The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 533

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Chapter 533: The Sixteen!

A series of sharp sword energies spread out in all directions, sweeping through the area, causing many onlookers to tremble with anticipation.

"Jian Shiyi, a smart and clever boy, couldn't believe he had ended up in such a situation!"

Dharma Protectors and elders secretly held an expression of astonishment as they witnessed Jian Shiyi's remarkable sword strike.

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, and the others had already stepped back from the arena where the duel was taking place. They glanced up at Su Yi on the stage, their expressions filled with a hint of concern.

They were standing below the arena, and all of them could feel the unmatched sharpness of those sword lights.

The sword radiance enveloped them, and a fierce presence filled the air.

But in that moment, Su Yi activated the blade technique in his hand. Energy surged through his body, eventually gathering on the large knife.


In an instant, atop Su Yi's large knife, there seemed to echo a faint dragon's roar. A brilliant blade light shone forth, striking forward with unrivaled ferocity.


"Ding dong..."

In an instant, a frightening aura erupted, causing a deafening thunderous sound. Along with the echoing sound of clanging, the clash of gold weapons reverberated. A powerful gust of wind and waves of energy surged, spreading in all directions. It was an awe-inspiring sight, even from a distance, causing intense excitement and trembling.

"Clomp clomp!"

The strong wind swept in forcefully, causing Su Yi to stumble back three steps. As he moved, the ground beneath him trembled slightly, but it remained incredibly sturdy.


But Jian Shiyi was not like this at all. His body slid along the ground, retreating several meters in a straight line. A look of shock quickly replaced the expression on his face.

"It's my turn now!"

Su Yi, who was prepared beforehand, managed to steady himself after the third step. With a stomp of his foot, his inner energy surged from the sole of his foot, and he dashed forward with a flurry of afterimages.

"Tyrant Dragon Whirlwind Slash!"

Su Yi's inner energy surged through his meridians, gathering into the blade. At the same time, he unleashed the second strike of the Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon, the Tyrant Dragon Whirlwind Slash, with a powerful swing of his knife.

The blade spun around, like a flash of lightning, resembling a curved moon cutting through the empty sky.

The terrifying pressure was fiercely violent, as if a raging dragon was dancing. The light shone brilliantly, the sound of the blade was piercing, causing one's soul to tremble!

This scene caused the gazes from the entire audience to change color.

The one whose expression changed the most was Jian Shiyi. The fierce power of that strike made him feel uneasy.

When it happened quickly, Jian Shiyi's gaze turned serious, and the speed and power of that strike made it impossible for him to dodge.

Infused with energy, Jian Shiyi swung his sword using complex sword techniques. The sword hummed and vibrated as Jian Shiyi held it with both hands, and then he unleashed a powerful strike.

In that moment, Jian Shiyi's face turned pale as if all the strength in his body had been drained by that single strike. It felt as if he had put forth his utmost effort!


With a single strike, the black light surged like lightning, causing dark sword energy waves to ripple and surge around him, as if it awakened the very essence of the void.

This mighty strike from Jian Shiyi showcased his terrifying power, unstoppable bravery, and the ability to cut through anything.

"Sword King Mighty Strike!"

On the high platform, the elders exclaimed in astonishment, their faces turning pale.

The Sword King Mighty Strike, known as King Grade advanced sword skill of the Divine Sword School, requires remarkable understanding to practice it successfully.

Moreover, it is highly unlikely for practitioners in the Yuan Spirit Realm to successfully cultivate it, but Jian Shiyi before us has indeed succeeded.

Among the elders present, Elder Mei Huaye couldn't help but smile to himself at this moment. He absentmindedly stroked his small goatee, which was nestled in his eye-catching brown eyes, with a sense of satisfaction.

Jian Shiyi was his direct disciple. Although Su Yi couldn't become his disciple, at the moment, it seemed unlikely that Su Yi would surpass his own direct disciple.


On the dueling stage, the clash of weapons was loud and sharp. Sparks flew and a radiant aura of energy soared, shaking the entire dueling platform.

For many onlooking disciples, the dueling platform was engulfed in strong gusts of powerful energy, making it difficult to see the outcome between Su Yi and Jian Shiyi.

"I told you, you are just as defeated!"

On the dueling platform, Su Yi's shout rang out, accompanied by a fierce heatwave that made people's hairs stand on end, accompanied by a crimson glow.

In the shining red light, Su Yi emerged, his hair swaying backward. A smile curved at the corner of his lips as he swiftly moved. In the blink of an eye, Jian Shiyi's face turned pale and he staggered backward. A palm imprint landed directly on Jian Shiyi's body.


The palm imprint crashed and a muffled sound echoed, with a glow of red filling the air.


Without any chance to turn back, Jian Shiyi spit out a mouthful of fresh blood and his body was sent flying backwards. He flew in a straight line, crashing heavily outside the dueling platform and landing with a thud beneath it.


The ground shook as Jian Shiyi fell down, sword and all. His mouth and chest were covered in vivid red blood, and his face turned as pale as ashes. In his deep, intense gaze, a profound sense of shock surged up from within.

The gazes of those present in the room changed color, filled with astonishment and shock.

"Jian Shiyi lost!"

The disciples around took a while to recover their senses, realizing that Jian Shiyi had indeed lost.

This time, Jian Shiyi was defeated directly. In just a few moves, he was forcefully knocked off the stage, suffering a heartbreaking loss.

On the high platform, the elders and Dharma Protectors gazed at Su Yi, their eyes filled with a revealing expression, indicating everything.

Elder Mei Huaye's face showed a mix of emotions. His most proud disciple had unexpectedly suffered such a clear and decisive defeat.

In Situ Liuyun's eyes, there were sparkling lights, shimmering and flowing within his gaze.

"Boss Su Yi won!"

Underneath the battle stage, Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, Wang Fan, Xu Jiahui, and others were filled with joy. They were even more excited than if they had won themselves.

For themselves, being able to stand here today, they were already content and satisfied.

On the battle stage, Su Yi sheathed his large sword, his body radiating a hidden power of vibrant red energy.

In a land far away, there was a young boy who carried a sword on his back. He had black, shoulder-length hair and a handsome face. His slim and upright figure somehow made people's hearts tremble for no reason.

Defeating Jian Shiyi, everything went as Su Yi had expected. Jian Shiyi had indeed achieved another breakthrough, reaching the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm. But even so, Su Yi had also advanced within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, reaching the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm. In terms of cultivation level, Su Yi had the advantage.

His gaze swept across the battle stage, and it seemed like there were not many people left. Many had already been knocked off the battle stage.


Not far away, there was a muffled sound, and a figure coughed up blood before flying backwards and falling from the battle stage.

On the battle stage, there was only one young boy left. The brightness of his white battle armor had dimmed a little, and there was a slight trace of bloodstain at the corner of his mouth. However, he still exuded an extraordinary aura from within, unchanged in temperament. His face carried a satisfied smile, and his gaze immediately turned towards Su Yi. It was Situ Muyang.

Su Yi nodded in agreement. He wasn't surprised by Situ Muyang's victory. As long as Situ Muyang didn't encounter opponents ranked within the top ten of the Sword Tower, he would have no problem advancing to the next round.

Last time Situ Muyang fought against Zhang Diyun, who ranked ninth in the Sword Tower, he didn't suffer much loss.


"Boom boom..."

On each battle stage, there were figures falling down, spitting out blood. Many of the battle stages were left with only one person.

Su Yi's gaze swept across and he saw many familiar figures - Nan Liran, Qin Fang, Gu Chenyou...

Suddenly, Su Yi felt several pairs of eyes landing on him, carrying a sharp and cold gaze.

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