The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 530

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Chapter 530: Ignorant of Cherishing Women!


The scorching aura surged like turbulent waves, and the mighty punch landed firmly on the woman's body like a resounding thunderbolt.

Su Yi didn't show much mercy in his actions, and this woman also showed no mercy towards Xu Jiahui, which secretly angered Su Yi.


The woman's expression turned pale with shock, and a mouthful of fresh blood sprayed out from her mouth. Her delicate body, like a severed kite, was sent flying backwards, crashing heavily onto the arena platform.

At this moment, the woman finally realized the terrifying nature of this young man, far more terrifying than the rumors had suggested.

She unexpectedly couldn't withstand even a single move, and she could sense that it was her recent attempt to confront Xu Jiahui that had aroused the fury of this young man.

"That's Wang Yating, ranked twenty-ninth in the Sword Tower, and she was actually defeated with just one move, Su Yi really doesn't know how to appreciate the beauty!"

Among the disciples witnessing the scene, many were left astounded. Su Yi, this guy, seems to have no clue about the value of cherishing and treasuring beauty.

The Elder Dharma Protectors and Sect Leader Situ Liuyun, standing on the high platform, also witnessed this scene, their gazes quietly showing signs of deep emotion.

A cultivator at the fifth stage of the Yuan Spirit Realm, astonishingly unable to withstand even a single move in Su Yi's hands. What does this signify? With their discerning eyes, how could they not have a clue?

Moreover, many strong cultivators this time were already secretly keeping an eye on Su Yi because of the incident that took place on the Heavenly Stairs a month ago.

A direct disciple at the fifth stage of the Yuan Spirit Realm, being defeated with just one move in the duel arena, and yet, displaying such nonchalance. This kind of impact is even greater for the elders and Dharma Protectors present.

"Is he Su Yi, the disciple of Elder Su?"

On the high platform, the gaze of the two elders fell upon the duel arena where Su Yi was located, and one of them quietly asked Situ Liuyun beside them.

"Indeed, it is that young man."

Situ Liuyun responded in a low voice, his eyes filled with a flicker of intrigue.

"In this age, to achieve such a level is already rare. Perhaps this time, it is truly a stroke of fortune for our Divine Sword School."

Elder Wu Chaoyang spoke, his deep and dusky eyes shimmering with brilliance.

Su Yi swiftly knocked down Wang Yating below the duel arena, provoking an imminent clash among the three youths on the duel stage.

The three hot-blooded youths who were just engaged in battle, their six gazes instantaneously converged upon Su Yi. Three treasured swords emitted a resounding sword cry, revealing the unrestrained aura of their Yuan Spirit Realm at the peak of the fourth stage.

The three youths' faces instantly became solemn and serious.

Su Yi's strength, as rumored, is truly formidable. Even though Wang Yating's strength is clearly stronger than theirs, she couldn't withstand even a single move.

They had heard of Su Yi's reputation; like many others, they had their doubts in their hearts.

Perhaps within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Su Yi and Situ Muyang were able to rampage freely not necessarily due to their own personal strength, but rather by relying on their skills of ambush and control over the demon beasts.

They only realized at this moment that the Su Yi before their eyes was unquestionably as formidable as rumored.

The six pairs of eyes met and it instantly seemed as if a certain unspoken understanding had been established.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh..."

As three figures leaped out, their vital energy surged from their feet, releasing a radiant burst of light. Instantly, two shadowy images of fierce birds and one of a soaring bird took shape beneath the three youths' feet.


With a thunderous beast-like roar, the three young disciples harnessed their vital energy, causing their presence to surge with immense power.

In perfect sync, the three youths swiftly surged towards Su Yi from different directions, each unleashing dazzling sword radiance from their hands. The sword lights gleamed with sharpness, interweaving with various vibrant energy beams, exuding an imposing and formidable aura.

Su Yi slightly raised his gaze, hands forming a seal, as vital energy surged through his broad meridians. Radiant crimson light burst forth from his body, eventually enveloping him in a halo of vital energy. It was as if he was cloaked in a dazzling sun, emanating a fervent aura.


At this moment, with Su Yi at the center, the surrounding void trembled inexplicably, as if a mysterious force had emerged, capable of influencing the spatial fabric in its vicinity.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Three silhouettes of beasts and three streams of sword radiance converged from different directions, all landing upon Su Yi's halo of vital energy. In an instant, a muffled sound resonated, and a gust of energetic force surged and howled through the air.

The halo of vital energy surrounding Su Yi's body only trembled slightly for a few moments, leaving indentations in several spots where the impact occurred, but ultimately there was no significant damage.

Thereafter, Su Yi made a move, stepping forward with swaying hair and the sound of his blue robe rustling. With unparalleled swiftness, he took a single decisive step.

He appeared directly in front of a youth and a fist had already formed, launching directly with a resounding impact.

A tremendous momentum emerged, causing even a glimpse of fear to appear in the ferocious beast-like eyes beneath the young man's feet.


Like a bamboo breaking through, the surrounding void trembled.

Beneath the young man's feet, the fierce beast-like shadow instantly shattered layer by layer. Under the impact of tremendous force, blood spilled from the young man's mouth, and his figure staggered as he retreated.

The remaining two young men, who were initially shaken, were not weak either. Upon regaining their composure, they promptly rushed to provide support and lend a helping hand.

Under the foot of one of them, the vital energy transformed into a ferocious roaring demon beast, its claws lunging forward. In his hand, a sword radiated with rainbow-like brilliance, its sword aura surging violently as it directly slashed towards Su Yi.

Another young man, underfoot, a menacing avian phantom swooped down, its wings stirring up a gusty wind, while his hand brandished a sharp sword that unleashed formidable sword radiance.


An astonishing scene unfolded as Su Yi reached the side of the young man who had just staggered back. With an outstretched hand, he securely grasped the young man's shoulder, exerting overwhelming force to forcefully suppress him. Then, with a vigorous swing, he propelled the young man like a javelin, hurling him directly towards the young man whose vital energy had just transformed into a ferocious demon beast.

At the same time, Su Yi's foot released a surge of vital energy. Confronting the young disciple on the back of the swooping ferocious avian, he didn't retreat but rather advanced. With a single hand in motion, scorching fire-elemental vital energy surged forth. A terrifying aura erupted from his fist, causing brilliant flames to bloom upon it. A ferocious force exploded towards the empty space in front of him.


In an instant, a blazing and ferocious force erupted from the vacuum. It was evident to the naked eye that layer upon layer of fiery shadows manifested upon Su Yi's fist, surging forth with unstoppable momentum, shattering the ripples in space.

The scorching waves of fire surged out like shockwaves, directly thwarting the onslaught of the young disciple, while simultaneously dispersing the ferocious avian and the sword aura.

The young disciple's gaze turned horrified and his complexion instantly became ashen. Blood traces adorned the corner of his mouth as he plummeted down.


Su Yi's figure emerged, followed by a punch unleashed in one fluid motion. Accompanied by a muffled sound, the impact of his vital energy forcefully blasted his opponent off the arena.

Not far away, the youth with a phantom of a ferocious demon beast under his feet was startled by Su Yi's sudden approach, causing his complexion to change drastically. He had no choice but to wield his sword aura in defense.

However, the youth still collided with the ethereal manifestation of the demon beast formed by his vital energy.

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