The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 536

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Chapter 536: Situ Muyang's Secret Weapons

"Elder Zhangsun, what do you think?"

Situ Liuyun's eyes were shining with a constant sparkle. He turned towards Elder Zhangsun who was standing on his left and asked in a soft voice.

"That's interesting!"

Elder Zhangsun simply uttered three words, his dark eyes shimmering with a mysterious glow.

Down on the dueling stage, Ouyang Ran struggled to get back on his feet. He looked disheveled, with blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. His eyes seemed blank and shocked, as if he couldn't believe he had been defeated.

As the one directly involved, Ouyang Ran could truly sense the terrifying power behind Su Yi's recent punch.

That momentum was incredibly frightening!

Su Yi stood on the dueling stage, his gaze sweeping across the surroundings. He realized that no matter who made it to the next round, they would all be his opponents. He believed that knowing his adversaries well would lead him to countless victories.


Someone coughed up blood and flew backwards, crashing onto the dueling stage.

The person being sent flying backwards was Yun Lingfeng's opponent, Jiang Xiwen. His inner energy shattered upon impact, leaving him disheveled. He had several sword wounds on his body, with blood flowing steadily.

"I lost!"

Jiang Xiwen spoke, knowing that he was no match. The difference between them was too great.

Yun Lingfeng's expression was indifferent, as if everything was expected. Then, his gaze shifted towards the dueling stage where Su Yi was positioned.

As Yun Lingfeng caught sight of the young man in the blue robe still standing there, a slight curl of coldness appeared at the corner of his mouth.


A faint purple figure was thrown backward from the dueling stage, crashing onto the ground. It was Mu Yao's opponent, Nan Liran.

"How is this possible? How could you be so strong!"

Under the dueling stage, Nan Liran stood up. His pale face lifted, and he looked at the young girl in the orange clothes, his eyes filled with astonishment.


Not far away, from the dueling stage came a fierce bird's cry, and a dazzling light burst forth. From under Situ Muyang's feet, there emerged a shadow of a black giant eagle, spreading its wings and soaring into the sky for a few meters. Its black light filled the air, and its fierce eyes resembled a small blood-red moon, giving off a menacing and intimidating aura.

"Roarrrr..." As the shadow of the black giant eagle appeared, radiating a powerful aura, it caused the whole arena to tremble in fear.

"Transforming from energy, is this the Dark Phantom Falcon?"

Some people exclaimed, "This is the Dark Phantom Falcon, a true demon beast."

"Fight!" Situ Muyang's eyes were filled with determination, shining brightly. His hair was already disheveled as he soared through the air on the Dark Phantom Falcon, emitting a powerful and fierce black light. He descended towards Liu Yunchuan, aiming to suppress him, causing even the surrounding emptiness to tremble.

"It turns out it was the Dark Phantom Falcon!"

Liu Yunchuan smiled gently, dressed in a simple cloud robe. His appearance seemed calm and elegant, but at this moment, his aura burst forth, completely transforming him.


Liu Yunchuan, who possessed the power of the golden element, extended his hand. With a dazzling golden light emanating from his palm, he struck ahead.

His handprint expanded as it faced the wind, instantly growing to the size of several meters before descending from the empty space with a powerful strike.

Situ Muyang faced off against the Dark Phantom Falcon. They collided with each other, causing a burst of light and a thunderous sound. A powerful wind swept through, shaking the empty space!

But the Dark Phantom Falcon was shattered by the impact. Liu Yunchuan's strength was simply too powerful.


As Situ Muyang's presence grew stronger, the Wind Battle Armor fluttered and lifted him into the air. A fierce wind whistled around him as a radiant light shone like the rising sun. With a forceful and sharp movement, he stomped down directly towards Liu Yunchuan with great power and determination!

This is Situ Muyang's Stormy Wave Kick, which made the empty space boil. Light and storms gathered, creating a resounding and ear-shattering force that seemed to shatter the void, leaving people's hearts trembling with fear!

Liu Yunchuan's eyes showed a slight change, but at the same time, he didn't retreat. Instead, he punched directly upwards to clash head-on.

As he raised his hand, the punch unleashed a surge of electric energy that crackled through the air. It carried a fierce and dominating force!

The fists collided with a loud and thunderous bang, causing the residual energy to scatter and create powerful shockwaves. The howling gale swept through like a raging flood.

"Swoosh... clomp clomp..."

Situ Muyang, wearing his Wind Battle Armor, was sent flying with a powerful impact. As he finally landed, he stumbled backward a few steps, his face turning pale. At that moment, the glow of his Wind Battle Armor also started to fade significantly

"Very strong!"

Su Yi's gaze fell upon Liu Yunchuan's figure. Su Yi had a clear understanding of Situ Muyang's strength. With his cultivation at the fourth stage of the Yuan Spirit Realm, along with his natural talent and the powerful Wind Battle Armor, he could easily contend with most fifth-stage cultivators of the Yuan Spirit Realm without being defeated.

Liu Yunchuan, also known as Liu, seemed to be fighting without holding back, but Su Yi could sense that Liu had been holding back his true strength throughout the battle.

Situ Muyang steadied himself, stopping his retreat. He planted his foot firmly on the ground and fixed his gaze upon Liu Yunchuan in front of him. His expression showed no trace of carelessness, but there was an unwavering determination in his eyes. He quickly formed hand seals in his hands.


As Situ Muyang formed his hand seals, his body started to emit energy waves. The Wind Battle Armor on his body shattered, but from within him, a profound black light emerged.

In an instant, a deep and mysterious black light enveloped Situ Muyang, transforming into a protective armor that covered his entire body. His figure began to grow bigger.

"This little boy..."

On the elevated platform, Situ Liuyun's eyebrows slightly raised, and his gaze was fixed on the dueling stage. He felt a mixture of anticipation and concern, making him a bit nervous.

The entire crowd couldn't help but gasp as they witnessed Situ Muyang's body visibly grow larger. His once clear gaze turned icy and sharp while his body seemed to be covered in shiny black scales.

At this moment, Situ Muyang seemed to have transformed into a fierce humanoid bird. The surrounding energy surged, causing even the air to tremble with a mighty gust.

At that moment, mysterious patterns started appearing on Situ Muyang's body. These patterns were ancient and held tremendous power, connecting him to the energies of the heavens and the earth.

From Situ Muyang's body, faint echoes of ancient bird cries could be heard, resonating through the empty space and causing a harmonious response from all directions.

In a fleeting moment, the demon beasts living near Spirit Sword Peak seemed to sense something. They roared and trembled in response, echoing the unknown.


On the stage of confrontation, a powerful surge of invisible energy from the heavens and earth flowed into Situ Muyang's body. It filled him with great strength, causing his presence to grow. The entire stage of the duel trembled in response.

The stage of the duel had already been prepared beforehand, otherwise, at this moment, it would surely crumble into pieces.

Su Yi's eyes flickered, and from a distance, he could sense the terrifying aura emanating from Situ Muyang's body. This must be his true trump card, he thought to himself.

At that moment, Situ Muyang emitted a strange aura, and Su Yi could still sense a hint of a supernatural presence coming from him.

This presence was eerie but not evil, ancient and vast, exuding a tremendous sense of awe!


With a loud shout, Situ Muyang stood tall and his figure burst out like a majestic eagle spreading its wings. His right hand extended, fingers slightly bent, covered in thick black scales that gleamed with a mysterious darkness. It seemed as if they were made of a black divine metal, expanding and swelling in size.


As the claws passed, the empty space bore five straight marks, leaving indents in the air. They tore through the atmosphere with a frightening force, astonishing everyone in the audience with wide-eyed amazement!

At this moment, Liu Yunchuan was completely surprised. His eyes dimmed, and his robe fluttered. A precious sword appeared in his hand. The sword crackled with an aura of wind and thunder. In an instant, countless sword glimmers shot out, twinkling and arranging themselves, eventually forming a small tide of sword glimmers.

The wave of sword glimmers, fierce and powerful, collided with the ripples emanating from Situ Muyang's claw. They clashed with great force and then shattered at the same moment.


The dazzling light and powerful waves of energy spread in all directions. A sword and a claw forcefully broke through the barrier, emerging from the gust of terrifying wind. Finally, they collided with a resounding impact.

"Ding dong..."

The sword glimmer and claw imprint collided, making a loud clang that echoed, and sparks flew in all directions.

On the high platform, at this moment, Situ Muyang and many elders furrowed their brows with concern.


Inside the claw imprint of Situ Muyang, sparks flew and golden weapons clashed without stopping. Then, he stumbled back with unsteady steps.

With each step Situ Muyang took back, the dark aura on his body and claw imprint dissipated, and his figure returned to normal.

When Situ Muyang finally steadied himself and stepped back, he retreated to the edge of the arena. His face turned pale, with a hint of blood at the corner of his mouth. On the palm of his hand, a sword mark appeared, oozing fresh drops of blood.

Liu Yunchuan also took several steps back, his neatly tied black hair with a bamboo hairpin becoming slightly disheveled.

"Give me two more years, no, one year is enough, I will definitely defeat you!"

Situ Muyang looked at Liu Yunchuan, using his sleeve to wipe away the blood from the corner of his mouth. He spoke seriously.

As soon as he finished speaking, Situ Muyang turned around and swiftly leaped off the arena.

He already knew that he couldn't defeat Liu Yunchuan at present.

Watching Situ Muyang's figure from behind, Liu Yunchuan's gaze shifted slightly, but at that moment, his heart was filled with astonishment.

Situ Muyang, at such a young age, had already reached such a state.

At this tender age, he couldn't even compare.

At that moment, Liu Yunchuan couldn't help but start doubting his own natural abilities that he had always been proud of. Compared to the young boy in front of him, what were his own talents even worth?

"He truly lived up to his journey from there..."

On the high platform, the second elder, Changsun Liuren, and the third elder, Wu Chaoyang, both marveled and were overwhelmed by what they saw.

In Situ Muyang's eyes, a hint of amusement emerged, quietly fading away, leaving him calm once again.

As the disciples gathered around, those who had just witnessed the battle between Situ Muyang and Liu Yunchuan were still absorbed in astonishment.

Although Situ Muyang voluntarily stepped down from the stage of the duel, at this moment, no one dared to doubt his strength anymore.

How many disciples from the entire Divine Sword School of this generation were capable of making Liu Yunchuan draw his sword?

What's more, Situ Muyang was so young, yet he possessed such terrifying power!

No one would doubt that if they were the same age, Liu Yunchuan probably wouldn't be able to match Situ Muyang. That's what truly makes Situ Muyang exceptional!



The duels on the fighting stage around also reached their final moments, filled with intense excitement.

Zhang Diyun was defeated by Ying Qianqian. He had already suffered heavy injuries in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. Although he had made some progress in recovering over the past few days, he couldn't fully recover.

Moreover, Zhang Diyun's own strength is a bit inferior to Ying Qianqian's. In this moment, it is naturally difficult for him to proceed to the next round.

Qin Fang seemed to be having bad luck, and Gong Qi was filled with anger that she couldn't find a way to release. As soon as she made a move, she unleashed a relentless barrage, instantly blasting Qin Fang off the fighting stage.

Ou Luo and Gu Chenyou, both of them, defeated the young men named Xia Changqing and Yue Shanhe and advanced to the next round.


The sound of bells rang out once again on Spirit Sword Peak.

"The second round of the competition ended, congratulations to the eight people who are still standing on the stage. They will have a break for half an hour, while the other eight people will move on to the next round of the competition. Good luck to all of them!"

The voice of Dharma Protector Hou Changming spread out once again, echoing all around.

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