The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 528

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Chapter 528: The Beginning of the Confrontation!

"No need for excessive courtesy."

Situ Liuyun, with a wave of his long sleeves, sat upright on a grand chair behind him. His profound eyes shimmered with radiance, unintentionally revealing the natural aura of a dominant figure. A mere glance at him would unconsciously induce a sense of pressure upon others.

The group of elders promptly took their seats in the front row, while the accompanying Dharma Protectors positioned themselves in the back rows.

The crowd stood up, their gazes raised with reverence and awe towards the figures on the elevated platform, their eyes filled with both reverence and passion.

Only on such a grand occasion like today would the sect leader and the esteemed elders appear together.

Su Yi's gaze also fell upon the seats on the elevated platform, ultimately settling on both sides of the sect leader, Situ Liuyun.

Su Yi had encountered two elderly figures seated there for the first time.

In the two previous occasions at the Great Hall of Sky Sword Peak, Su Yi had encountered numerous elders, but he had never seen these two individuals before.

Being able to sit on both sides of the sect leader is indicative of the high status of these two elderly individuals.

On the left side, there was an elderly man who appeared aged but dignified, with silver hair. He wore a plain robe, and his slim figure made the robe sway like a skirt. However, his face was remarkably ruddy, and his deep black eyes emitted a profound and vibrant light, gleaming brightly with a sharp gaze.

On the right side, there was an elderly man with thick black hair, and both his beard and eyebrows had turned partially white. He sat upright in his chair, with a slender frame even thinner than the elderly man on the left side, Situ Liuyun. However, his gaze was profound, resembling a dark abyss that one could not see the bottom of.

"Very strong."

Observing these two elderly individuals from a distance, Su Yi, in his imperceptible awareness, also sensed their unparalleled strength.


As the sect leader and the various elders took their seats, on the elevated platform, a venerable bronze bell rang with a melodious chime, resounding throughout Spirit Sword Peak and echoing in all directions.

The whispers and clamor around, also immediately fell into a deep silence under the resonant chime, and all eyes from every direction were cast upon the elevated platform.

As the sound of the bell reverberated, the lean old man dressed in plain robes gradually rose from his seat. Though his body appeared somewhat unsteady, as if he could stumble at any moment, the Dharma Protectors and elders by his side gave no indication of believing that this old man would actually fall.

"He is Sun Liuheng, the second elder of the Divine Sword School, and the elder on the right side of my father is Wu Chaoyang, the third elder. They usually keep a low profile."

Situ Muyang approached Su Yi's side and whispered, "Those two elders are remarkable. They are the second and third elders of the Divine Sword School, holding positions above many other elders. It is only on such a grand occasion like today that they make an appearance."

"Second elder, third elder."

Su Yi was not surprised. No wonder they could sit on both sides of the sect leader; it was evident that their status was extraordinary.

Sun Liuheng, the second elder, stood up and walked to the front of the stage. His gaze swept across the surroundings, encompassing all the disciples within his sight.

At this moment, the disciples all around lifted their heads, their gazes respectfully fixating on the second elder.

"I'm delighted to meet the young generation of the Divine Sword School. You are the future and hope of the Divine Sword School."

The voice of the second elder was deep and resonant. Even though it wasn't particularly loud, it echoed throughout the square, making it audible to anyone with remarkable clarity.

In a mere sentence, it ignited a fervor in the hearts of all disciples, possessing the power to stir emotions.

With a sharp and piercing gaze, the second elder surveyed the disciples in all directions, while his resonant voice continued to resonate, proclaimed, "Now, I announce the commencement of the final duel of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition!"

The sound reverberated, echoing on Spirit Sword Peak, resonating throughout the entire Divine Sword School.


As the final syllable of the second elder's words fell, the entire venue erupted in cheers, causing a flurry of excitement that reverberated and soared to the skies!

Listening to the resounding cheers that soared to the skies from all directions, observing the disciples in the arena who were jubilantly celebrating, the elders and Dharma Protectors present also concealed faint smiles in their eyes. From any aspect, it can be said that this generation of young disciples is truly remarkable.

The second elder was also very pleased. As he gazed upon the fervent crowd, he paused for a few moments before continuing to speak, his eyes carrying a hint of a smile as he said:

"The rules for the final showdown remain the same as in previous years for the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. The sixty-eight disciples who have secured a spot will compete on the dueling platforms until there is only one main participant on each of the sixteen platforms. Then, the sixteen platforms will merge in pairs until there are only sixteen remaining contenders. These sixteen individuals will rely on their luck to face their opponents, until only the last victorious champion remains. The ultimate champion of this Grand Swordsmanship Competition will also receive unparalleled benefits and rewards from the Divine Sword School!"

"Unparalleled benefits and rewards!"


The arena was filled with excitement, with eyes burning passionately. The unparalleled benefits and rewards offered by the Divine Sword School held an irresistible allure for every person present.

However, the vast majority of them didn't have the qualifications to contend. While feeling envious in their hearts, being able to witness the birth of the champion of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition today already brought them considerable satisfaction.

"Unparalleled benefits, rewards," Su Yi's eyes flickered. These supreme benefits and rewards were also one of the main reasons for his participation in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition this time.

As he looked at the boiling crowd around him, the second elder's voice continued to resonate with a hint of amusement, saying:

"Of course, the sixteen disciples who can ultimately stand on the duel platform each have their own rewards, differentiated by the timing of their defeat. The higher the ranking, the higher the corresponding rewards."

"However, the disciples participating in the final duel must take note. It is prohibited to intentionally harm one's opponent during the duel. Surrendering or falling off the duel platform is considered a loss. The victor is also not allowed to continue attacking. Those who violate these rules will face penalties ranging from cancellation of their duel participation and severe punishments, to the abolition of their cultivation and expulsion from the sect. Remember this!"

When the second elder's voice fell, his emaciated figure also swayed unsteadily as if about to fall, and he settled back into his own seat.

"Now the sixty-eight disciples who have secured their spots can start preparing. When the bell rings again, you may ascend the stage for the duel. Make sure you all understand!"

Dharma Protector Hou Changming, at an unknown time, stepped forward to the forefront of the elevated platform. His voice, infused with spiritual energy, resonated clearly amidst the bustling and clamorous crowd, allowing all disciples present to hear it distinctly. This level of power is sufficient to attest to his extraordinary abilities.


On the arena floor, the disciples participating in the final duel nodded in agreement, their voices resolute and powerful.

"Since that's the case, then let's get prepared!"

Hou Changming spoke, his face adorned with a smile. Lately, he seemed to be in a great mood and appeared very cheerful. The serious expression that used to be etched on his face has been replaced by a frequent display of smiles.


The sound of the bell resonated once again throughout Spirit Sword Peak, reverberating through the entire Divine Sword School.

"Let it commence!"

As the sound of the bell rang out, Dharma Protector Hou Changming swiftly swung his hand downward, unleashing a resounding voice infused with primal energy, akin to the roaring thunder.


At this moment, on the field, dozens of auras were released simultaneously, and the radiance of primal energy appeared like flames.

Several figures leaped out directly, ascending the carefully arranged sixteen massive and ancient stone platforms in the current arena.

At this moment, tens of thousands of disciples from all directions fixed their gaze on the arena, their hearts inexplicably trembling, feeling a surge of hot blood coursing through their bodies!

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