The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 531

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Chapter 531: Very Fierce!


The young disciple had a really bad luck. He coughed up blood and was sent flying backward. He helplessly watched himself crash into the beast's shadow, unable to avoid it, and suffered a heavy blow.

The ferocious beast's shadow was also shattered by the impact, causing the young man to fall and stagger in his steps.


A streak of red light darted out, and Su Yi's figure appeared with a series of blurry afterimages. His fingers curled into a claw shape, and a red glow shimmered as it directly landed on the young man's shoulder.

His whole body erupted with a fierce and domineering aura. His black hair swirled, and faintly, one could hear the sound of bones breaking emanating from his shoulder.

"Go down!"

Su Yi shouted deeply, waved his hand fiercely, and unleashed a burst of red energy, which swept across the surroundings. The young man was directly sent flying, vomiting blood as he was thrown off the battleground.

On the battleground, only one young man remained. He had just been struck and was sent flying, coughing up blood as he crashed down. His sword had fallen to the side a while ago. As he struggled to get up, he suddenly saw Su Yi walking towards him, causing his heart to tremble for no apparent reason.

This direct disciple knew deep down that he couldn't possibly contend with him. Instinctively, he recoiled in fear, his face already pale as ashes.

Su Yi felt a surge of energy coursing through his body as he locked his gaze on the last young man in the arena. His hair fluttered, and his eyes emitted an intense red glow. He took three steps forward and positioned himself on the battleground, seemingly unconcerned with the presence of the young man.

All eyes in the arena were fixed upon Su Yi on the battleground, and in that moment, they were filled with awe and amazement.

Several direct disciples, each one of them being among the best disciples of this generation, possessed exceptional talent and potential.

But in front of Su Yi, the most talented among these direct disciples were completely defenseless, easily defeated in such a manner.

Many direct disciples who were watching felt a chill in their hearts.

Originally, many people were thinking that Su Yi's ability to defeat Zhang Diyun and others in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords might have been exaggerated rumors.

Perhaps, it was with the help of the powerful demon beasts within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords that Su Yi was able to roam freely and dominate.

But at this moment, they only truly understood when they witnessed it with their own eyes that Su Yi was indeed as terrifying as the rumors had described.

A teenager who was only fifteen or sixteen years old, and had only recently joined the Divine Sword School, yet possessed such unimaginable strength. If this is just the beginning, when he reaches the same age as them in a few more years, how much more powerful will he become?

The elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform also had restless gazes.

"This guy, he's really fierce!" Elder Shangguan Hu exclaimed in awe.

"I missed it, I really missed it."

Beside Elder Shangguan Hu, there was an old man with an ethereal and wise aura. He constantly shook his head, with a slender figure, flowing white beard, and a kindly yet somewhat serious gaze. In this moment, it seemed like he was regretting something.

This elder is none other than Elder Ying Dang, whom Su Yi had encountered during his time at the Sword Hall. They had interacted before, leaving a strong impression on each other.

But at that time, Elder Ying Dang didn't pay much attention and didn't realize Su Yi's potential. Also, after spending some time outside the Divine Sword School, when he returned, he heard about what had happened to Su Yi.

In that moment, seeing Su Yi's performance with his own eyes, Elder Ying Dang felt a deep regret in his heart. He couldn't help but think how wonderful it would have been if he had taken Su Yi under his wing back in the Sword Hall.

"Is this young boy really Elder Su's disciple?"

Elder Ying Dang couldn't let go of his doubts and quietly asked Elder Shangguan Hu beside him, "Do you think this young boy is truly Elder Su's disciple? You know, Elder Su has never taken on any disciples all these years."

"There shouldn't be any lies."

Shangguan Hu forced a smile, knowing Elder Ying Dang's thoughts. Deep down, he also desired to take the young boy under his wing.

However, just a few days ago, Elder Su himself went to personally pick up the person. It's unlikely that it would be fake.


Upon hearing this, Elder Ying Dang sighed. Observing the potential in Su Yi, he realized that even Elder Su, who had never taken on disciples before, might be considering accepting him as a student.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

All around the duel platform, the battle was equally intense.

Sixty-eight disciples, in the end, only sixteen remained on the sixteen duel platforms.

On each duel platform, only one person could remain, and everyone was each other's opponent.

The ones with slightly weaker cultivation strength teamed up with good coordination to surround and attack the strongest individual. However, this kind of cooperation was not always guaranteed.

Nan Liran, ranked seventh in the Sword Tower, wearing a flowing pale purple robe. His eyes sparkled brightly as he brandished her sword, making a resounding clang. With each step he took, his energy surged. He engaged in a fierce battle with his last two opponents, but he held his ground and didn't falter.

On Gu Chenyou's sharp and angular face, his eyebrows resembled a finely carved blade. His eyes flickered with a fiery red color, like flames dancing and shimmering. In his hand, his sword emitted a radiant light, sweeping through all directions. The sword's dazzling brilliance resembled a crimson wave, creating a surge like that of a raging sea.

The terrifying aura made the opponent tremble. They couldn't help but step back repeatedly, too afraid to confront it.

Among the direct disciples, Ying Qianqian, Gong Qi, Ou Luo, Qin Fang, and others, emerged as the pinnacle. They had an unspoken understanding, never before competing on a duel platform, but now their energy was unleashed.

The vibrant energy radiated like a shining sun, with waves of swordlight. Each of them clashed fiercely with their opponents, creating a resounding and awe-inspiring spectacle.

"They were all really impressive!"

Watching the intense battles on each dueling platform, the elders and Dharma Protectors on the elevated stage felt a sense of joy. They were pleased with the exceptional skills displayed by the disciples in this generation. It was a great fortune for the Divine Sword School.

On the dueling platform where Situ Muyang was, there were only two people left.

But Situ Muyang encountered an opponent, a cultivator with a cultivation level of Yuan Spirit Realm, at the fifth level. This opponent was ranked thirteenth in the Sword Tower.

Situ Liuyun's gaze also fell upon the dueling platform where Situ Muyang was. He felt a slight nervousness deep inside.


The first one's sword glowed brightly, its power strong and constant. Situ Muyang wasn't afraid and skillfully dodged its sharpness. He wore the Wind Battle Armor, which had wings that fluttered, giving off an ancient aura. As a result, an unexplained force swept through the surroundings, causing fierce winds to howl and an overwhelming pressure to fill the air.

Under the protection of the Wind Battle Armor, Situ Muyang felt his entire body exuding a much greater aura. With this immense power, the very air around him seemed to tremble as he bravely charged towards his opponent.

As Situ Muyang's opponent, the young man's gaze was filled with seriousness. He never expected that such a young boy could be so strong and formidable.

He thought that no matter how talented Situ Muyang was, he was still a child. Considering he was the sect leader's son, all he had to do was defeat him and did nothing else that may hurt Situ Muyang.

But now, the young man realized that he had underestimated Situ Muyang.

To his surprise, Situ Muyang had become incredibly powerful errifying. He gave it his all, clearly surpassing his opponent in every aspect, yet he couldn't gain the slightest advantage.

"Great, let's continue!"

Situ Muyang's fighting spirit soared, his lips curled, revealing his gleaming white teeth. A fierce smile of enthusiasm for battle formed at the corners of his mouth. With the Wind Battle Armor, his speed skyrocketed as he took advantage of his speed and low-altitude superiority, diving down like a hunting falcon, continuously launching ruthless attacks.


The wings of the Wind Battle Armor spread out, resembling countless sharp blades shining with a chilling and captivating light. It moved swiftly like lightning, accompanied by the howling of fierce winds.


The latter didn't hesitate at all. A radiant aura enveloped him, and the energy surged inside his body. The sword gleamed like a tide, as he put forth his full strength.

"Ding, ding, ding, ding..."

The golden spear kept striking unceasingly, creating sparks that flew through the air. A fierce gust of wind swept through, carrying blinding rays of light.

"Is this little guy so powerful?"

Right Dharma Protector was a little taken aback, considering Situ Muyang to be an absolute prodigy, bordering on the realm of extraordinary.

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