The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 526

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Chapter 526: A Revisionary Gesture!

Su Yi's gaze immediately fell upon the young man, who had a clear countenance and lively, gleaming eyes, exuding a sensation akin to being embraced by a gentle spring breeze.

Seeming to have detected Su Yi's gaze, the young man turned his eyes towards Su Yi and even nodded slightly in acknowledgment. Subsequently, he positioned himself to the side, as if everything in his surroundings were inconsequential to him.


Two icy gazes came forth like flashing sword lights, causing Su Yi's eyes to flicker. A familiar figure appeared within his sight, adorning an elegant orange attire and displaying graceful posture.

However, that gaze carried a chilling intent, confirming that none other than Mu Yao could possess such a demeanor.

As their eyes met, the radiance in Mu Yao's eyes grew colder, as she fixed a fierce, penetrating gaze upon Su Yi.

Su Yi inwardly wryly smiled, finding it rather perplexing how this woman seemed to persistently stick around him, akin to an enduring spirit.

And within the presence of Mu Yao, Su Yi, in the depths of his soul's perception, consistently sensed an unfathomable sensation.

"I perceive that there seem to be quite a few women here who seem to find you intriguing."

The ethereal voice, tinged with a hint of innocence, resonated in Su Yi's ears.

Immediately, a slightly youthful visage approached Su Yi, demonstrating Situ Muyang's presence.

Today, Situ Muyang, donned in a black form-fitting garment, possessed a slender figure that exuded a youthful aura. Despite his tender age, he radiated a certain sense of heroism, with his arched eyebrows, phoenix-like eyes, refined nose, and thin lips. His clear gaze appeared devoid of any impurity or vulgarity.

But at this moment, as Situ Muyang's gaze swept over Mu Yao, Ying Qianqian, and Gong Qi, it ultimately settled with a touch of sympathy on Su Yi.

"What does a little brat like you know?" Su Yi cast a disdainful glance at Situ Muyang.

"I observe that those women definitely have an interest in you. Be cautious, my father has told me that the more beautiful a woman is, the more difficult she can be to handle," Situ Muyang advised Su Yi with sincere concern.

Upon raising his gaze, it appeared that the sect leader Situ Liuyun was also a person with a story, Su Yi pondered.

"By the way, are you truly Elder Su's disciple?" Situ Muyang suddenly inquired of Su Yi.


Su Yi remained unfazed, as it was true that he was not Elder Su's disciple. However, Situ Muyang is the sect leader's son, if he tells others that he was not Elder Su's disciple, it could potentially cause some trouble.

"Boss Su Yi is, of course, Elder Su's disciple,"

Zhang Qing gritted his teeth inwardly and said, the fact that Su Yi was not Elder Su's disciple must not be spread around.

"Yes, Boss Su Yi is indeed Elder Su's disciple," nodded Liu Ji and the others when they heard Zhang Qing speak.

"So, it turns out you really are Grand Tutor's disciple."

Upon hearing this, Situ Muyang raised an eyebrow and, looking at Su Yi's somewhat helpless expression, reluctantly performed a respectful gesture and said, "Greetings, Junior Uncle."

Su Yi was somewhat astonished as he heard, "Junior Uncle..."

"You are my Grand Tutor's disciple. According to seniority, you naturally become my Junior Uncle. Besides, you are only slightly older than me, so it would be more appropriate to address you as 'Junior Uncle'."

Situ Muyang felt somewhat frustrated. He had initially planned to have a battle with this guy after coming out, but little did he know that this person turned out to be Grand Tutor's disciple and his Junior Uncle. Although he was only a few years older than him, he belonged to a higher generation, which was quite disadvantageous for Situ Muyang.

"Brother Su Yi, Elder Su's identity is quite unique as he is the sect leader's Junior Uncle, so..."

Observing the astonishment on Su Yi's face, Xu Jiahui explained.

Although Elder Su is located at the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, his seniority within the Divine Sword School is not ordinary. Even if the sect leader were to encounter him, he would still have to address him as Junior Uncle.

"This way, huh..."

Su Yi suddenly realized, no wonder when he first arrived at Spirit Sword Peak, he said that he was Elder Su's disciple, which caused the elders to change their expressions.

Three days ago, when he was on Spirit Sword Peak and Elder Su appeared, each and every elder showed a respectful attitude. It turned out that Elder Su's seniority within the Divine Sword School is remarkably high, as he is the sect leader's Junior Uncle.

"Hehe, no need to bow in the future."

Su Yi smiled at Situ Muyang, feeling somewhat guilty. After all, he was not Elder Su's disciple. This little fellow is, after all, the sect leader's son.

"This seniority still needs to be clarified, we must respect our teachers and prioritize principles."

Situ Muyang had a serious expression, he looked up at Su Yi and extended his hand towards him.

"What is this for?" Su Yi asked, perplexed.

"What do you think? I've already shown respect, and even called you 'Junior Uncle'. I can't possibly let myself be at a disadvantage," Situ Muyang glanced at Su Yi disdainfully.

"Boss Su Yi, it seems like the Young Sect Leader is expecting a gift..." Zhang Qing raised the corner of his mouth and reminded Su Yi.


Gazing at the hand extended by Situ Muyang, and at the seemingly pure eyes on his handsome face, Su Yi couldn't help but twitch his gaze. "What Junior Uncle? This little guy is clearly trying to take advantage."

"I'll pick a gift for you later."

Helplessly giving Situ Muyang a disdainful glance, Su Yi clearly knew he was being taken advantage of, but he had no choice.

"Sounds acceptable, but I must say, if the gift is too cheap, it won't correspond to your status."

Situ Muyang smiled contentedly and withdrew his hand. He knew very well that Su Yi had all his valuable possessions hidden in that peculiar space. It was indeed inconvenient to discuss such matters here.

Su Yi's facial expression twitched at the corner of his eyes. This time, at the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, he must come in first place. He couldn't possibly engage in a losing proposition.

"Master Uncle, it seems someone is here to see you."

Situ Muyang suddenly raised an eyebrow and gazed ahead, where two graceful figures were approaching.

Su Yi glanced over and saw that the two graceful figures were none other than Ying Qianqian and Gong Qi.

As Su Yi observed the two women approaching, he felt somewhat surprised. Could it be that these two women were once again looking to cause trouble?

Ying Qianqian and Gong Qi, although different in temperament and appearance, both possessed qualities of both elegance and beauty that were enough to make many talented young men flock to them.

However, with their discerning eyes and pride, among the entire Divine Sword School, there were only a few young men who could catch their attention, let alone get close to them.

And at this moment, these two women, equally enchanting in beauty, both walked towards Su Yi, instantly capturing the attention of many.

Under the gaze of numerous onlookers, the two women walked straight towards Su Yi's side.

The coldness and frostiness in Gong Qi's eyes showed no signs of diminishing, but at this moment, it seemed that she was making an effort to suppress herself.

"Su Yi, how about we make a deal with you?"

Gazing at Su Yi, Ying Qianqian spoke, her eyes sparkling with radiance and a smile adorning her face.

Su Yi felt a sense of surprise within his heart and nodded slightly, asking, "What kind of transaction?"

Gazing at Su Yi, Ying Qianqian said, "I know that you have obtained all the Dark Spirit Fruits, and you surely still have some on you. To be honest, Dark Spirit Fruits are crucial to us. If you are willing to give us two Dark Spirit Fruits, we are prepared to exchange them for twenty star-grade pills. How does that sound?"

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