The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 529

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Chapter 529: You Shall Also Descend!


On the field, figures released bursts of aura, enveloped in radiating primal energy, leaping onto the ancient and rustic stone platforms, fearing that someone might seize the advantage before them.

With sixty-eight individuals and only sixteen stone platforms, the competition is quite intense.

Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, Liu Ji, Qing Chao, and Wang Fan, the five individuals, are aware of their own abilities, fearing that they may not ultimately compete for the top spot. However, they still aim to step foot on the arena of confrontation. In retrospect, they can at least claim that they had once faced off with the outstanding direct disciples among them.

Some people swiftly ascended the confrontation platform, while others remained indifferent, quietly observing in secret.

Yun Lingfeng, Gu Chenyou, Gong Qi, Mu Yao, Nan Liran, and other prominent figures ranked high in the Sword Tower, seemed to lack urgency as they quietly observed in secret.


However, soon enough, the remaining figures each quickly leaped up and ascended the confrontation platform.

The formidable individuals who consistently ranked among the top in the Sword Tower deliberately avoided standing on a confrontation platform.

The clash of two titans shall result in one's defeat!

Their goal is to at least reach the top sixteen, and even if they are confident in winning, they don't wish to encounter opponents who are too strong, as they want to minimize exertion.

The opponents towards the end will become increasingly formidable, and excessive exertion earlier on may render them unable to sustain themselves later on.

"Bang bang!"

On the sixteen confrontation platforms, as the disciples who ranked highly in the Sword Tower ascended, the others implicitly started cooperating to confront the disciples with the highest rankings.

However, this kind of cooperation is by no means absolute. Once an opportunity arises, anyone would unhesitatingly strike to knock their opponent down from the confrontation platform, as it ultimately affects their rankings.

The atmosphere on all the confrontation platforms was already tense. With someone making a move, it ignited a chain reaction akin to detonating a series of bombs. Suddenly, all the confrontation platforms were filled with surging energy, vigorous vitality, and shimmering fluctuations, and the confrontations were on the verge of erupting.

"Young man, you are not yet worthy to come forward!"

On the confrontation platform not far away, a direct disciple bellowed, and his figure, as swift as lightning, materialized directly in front of Zhang Qing.

The direct disciple clenched his five fingers tightly, and a fist had already reached Zhang Qing. The faint black earth elemental energy caused even the surrounding void to tremble, and the sound of whistling vibrations echoed in the air.

Under such speed, Zhang Qing unsheathed his treasured sword, but he didn't even have a chance to strike. In a panic, he swiftly retreated, dissipating some of the force, but still took a punch to the chest. His body instantly flew backwards and was sent soaring out of the confrontation platform.

"Bang, bang, bang..."

Almost simultaneously, Qing Chao, Liu Ji, and Wang Fan were each attacked by their respective opponents and were directly thrown off the confrontation platform.

Several individuals successively crashed onto the field, spitting out fresh blood from their mouths, clearly proving their incapacity to match their opponents.

Those disciples who can obtain the quota are at least at the cultivation level of the Third Grade or above in the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Although Qing Chao, Zhang Qing, and others have made astonishing breakthroughs in the past month, their entire bodies have been tempered, undergoing a transformation from within.

However, within such a short span of time, they are still far from being able to compare with these direct disciples.

The strength of Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, Wang Fan, and others is too weak. The direct disciples on the confrontation platform have no interest in teaming up with Zhang Qing and the others, nor do they deign to cooperate in dealing with their opponents. They are even too ashamed to share the same stage, and with one strike, they sweep Zhang Qing and the others off the stage.

As Dharma Protector Hou Changming watched Zhang Qing being swept off the confrontation platform, he was not surprised. As long as there were no major injuries, he knew well that Zhang Qing's cultivation strength was still insufficient to contend with the outstanding direct disciples.


Not far away on the confrontation platform, Xu Jiahui also immediately came under attack.

A woman made a move against Xu Jiahui, her lustrous black hair swirling behind her as she executed unpredictable footwork. Her slender hand held a sword, but she disdained using it against Xu Jiahui, instead delivering a swift strike with her delicate palm.

Xu Jiahui's delicate face paled as she realized that, with her cultivation strength, she was unable to contend. She hastily retreated with utmost speed.

"Just an outer disciple, you are unworthy to come up and confront us!"

The woman spoke indifferently, her speed imperceptible. With a flick of her slender hand, her five fingers clenched into a fist, enveloped in blazing fire elemental energy. The fiery aura radiated vigorously, coloring her fist a crimson red. With a fierce and relentless momentum, she once again closed in.

Xu Jiahui evaded the punch aimed at her chest, but another fist promptly landed on her shoulder.


Under the overwhelming impact of scorching brute force, Xu Jiahui's delicate lips spurted blood, and her slender figure was immediately shaken away from the duel platform.


Just as Xu Jiahui was about to crash onto the ground, a figure quietly emerged, spreading its arms. A gentle force, akin to a vortex, lifted Xu Jiahui's body and gently lowered her down.

"Brother Su Yi."

Xu Jiahui's trembling soul was shaken, and in that moment, she gazed upon the figure that suddenly appeared before her. Who could it be other than Su Yi?

"Heal yourself."

With a faint smile, Su Yi loosened his arms and placed Xu Jiahui aside.

Regarding Xu Jiahui's falling from the platform, Su Yi was not surprised. Xu Jiahui's cultivation strength had greatly increased within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords in the span of a month. However, when compared to these direct disciples, the disparity between them was still quite significant.

Xu Jiahui nodded, although feeling somewhat disheartened by being swiftly defeated on the duel stage, she had already anticipated it internally.

Su Yi's qi surged through his feet as he lightly touched the ground, his figure instantly stepping onto the duel stage where Xu Jiahui had just set foot.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

There were four people on the stage of the duel, aside from the woman who had just defeated Xu Jiahui, there were three young people engaged in an intense battle.

Su Yi's gaze swept across, finally settling on the woman's figure, a hint of sharpness flickering in his eyes.

The woman, in her early twenties, possessed a face that may not be considered breathtaking, but still held an exceptional beauty, albeit with a touch of indifference.

Sensing Su Yi's gaze, the woman's eyes trembled inexplicably. She could perceive the growing closeness between Su Yi and Xu Jiahui, and was well aware of Su Yi's recent reputation within the Divine Sword School.


However, soon after, the woman let out a cold snort. Her ranking in the Sword Tower was also within the top thirty, and with her cultivation breakthrough in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, she had already reached the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm. There was no need for her to fear this young man.


The woman took the initiative and made her move, her black hair dancing in the air. She attacked with full force, wielding a treasured sword and executing profound sword techniques. The sword radiated a chilling light and unleashed a sweeping sword aura. Accompanied by the breaking sound of the wind, it struck towards Su Yi.

Su Yi's vitality surged beneath his feet as his figure swiftly maneuvered, evading the strike. The sword aura brushed past his side, unleashing a fierce gust that sent shivers down one's spine.

This sword may appear simple, but it is, in fact, the woman's all-out effort, making it far from trivial.

However, as this sword missed its mark, a look of astonishment flickered across the woman's eyes, as if she had sensed something.

Indeed, the woman's intuition proved correct. In front of her, in a mere instant, stood the young man. Within his profound eyes, a glimmer of crimson radiance inexplicably sent a shiver down her spine.

"You also step aside!"

Su Yi spoke, his blue robe fluttering in the wind, as the vital energy surged within his body. The impact caused his black hair to scatter and flicker with crimson radiance. His eyes gleamed intensely, and with a mighty punch, he had already unleashed his attack.

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