The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 535

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Chapter 535: Ouyang Ran's True Trump Card!


As the sound spread, the whole place began to tremble.

One by one, the disciples watching closely fixed their gaze on the stage of the duel, feeling their breaths quicken with nervousness. It seemed that they were even more nervous than when it was their turn to step on the stage.

"Liu Yunchuan, go for it!"

"Elder Brother Yun Lingfeng! Cheer up!"

"Martial Sister Ying Qianqian is unbeatable!"


Various shouts erupted in an instant, creating a burst of excitement that soared into the sky!

Among the crowd, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, Qing Chao, and several other disciples from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, who were mixed in with the crowd, had originally intended to cheer and shout for Su Yi and Situ Muyang.

But they also knew how much Su Yi and Situ Muyang were resented by others, especially by inner disciples and direct disciples. They didn't dare to shout loudly, so they could only silently support them.

Shouts erupted and the excitement soared into the sky!

On the stage, the sixteen participants were young and full of energy. They had the natural desires for recognition and pride that come with youth. They were immediately influenced by the atmosphere and felt a surge of excitement in their veins.


On each dueling platform, a wave of energy suddenly surged forth.

They were all fellow disciples from the same generation. They had trained together and gotten to know each other well. There was no need for them to be cautious or reserved with one another.



In an instant, someone made a sudden move.

Nan Liran forward and attacked. His light purple robe fluttered in the wind as his sword sliced through the air, leaving a trail of shining light.

A young man also stepped forward, filled with power. His sword, a deep red color, seemed to pulsate with vibrant energy, resembling flowing blood. A fierce and intimidating aura surrounded him as his sword unleashed a sweeping wave of radiance. With immense strength, he aimed the sword towards Ou Luo and swiftly struck.

"Come on!"

Ou Luo calmly spoke, his face still displaying elegance and handsomeness. His eyebrows resembled sharp sword blades, emitting an inexplicable force. He lightly tapped the ground, leaping down with grace. Drawing his sword from its sheath, he displayed unmatched strength. Instantly, he engaged in a fierce battle with the other person.

In an instant, on each duel platform, there was a sudden clash.

"Bang, bang, bang..."

The clash of energy resounded, the sound was deafening, as if golden weapons clashed, creating a powerful and melodious thunderous sound.

The energy was like waves, crashing and sweeping over everything in all directions.

In front of Su Yi, the young man also looked up, revealing a handsome face in Su Yi's eyes. However, the shining sparkles in his eyes were not to be underestimated.


In just an instant, the young man's aura of being at the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm burst forth without holding back. He slightly tilted his head, his expression becoming a bit serious, and looked directly at Su Yi. He said, "I am Ouyang Ran, ranked fourteenth in the Sword Tower!"

As the words fell, Jian Shiyi fixed his gaze tightly on Su Yi. He had noticed Jian Shiyi's defeat just now.

Although Jian Shiyi was ranked just below him, Ouyang Ran was well aware of Jian Shiyi's strength.

That ranking has been unchanged for a long time. If he were to face Jian Shiyi again, there is no guarantee that he would be able to win once more.

"Ouyang Ran."

Su Yi nodded and smiled slightly, saying, "I will remember!"

"I heard that you are a disciple of Elder Su, but I won't hold back either!" Ouyang Ran said, looking at Su Yi in this way.

"No need to hold back, anyway I won't let you win!"

Su Yi said seriously, "I heard that the reward for the champion of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition held by the Divine Sword School this time is said to be very generous, with numerous great benefits. Naturally, I cannot afford to take it lightly."

"Okay, I also want to personally give it a try and see for myself whether you are as strong as the rumors say!"

As Ouyang Ran finished speaking, his hand seals quietly formed, and a powerful surge of inner energy burst out from within him. It seemed as if a fiery red mist had formed in front of him, releasing a intense heat that filled the air and shook the empty space!


Su Yi's heart raced as Ouyang Ran made his move. Ouyang Ran's feet lightly touched the ground, and in an instant, his figure shot forward, moving as if stepping on a trail of fiery red mist. A fierce and mighty aura surged from him, while his sword gleamed like lightning, piercing through the empty space towards Su Yi's forehead.

His speed was incredibly fast, with a combination of fierceness and sharpness, moving swiftly and with unmatched agility.

In the Sword Tower, Ouyang Ran holds the impressive rank of fourteenth. It's clear that his reputation is well-deserved and not just for show.

Being able to stand on the stage of the duel at this moment is enough to prove the true talent and ability of Ouyang Ran.

"Not bad!"

On the elevated platform, many elders and Dharma Protectors had been keeping a close eye on Su Yi. In this moment, as they observed Ouyang Ran's relentless attacks, they couldn't help but be filled with admiration.

"Ha ha..."

This sword was so fast that Su Yi couldn't even dodge in time.

Feeling a swift sword approaching his forehead, Su Yi's eyes widened in alarm. With a radiant glow beneath his feet, he quickly stepped back, his figure rapidly retreating.


The dazzling sword radiated a fearsome light, causing the air to ripple and filling it with a whooshing sound.

Su Yi's pursuer, Ouyang Ran, closely shadowed his every move. Suddenly, the tip of Ouyang Ran's sword quivered, and a surge of intense heat split it into two, resembling fiery serpents. One aimed directly at Su Yi's forehead, while the other swiftly lunged for his chest.

Su Yi was quite astonished by the unexpected and mysterious changes in Ouyang Ran's sword.

After a brief moment of surprise, Su Yi's radiant energy beneath his feet became even more dazzling. His energy flowed through his veins like a rushing river, increasing in speed exponentially. In an instant, he transformed into a blur, swiftly dodging the two fiery serpent-like sword lights, narrowly escaping to the side.

Seeing that Su Yi managed to evade his own attack in the blink of an eye, Ouyang Ran was astonished. He seemed surprised that Su Yi's speed could be so incredibly fast.

But then Ouyang Ran's face lit up with a smile, as if everything had gone just as he had expected.

Ouyang Ran swung his sword with all his might, yet this was not his true secret move.

He knew how formidable Su Yi was. The fact that Su Yi had already defeated Jian Shiyi proved everything. How could he not have a plan?

In that very moment, Ouyang Ran felt a powerful surge of heat coursing through his left arm. It was as if there was a blazing flame ready to engulf his entire arm.

In the next moment, Ouyang Ran's fingers clenched into a fist, glowing with a bright red light. The intense heat burst forth, causing his face to appear somewhat ethereal in the high temperature.

"I'm sorry to tell you, but this is actually my true trump card!"

A confident Ouyang Ran let out a proud and self-assured shout. His fist, blazing with fiery energy like swirling flames, directly pummeled towards Su Yi.

Seeing Ouyang Ran's movement, he quickly launched another attack. It was clear that he had prepared for this. The disciples watching around fell silent for a moment and then cries of astonishment erupted.

"The Flame Fist, Martial Brother Ouyang Ran is already prepared!"

"Ouyang Ran is deliberately trying to lure Su Yi, but Su Yi's battle skills and experience are still too inexperienced!"

Sounds of amazement filled the air, one after another.

"Su Yi, it looks like you have to stop now!"

In the crowd of onlookers, there were many eyes filled with spite, hoping that Su Yi would come to a halt.

These people, including Futeng Guang, Teng Ming, and others, who have been directly or indirectly affected by Su Yi, naturally didn't want him to proceed to the next round.

On the high platform, at this moment, many elders and Dharma Protectors also looked intently.

"Ouyang Ran is quite clever."

Some elders appreciated it. The showdown between the two was not just about strength, but also about battle experience and skills. It was clear that Ouyang Ran's skills and experience were showing their extraordinary nature at this moment.

Everything happened quickly, with changes on the showdown platform occurring in the blink of an eye.

As Su Yi watched the punch approaching with a hot and powerful aura, a glimmer of red light filled his eyes. He felt a surge of heat emanating from within him.

At the same time, Su Yi's mouth curved into a gentle smile, and a soft voice came out, saying, "I'm sorry, but it seems like your hidden card is a bit weak!"

As Su Yi spoke these words, he raised his arm and shook it. With a burst of fiery energy, he threw another punch.

In an instant, a terrifying aura surged above Su Yi's fist. It burst into a brilliant flame and unleashed a burst of wild power towards the empty space in front of him. It caused a fierce and intense explosion of heat and strength in the vacuum ahead.

"Splish, splash..."

To the naked eye, Su Yi's fist was filled with strength that resembled waves of fire. With a force that could overturn mountains and seas, it came crashing down, causing ripples to spread through the air.

Everything was happening so quickly, and it was clear that Su Yi was prepared as well.

When all of this happened, many gazes changed, and even the once confident Ouyang Ran found himself dumbfounded with a stunned expression on his face.


At this moment, he had no choice but to release it. Seeing Su Yi, who seemed equally prepared, Ouyang Ran had no other option. He infused all his energy into his left fist.

Just as the two fists collided, within Ouyang Ran's left fist, the power surged even higher. The punching shadows became blurry, and the air around them felt as if boiling water had met with ice, creating a strange sound.

Above Su Yi's fist, before it collided, a dreadful force suddenly erupted.

This is the Flaming Shadow Fist, derived from the Heavenly Tiger Art within the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse. The Heavenly Tiger Art focuses on "force" as its core, harnessing the power to dominate throughout history. It has the ability to crush decay and overwhelm any enemy!


In that instant, the elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform were visibly moved, as if they had sensed something.

Long story short, the two fists collided in an instant!


In an instant, two scorching auras erupted like flames, splattering countless sparks. Accompanied by a thunderous explosive sound, a ring of fiery waves gushed out from the point of collision between the two fists.

Suddenly, a blazing wave of intense heat swept through, causing the surrounding air to become unbearably hot. Even the empty space trembled in response.


In the blazing momentum, a figure suddenly flew backward, spewing out blood from the mouth. It heavily crashed onto the edge of the arena, and its body slid back nearly a dozen meters, uncontrollably falling off the arena.

As the force dissipated, on the arena, Su Yi staggered back two steps before steadying himself, and the overwhelming power around him dissipated completely.

Everyone in the room was amazed when they saw this scene. They couldn't believe their eyes.

"Boss Su Yi is amazing!"

Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, and others couldn't help but cheer as Su Yi once again defeated his opponent, securing his place in the top eight.

"This young man has such a strong presence, it can't be my Divine Sword School's cultivation method. Even I find him a bit hard to understand!"

On the elevated platform, Dharma Protector Zhu Chang stood prominently at the back. He gazed at Su Yi, who was currently on the arena, with eyes full of astonishment.

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