The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 532

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Chapter 532: The Rematch With Jian Shiyi!

A smile emerged in Situ Liuyun's eyes, indicating that Situ Muyang's strength was even stronger than he had imagined. With such an offensive onslaught, it seemed that the opponent wouldn't be able to hold on for much longer.

On the duel stage where Su Yi stood, the last young man's mouth had a trickle of blood flowing from the corner, and his body was in a disheveled state.

Su Yi picked up the fallen sword and planted it into the ground to support his body. The young man looked at Su Yi, his eyes filled with astonishment.

He didn't want to step down from the duel stage, but he couldn't bring himself to make another move. He was too weak to do so.


Under the duel stage, a figure leaped into the air. It paused briefly in mid-air before gently landing in front of Su Yi.

This is a young man who appears to be in his early twenties. He is wearing a tight black battle suit that highlights his strong and well-proportioned figure. A gray cloak billows behind him, and his face has well-defined features, giving him a cold and stern expression.

Looking at the young man in front of him, Su Yi's eyes slightly raised, and a hint of a smile curled up at the corners of his mouth. This young man was none other than Jian Shiyi.

"I have always hoped to have the opportunity to truly fight in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. I am very glad that you have made it this far, so that I will not have any regrets!"

Jian Shiyi looked at Su Yi, his eyes shimmering with a glint. He spoke in a soft voice, still carrying that coldness.

"You should go to another arena and maybe you can make it to the next round. Here, it seems like there's no hope!"

Looking at Jian Shiyi in front of him, Su Yi didn't waste any time. This was the moment Jian Shiyi had been waiting for: facing Su Yi in a duel.

And when it came to Jian Shiyi's abilities, Su Yi had a good idea within himself. Although Jian Shiyi lost the last time, there seemed to be some hidden cards up his sleeve.

At this moment, Su Yi sensed the aura emanating from Jian Shiyi's body. Su Yi suspected that in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, this guy had also made some progress.

"Last time, I didn't give it my all!"

Jian Shiyi looked at Su Yi, and as he spoke, he shook his hand, causing a sword to appear. It was a three-foot treasure sword, shining in a mesmerizing black color, covered in ancient symbols. A faint glow emanated from the sword, creating a sense of pressure.

"Buzz buzz!"

The sword trembled slightly, and a subtle earthy energy fluctuated within Jian Shiyi's body. Suddenly, the sword burst with a resounding combination of wind and thunder, as if it had come alive. A tremendous pressure filled the air, causing the surrounding space to faintly tremble!

"If that's the case, then let's have a battle. I defeated you last time, and this time I'll defeat you again!"

Su Yi's expression remained unchanged, just as he had done in the previous encounter, he didn't fully exert himself.

And this time, inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Jian Shiyi had opportunities for growth and improvement. He also experienced a stroke of luck.

"Jian Shiyi and Su Yi, it seems like they have already had a battle last time, right!"

As Jian Shiyi and Su Yi faced each other, the gazes of the entire crowd were instantly drawn towards them.

On the elevated platform, the elders and Dharma Protectors also had their attention captivated.

It was clear that those disciples who just appeared were far from being comparable to Jian Shiyi.

"This time, I won't give you another chance, take out your sword!"

Jian Shiyi looked at Su Yi and his precious sword started emitting a dark light. The ancient symbols on the blade moved mysteriously, and the shining light from the sword cut through the air, causing ripples in the surrounding atmosphere.

Jian Shiyi had a lingering fear from his previous defeat at the hands of Su Yi.

If this fear is not resolved, it may become a burden in his heart.

Feeling the energy emanating from Jian Shiyi at that moment, Su Yi's gaze shifted slightly. With a gentle smile, he said, "Last time, you were defeated by my sword. This time, do you think you can defeat me with your sword?"

As Su Yi finished speaking, he reached behind his back and pulled out a large knife. It appeared instantly in his hand.

The large knife emitted a radiant glow, but it was not ordinary. However, compared to the precious sword in Jian Shiyi's hand, it was clearly of a different level.

Just as Su Yi pulled out his knife, many onlookers couldn't help but gasp in astonishment.

"This is the Divine Sword School. Su Yi pulled out his sword and faced Jian Shiyi. Is he disrespecting Jian Shiyi?"

"The Divine Sword School is a place that treasures swordsmanship above all else. Su Yi, on the other hand, prefers using a knife instead. Does this mean that he looks down upon the sword techniques of the Divine Sword School?"

Whispers filled the air as some people commented, "This is the Divine Sword School, and yet, here is Su Yi, unsheathing his knife in front of Jian Shiyi."

Is Su Yi disrespecting Jian Shiyi or underestimating the sword techniques of the Divine Sword School?

"Well, well."

Jian Shiyi's eyes widened slightly, showing his disbelief. As the words slowly sank in, a deep, mysterious glimmer flickered in his eyes. His entire demeanor changed, emanating a strong and intense aura.

A person with a sword stood there, unshakable and immovable!

"Senior Jian Shiyi is going all out with this attack!"

"Brother Jian Shiyi lost unexpectedly last time, but this time, he won't let that Su Yi take advantage again!"

"Brother Jian Shiyi, you can do it! Defeat that arrogant person!"

Amidst the chatter and discussions all around, a voice suddenly rose in a loud cry.

After all, among the direct disciples and inner disciples present, there were very few who didn't hold a grudge against Su Yi.

They were unable to seek revenge anymore, and now they could only place their hopes on Jian Shiyi at this moment.

"Although Su Yi is arrogant, but after all, senior brother Zhang Diyun, ranked ninth, also lost. Although he was defeated by Su Yi and Situ Muyang working together, that Su Yi is indeed very powerful. Who will win or lose is still unknown."

Some disciples whispered, but they didn't dare to provoke anger, speaking in hushed tones.

Even the Dharma Protector and elders on the high platform, as well as the gaze of the sect leader Situ Liuyun, were now focused on Su Yi and Jian Shiyi, showing great interest.

The sword in his hand vibrated, and Jian Shiyi fixed his gaze on Su Yi, his eyes filled with intense determination. A surge of battle intent emanated from his deep eyes, engulfing his pupils, and a flickering darkness shone within.

He is Jian Shiyi, the last time he failed, it had become a burden in his heart. If he couldn't defeat the young man in front of him this time, it would become an obstacle on his journey of cultivation, a constant worry.

In this battle, he wants to win and unravel the burden in his heart!


In the next moment, a loud shout came from Jian Shiyi's mouth, and a burst of light emerged from his sword. He swiftly shifted his energy and forcefully planted his feet on the ground. Then, with a sudden leap, his figure soared into the air, with the sword radiating a sparkling glow.

At the same time, from within Jian Shiyi's body, a powerful aura of cultivation at the Yuan Spirit Realm's fifth stage, even approaching the later stages of the Yuan Spirit Realm's fifth stage, was completely unleashed, causing a powerful surge that swept through with a loud boom.

"Not bad!"

Feeling the aura emanating from Jian Shiyi, many elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform secretly admired him.

Such a disciple, with exceptional talent, had a promising future ahead of them!


As Jian Shiyi dashed forward, his figure appeared like a blurry shadow, swiftly skimming through the air at a low altitude. At the same time, the sword in his hand trembled with power.

In an instant, the gleaming swords transformed into blurry lights, slicing through the air with extraordinary sharpness. The movement was so swift that it caused ripples in the air, like the ripples on water, making a whizzing sound.

Suddenly, beams of radiant sword light burst forth, plunging downwards. In an instant, they swept over Su Yi's head, unleashing a formidable and fierce presence.

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