The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 527

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Chapter 527: Enduring No More, No Need to Endure Further!

In the hearts of the two women, even twenty star-grade pills wouldn't make Su Yi suffer any loss, as the Dark Spirit Fruits were originally possessions within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords and didn't belong to this guy.

"I'm sorry, but I don't have any Dark Spirit Fruits."

Su Yi outright refused, although twenty star-grade pills were already of considerable value, the Dark Spirit Fruits, being such precious treasures, were priceless. It was unlikely that anyone would be willing to exchange one Dark Spirit Fruit for ten star-grade pills.

Furthermore, at this moment, the medicinal effects of the Dark Spirit Fruits in the mysterious space have greatly intensified, so Su Yi refused without the slightest hesitation.

How could it be possible to exchange the Dark Spirit Fruits, especially if they were actually exchanged for the two of them? It would undoubtedly bring even more trouble in the future.

"Su Yi, don't show no appreciation of favor!"

Gong Qi had been suppressing her anger in her heart, and at this moment, upon hearing those words, she immediately glared at Su Yi with indignation and scolded him angrily. This young man is really too much.

"I know you like me, but I really don't have any more Dark Spirit Fruits."

Su Yi is not someone who is easily frightened, and he dislikes being threatened even more. Women, including beautiful women, are no exception. Speaking of beauty, he has encountered many women before, but they are all slightly inferior compared to Gong Qi and Ying Qianqian.


Gong Qi, in a fit of rage, exploded directly, his black hair cascading down, his eyes wide open, emanating a brilliant green glow and mist. His robe fluttered in the air.

"What, do you want to make the first move?"

Su Yi felt a surge of vital energy, and suddenly sensed a fluctuation in the surrounding space, causing it to become unexpectedly moist.

"Do you want to engage in a physical confrontation? I am ready to accompany you!"

Situ Muyang, undaunted, clenched his fists and gave them a slight collision. Determination surged in his eyes. He had also obtained the Dark Spirit Fruits, so naturally, at this moment, he was going to assist Su Yi.

"Do not act rashly, let's discuss it later," Ying Qianqian held onto Gong Qi, as it was not the appropriate time to take action now.

The sudden commotion immediately caught the attention of all the disciples present in the arena who were participating in the final showdown. They turned and looked inquisitively towards the source.

"I'm infuriated! I will definitely not let you off the hook!"

Gong Qi flew into a rage, while Ying Qianqian's cherry-like lips twisted in anger, her face fully displaying her wrath.

"Did that guy offend Senior Sister Gong Qi and Senior Sister Ying Qianqian?"

On the other hand, among the spectators surrounding them, there were a few gazes filled with intense passion, coming from some young talents who harbored certain fantasies about Ying Qianqian and Gong Qi, who were also participating in the final pinnacle duel. These individuals cast covertly icy glares towards Su Yi, exhibiting a deep resentment as if they considered him their adversary.

For many young disciples, Ying Qianqian and Gong Qi are the fairies in their hearts, celestial beings to be admired from a distance and not to be trifled with. However, the seemingly intense interaction between Su Yi and Ying Qianqian, Gong Qi has already caused displeasure among these young individuals, regardless of the underlying reasons.

Feeling the displeased gazes cast upon him from all around, Su Yi subtly raised an eyebrow. It seemed that the saying "beauties bring calamity" held true no matter where he went. Perhaps it would be best to keep a distance from these women in the future, as he had unwittingly attracted unnecessary troubles.

"Hmph, presumptuous man!"

As Mu Yao observed Ying Qianqian and Gong Qi approaching Su Yi, a flicker of disdain appeared in her beautiful eyes. She spoke without much restraint, regardless of the reason, and her voice carried audibly to many bystanders.

Su Yi also heard it, his gaze shifting towards Mu Yao, his brows slightly furrowed.

"May you persevere until the end," Mu Yao gazed at Su Yi and spoke.

Su Yi remained silent, unsure of his own fortune. In just one month at the Divine Sword School, he had managed to offend not just one, but three women – and not just ordinary women at that.

"It seems like you have offended quite a few people. I suggest you pray that you don't run into me later. Otherwise, all debts will be settled. Even if you are Elder Su's disciple, that status won't be able to protect you."

Suddenly, such a voice gently echoed in Su Yi's ears, its sound resembling a mosquito's buzz.

This is a secret language that can directly reach a specific person's ears. Only cultivators at the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivation level can achieve this. It must be the result of practicing some kind of special technique.

Su Yi knew the origin of this secret language, the voice was very familiar.

Su Yi followed his gaze and found a chilling stare fixed upon him. It was a gaze filled with coldness, indifference, and a hint of sharpness. It was none other than Yun Lingfeng from the Fifteenth Sword Peak.

Su Yi raised an eyebrow, it seemed that Yun Lingfeng's dislike towards him had reached a point where it was no longer concealed.

Su Yi's gaze turned serious, but he was not polite either. A faint coldness flickered in his eyes, and a hint of amusement curved his lips. He extended his right palm, clenched it into a fist, and slowly but firmly raised his middle finger towards Yun Lingfeng.

Soon after, Su Yi's gesture fell, as if nothing had happened, and he no longer paid any attention to Yun Lingfeng.

Su Yi initially had no intention to pay any heed to Yun Lingfeng, but this individual, starting from the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, repeatedly came to provoke him time and time again.

Su Yi, being a young man with his own arrogance, reached the point where he could no longer tolerate it. There was no need for him to tolerate any further, especially on an occasion like today.

When Su Yi's gesture fell like this, many eyes around him remained quietly undisturbed.

This is undoubtedly the most direct provocation, as Su Yi disregarded Yun Lingfeng, even though he is ranked second in the Sword Tower.

The atmosphere in the entire arena inexplicably became somewhat tense, even before it had begun, the fighting spirit had already started to permeate.

"The sect leader, elders, and Dharma Protectors are coming!"

Suddenly, a melodious voice resounded with a burst of vitality, soaring into the sky and overshadowing the bustling clamor of the surroundings, echoing throughout Spirit Sword Peak.


At the same time, above the void, nearly a hundred figures swiftly swept over from the distance, arriving in the sky with just a single flicker.

As these nearly a hundred figures appeared in the sky, the radiance of their vital energy fluctuated dazzlingly, resembling falling stars, one after another.

A majestic aura descended immediately, causing the air on the entire Spirit Sword Peak to inexplicably solidify.

Under this aura, it felt as if the hearts of the people were suddenly crushed by boulders, causing a momentary sensation of difficulty in breathing.

Nearly a hundred figures appeared, promptly landing in front of the seats on the inner field podium. Their robes fluttered ever so slightly, yet not even a speck of dust was stirred in the surroundings.

Eyes gleaming with sharpness, figures interspersed with each other, gazed upon the vast crowd in the surrounding square.

In the center stood a tall middle-aged man, with a robust physique. He wore a black robe embellished with golden floral patterns. His lustrous black hair was neatly tied up on top of his head, bearing a resemblance to Situ Muyang. This figure was none other than Situ Liuyun, the sect leader of the Divine Sword School-a person whose mere stomp could send tremors throughout the entire Zhongzhou region.

Su Yi lifted his gaze and followed it, only to catch sight of numerous familiar figures.

The Right Dharma Protector, Elder Shangguan Hu, Elder Mei Huaye, Elder Duan Yuerong, and others were all present. Dharma Protector Hou Changming stood behind the crowd with a smile.

"Greetings, esteemed sect leader, and greetings to all the elders!"

The disciples in the venue cast reverent gazes, their eyes fixed upon the dozens of figures bowing and saluting before the elevated platform. The resounding voices echoed one after another.

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