy pay the price and seek revenge for you!"

Futeng Guang's face also looked gloomy, as he watched the young man in a blue robe on the duel stage. Coldness filled his eyes. Inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, that young man had similarly ruined Futeng Guang's future.

The remaining few people on the duel stage were also not careless at this moment.

Though they only had half a joss stick's worth of time, they made sure to use it wisely to rest and recover.

The deafening cheers and shouts from all sides made one's eardrums ache.

Looking around, Su Yi had just been paying attention to the duels happening on the nearby duel stage. As for the remaining direct disciples of the Divine Sword School, he also felt a sense of seriousness in his heart.

Without a doubt, the Grand Swordsmanship Competition of the Divine Sword School was meant to test and select the most skilled disciples of this generation.

From the duels among these direct disciples, it was easy for Su Yi to see that the Divine Sword School truly lived up to its reputation as a prestigious martial arts school. The guidance given to the disciples within the school was far from being simple.

Su Yi, deep in thought, believed that even without a martial arts school to call his own, he could still surpass disciples from prestigious schools through his own training and perseverance.

From a certain perspective, it was indeed true. Su Yi had also achieved this step.

However, at this moment, Su Yi could clearly feel that the disciples of the Divine Sword School were definitely not the delicate flowers he had imagined in his heart. Instead, each one of them was experienced and had been through many trials and hardships.

Especially in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, the training is intense and dangerous, with constant threats of danger and potential for harm.

This made Su Yi gain a new understanding of those prestigious martial arts schools.

Those prestigious martial arts schools could stand strong and earn the admiration of thousands of people. The disciples under their tutelage were considered the foundation for the future, and their training was extraordinary.

Those exceptional young talents, each and every one of them, were not delicate flowers sheltered in a greenhouse. They had all experienced trials and hardships, as it was necessary for them to become strong in the future!

The remaining seven people, at this moment, Su Yi estimated that no matter who he encountered, it wouldn't be too easy for him.

There is no doubt that the remaining seven individuals, each and every one of them, are the utmost pinnacle of excellence.

Of course, Su Yi wasn't afraid. Instead, he felt a strong desire to fight. His purpose for today was to prove himself, after all!


Just as Su Yi's mind wandered slightly, the sound of a bell rang once again.


On the eight dueling platforms, there was another resounding boom, and bright light dazzled as it shimmered and danced, causing the empty space to rumble. The entire Spirit Sword Peak trembled.

"Rumble, rumble..."

The eight dueling platforms collided with icy touch, combining into four, with each of the eight disciples facing each other in pairs.

Liu Yunchuan confronted Ou Luo.

Mu Yao faced Gu Chenyou.

Yun Lingfeng encountered Ying Qianqian.

And Su Yi faced a familiar figure, Gong Qi, who ranked sixth in the Sword Tower!

"The battle begins!"

The voice of Dharma Protector Hou Changming echoed through Spirit Sword Peak once again, resonating melodiously.


In that moment, on the battle stage, a wave of energy surged!

No one was careless. Among the final eight, who would turn out to be the weakest?

In this moment, the expression on Gu Chenyou's face grew serious. His tall and slender figure stood like a benchmark, while his eyebrows were finely shaped and his nose was high and straight, giving him a handsome appearance.

Just as he gazed at the girl in the orange clothes, Gu Chenyou's expression showed a hint of helplessness. He seemed to be hesitating about something. He then bowed to Mu Yao and, with tightly pressed lips, spoke, "I know who you are. In this battle stage, forgive me for not showing humility!"

"No identity, everything is based on strength. Let me deal with you first before saying anything!"

Mu Yao raised her delicate eyebrows and swung her arm, causing a radiant glow to emanate from her slender fingers like polished jade. In an instant, she directly struck out towards Gu Chenyou.

Gu Chenyou didn't expect Mu Yao to suddenly make a move. His pitch-black eyes briefly flashed a hint of crimson. In an instant, an overwhelming pressure emerged from his body for no apparent reason. He raised his hand and met her attack with a palm.


As soon as they collided, an intense battle erupted.


The atmosphere in the room was tense. But as soon as Gu Chenyou and Mu Yao started fighting, it was like a lit fuse on a bomb.


Ou Luo, Ying Qianqian also simultaneously attacked Liu Yunchuan and Yun Lingfeng.

"It looks like you have bad luck!"

At the same time, Gong Qi had a smile on her face, making her even more charming. Her eyes were filled with joy, and she walked gracefully towards Su Yi.

Su Yi raised an eyebrow. It seemed that his luck wasn't very good as he unexpectedly encountered the woman who had been persistently following him.

"Where can you run away to this time? I won't hold back when it comes to you."

Gong Qi smiled. She had been waiting for this opportunity, and now she was determined to teach this arrogant person a valuable lesson.

"Hitting is love, scolding is affection, I understand."

Su Yi smiled softly and, in front of everyone's curious gazes, slowly straightened his body.

"Hmph! Even at this moment, you continue to be so annoying. Despite your young age, you are shamelessly indecent. Later, I will definitely cut out your tongue!"

Gong Qi scolded angrily, determined not to go easy on this youngster later.


Su Yi muttered to himself, especially considering that he wasn't young anymore. If he included his past life, he was pretty much on par with this young lady.

"Sister Gong Qi, teach that boy a good lesson!"

"Sister Gong Qi, please don't go easy on him!"

"Give Su Yi a good lesson!"


As Gong Qi faced Su Yi, the whole place erupted with cheering and shouting, like a powerful wave crashing onto the shore.

At this moment, all around the venue, countless people were hoping that Su Yi would be taught a lesson, as it would provide them with a sense of relief.

Just now, when Ouyang Ran was defeated, Su Yi entered the top eight. At this moment, many people's hopes were pinned on Gong Qi.

Even some people who weren't Gong Qi's followers, at this moment, joined in cheering for Gong Qi in order to see Su Yi being taught a lesson.

"Hmm, this young boy is really causing people to dislike him!"

In the crowd, Futeng Guang and Futeng Ming glared at each other menacingly, their eyes filled with icy coldness.

"This kid, he has surely offended a lot of people…"

On the elevated platform, the elders and Dharma Protector listened to the uproarious cheers echoing throughout the venue, and couldn't help but smile wryly with a hint of resignation.

"In the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Su Yi, this young boy, is really ruthless..."

The Right Dharma Protector was also astonished, with a hint of resignation on his face. Inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, that fellow Su Yi had almost offended all the inner disciples and direct disciples.

Listening to the cheers and shouts coming from all around, Su Yi also felt helpless.

"Seems like you're quite annoying!"

Gong Qi approached Su Yi and came to a halt just a few steps away. She was less than three meters from him. Hearing the cheers and encouragement from all around, she looked into Su Yi's eyes and raised an eyebrow, seemingly quite pleased.

"No choice, if everyone likes me and understands me, how ordinary would I be? They don't understand me, but I don't blame them," Su Yi said with a faint smile.

Listening to Su Yi's words, Gong Qi couldn't help but ponder for a moment, feeling that the words seemed quite profound.

But soon after, Gong Qi looked at Su Yi with a deep sense of disdain and said, "You have no shame!"

As Su Yi looked at Gong Qi's expression, a smile appeared on his face. This woman may have a fiery temper, but she is straightforward in character.

"I don't want to waste time talking to you, today I must teach you a lesson!"

As Gong Qi spoke, a burst of energy surged within her delicate body. A bright green light illuminated her, surrounded by a misty haze. Finally, it appeared as if a watery curtain had formed around her, enveloping her figure. From a distance, it looked like layers of waves boiling and surging.

At this moment, Gong Qi completely focused her attention and stared at Su Yi without underestimating him. The previous time she was taken advantage of and teased, she realized that this guy was not weak either.


From Su Yi's body, there was a flow of energy, like a breath that kept surging and enveloping him in a red energy shield.

Su Yi knew Gong Qi's strength. Last time, he was able to gain some advantages because Gong Qi was not being careful enough.

This time, the woman was fully prepared.


The two sides faced each other briefly, tensions rising. Suddenly, both energies changed drastically.

In an instant, with many eyes watching from all around, they collided with a loud BOOM.


Both figures moved so quickly that it almost made your eyes dizzy. Thunderous sounds and strong gusts of wind erupted from the center of their overlapping movements.

This kind of confrontation made many onlookers, including the disciples, only able to see two blurry figures intertwining.

The air all around shook from the continuous collisions, shining with brilliant energy. The two forces seemed equally powerful and imposing.


After a dozen moves, Gong Qi's beautiful eyes filled with seriousness. In her delicate hand, a precious sword appeared. The sword made continuous humming sounds, its radiance rippling with extraordinary layers, and its brilliance sweeping across with great force.


In Su Yi's hand, a precious sword also appeared. The sword's gleaming light cut through the wind.

The precious sword in Su Yi's hand wasn't as extraordinary as the one in Gong Qi's hand. However, in Su Yi's hands, it still moved with great agility. With the infusion of Su Yi's energy, every swing and strike of the sword produced astonishing gusts of wind and dazzling flashes of light.

The sword's radiance tore through the air, and the sharp gusts of wind made people's hair stand on end!


Just as Su Yi wielded his sword, the elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform all wore expressions of surprise and astonishment.

With their keen eyes, how could they not see that Su Yi's sword techniques were completely devoid of any martial skills? He relied solely on the basic sword moves of drawing, sweeping, lifting, blocking, striking, thrusting, poking, collapsing, swirling, pressing, cleaving, intercepting, chopping, flicking, and rubbing...

But strangely enough, it was these basic and simple sword moves that flowed effortlessly in Su Yi's hands, allowing him to effortlessly anticipate and neutralize each and every attack from Gong Qi.

Gong Qi's expression grew more serious, as a green glow shimmered around her. The sword in her hand moved like a swimming dragon in the sea, exuding an astonishing power that relentlessly engulfed Su Yi.

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