The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 534

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Chapter 534: The Battle of the Front Eight!

Following an invisible sensation, Su Yi's gaze wandered and he saw several graceful figures - Mu Yao, Gong Qi, Ying Qianqian...

There was a man whose eyes gleamed with coldness, looking at Su Yi. He gave a faint and cold smile, then lowered his gaze. He had a tall and slender figure, accentuated by his white clothes, resulting in a calm demeanor.

Su Yi smiled faintly, it seemed that Yun Lingfeng had completely set his sights on him. It would be best if he didn't provoke him, otherwise there would be no need to be polite.


On the final showdown stage, the last figure was sent flying. Only sixteen people remained on the sixteen showdown stages.


When the last figure landed on the showdown stage, the sound of a bell resonated throughout Spirit Sword Peak.

"The first round is over!"

The voice of Dharma Protector Hou Changming resonated across Spirit Sword Peak. His gaze swept over the sixteen disciples on the showdown stages, and he couldn't help but feel moved. He said, "The sixteen disciples advancing to the next round may take a brief rest right here, tending to their wounds. After half an incense stick's worth of time, they will proceed to the next round of duels. As for the defeated disciples, they shall leave the inner area."

The sound echoed, and the entire place buzzed with talk, gathering together in a loud and bustling manner.

The whole place erupted in commotion as people discussed the sixteen individuals standing on the showdown stage at that moment.

On the elevated platform, some of the elders felt joyous while others felt disappointed. The elders who didn't have any disciples advancing to the next round couldn't help but feel unhappy.

"Liu Yunchuan is unbeatable!"

"Gong Qi!"

"Senior Brother Qin Fang"


Among the disciples watching, some cheered for the person standing on the dueling platform. At this moment, every disciple still able to stand on the platform was already a reputed figure within the Divine Sword School, having a following of dedicated followers.

Of course, Su Yi, Mu Yao, and Situ Muyang were exceptions, as nobody in the crowd seemed to be cheering for them.

Especially Su Yi and Situ Muyang, there were quite a few disciples in the crowd who held a grudge against them.

"Boss Su Yi, we'll go down first," said Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, Xu Jiahui, and others to Su Yi from a distance. They walked out of the inner field, knowing that the next match had nothing to do with them anymore.

Those who were seriously injured and unable to leave the inner field were helped by other disciples from the Divine Sword School.

Su Yi nodded at Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others, then glanced around the surroundings.

At this moment, on the sixteen duel platforms, almost all of the familiar figures could be seen. Situ Muyang, Mu Yao, Ying Qianqian, Gong Qi, Yun Lingfeng, Liu Yunchuan, Ouluo, Gu Chenyou, Nan Liran, Jiang Xiwen, Qin Fang...

To Su Yi's surprise, he hadn't expected Zhang Diyun to be among them. It was likely that this guy had obtained quite a few Sword-patterned Stones later on, which allowed him to enter the top sixty-eight.

There were also three young individuals, and Su Yi had seen them before in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

From the shouts of the disciples who were watching around, it seemed these three young individuals were called Ouyang Ran, Xia Changqing, and Yue Shanhe. These young individuals themselves were likely to hold high ranks in the Sword Tower.

On the duel platform, among the remaining sixteen people, many took advantage of the brief break to quickly consume pills, closed their eyes slightly, and focused on cultivating and restoring their energy, aiming to achieve their best condition.

In the recent battle, although only the strongest remained, some participants were still injured to varying degrees and had expended energy. No one dared to be careless during the fierce competition.

Everyone knew deep down that those who had survived until the end possessed greater strength compared to those who had just been defeated. In the next round, regardless of the opponent they would face, it would be a fierce battle and far from being easy.

Situ Muyang's Wind Battle Armor closed up, conserving energy. He hurriedly consumed a pill and secretly meditated to restore his strength. His young face showed determination, without any hint of carelessness.

At this moment, Situ Muyang also realized that these direct disciples of the Divine Sword School were not weak either.

In the distance, on top of Spirit Sword Peak, a tall mountain, a slender figure appeared silently. The lush green face and the small, child-like physique seemed mismatched, but there was an invisible aura emanating from the figure, causing an inexplicable shiver in anyone who felt it.

It was Elder Su Kuangge who arrived, and he looked towards Spirit Sword Peak in the distance. His eyes shimmered with a glint as if he was trying to see something hidden.

On top of Spirit Sword Peak, shouts, calls, and discussions echoed, creating a bustling and lively atmosphere, reaching up to the heavens.


The melodic chime echoed once more, silencing the bustling noise once again.

On the stage of the duel, many half-closed eyes suddenly opened, shimmering with radiance.


In that very instant, on all sixteen dueling platforms, a sudden shimmering light appeared, causing the ancient and weathered platforms to come alive. Glowing patterns resembling mysterious symbols emerged, spreading an overwhelming aura.

"Rumble, rumble..."

The entire square trembled, as if dancing to a magical tune. The dueling platforms glided across the square, emanating a radiant glow and filling the air with an enchanting energy. They rumbled incessantly, as if whispering secrets to the wind.

Sixteen dueling platforms moved within the arena, like chess pieces being pushed by invisible hands. They crisscrossed and changed positions, creating a mesmerizing sight.

Su Yi was surprised, as if witnessing some kind of magical technique.

Stepping onto the dueling platform, Su Yi stood tall and unwavering. Around him, the dueling platforms shifted and transformed, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Figures darted and vanished before his eyes, like fleeting shadows.


Suddenly, the sixteen dueling platforms collided, each one crashing into another, completely merging and connecting together, transforming into eight dueling platforms.

On each of the eight dueling platforms, there were two figures standing.

Su Yi looked up and before him, on the merged dueling platform, stood one of the three direct disciples called Ouyang Ran, Xia Changqing, and Yue Shanhe.

The young man, appearing to be around twenty or twenty-one years old, wore a bright red robe. He kept his gaze lowered, as if lost in his own world, completely unaffected by the commotion on the Heavenly Stairs. His slender and graceful fingers lightly held a precious sword, while long eyelashes formed an attractive curve on his lowered eyelids.

Su Yi simply glanced at it, not paying much attention to it and not being careless either. His eyes then curiously scanned the surroundings.

On the other dueling platforms, at this moment, Mu Yao was facing Nan Liran, Yun Lingfeng was facing Jiang Xiwen, Ying Qianqian was facing Zhang Diyun, and Gong Qi was facing Qin Fang.

And Ou Luo and Gu Chenyou, in turn, faced two of Ouyang Ran, Xia Changqing, and Yue Shanhe.

Finally, Situ Muyang found himself facing Liu Yunchuan, who was ranked first in the Sword Tower!

As Situ Muyang faced Liu Yunchuan, Su Yi furrowed his brow with a hint of concern.


When the eight dueling platforms merged successfully, the energy on the dueling platforms dissipated, the light faded away, and everything returned to calm.

"Before each of you is your opponent for this round, everything depends on luck!"

Dharma Protector Hou Changming stood in front of the high platform, his voice filled with energy, echoing throughout Spirit Sword Peak as he said, "The second round, begins now!"

The sound echoed, like a booming thunder that resonated, shaking the empty space!

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