The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 547

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Chapter 547: I Don't Care

The speed of the soul pillar was incredibly terrifying, almost as if it pierced through the ripples of space. In the blink of an eye, it appeared in the center of Su Yi's forehead, right before countless eyes. It pierced through his protective aura and entered his forehead.

In that instant, the whole room was filled with gasps of amazement and sadness.

"Ah, Su Yi is in big trouble!"

"Sadly, he was ultimately defeated by Yun Lingfeng's hands!"

All around, people sighed with sadness and awe. Those with keen perception knew deep down that this was a soul attack. At this moment, Su Yi fell victim to the terrifying onslaught of Yun Lingfeng's soul attack. The consequences would likely be severe, perhaps even fatal. The damage inflicted was not physical, but to his very soul. Even if he somehow managed to survive, his future prospects would be limited to his current state. This is the frightening power of a Soul Tamer.

On the high platform, the gazes of the elders and Dharma Protectors revealed a sense of sadness. Some seemed to want to do something, but in the end, they held back, filled with regrets.

The gazes of Situ Liuyun, the second elder, and the third elder were filled with a solemn expression at this moment. Their eyes were sharp like lightning, and a hidden aura was secretly fluctuating within them.

"Hehe, perish!"

In the crowd, Futeng Ming and Futeng Guang sneered. Their cousin turned out to be a Soul Tamer! With that kind of soul attack, Su Yi, that young lad, was surely doomed.

However, amidst numerous sighs of regret and the cold laughter of Futeng Ming and his brother, the terrifying soul attack surged towards Su Yi's forehead. Surprisingly, it seemed as if Su Yi was completely oblivious to it, unaffected in any way. In fact, a warm and fiery aura suddenly emanated from his palm.

In the blink of an eye, a roaring sound, like a crashing wave, surged forward in front of Su Yi's palm, forming a miniature sea of flames.

A handprint materialized in front of Su Yi's palm, emitting a scorching and terrifying aura. It burned through the air and carried an ancient pressure that swept over.

This is the Scarlet Ancient Seal, once Xiong Zhan's trump card, a formidable technique found within the pages of the Mighty Desolate Verse.

But Su Yi's Scarlet Ancient Seal originated from the complete Mighty Desolate Verse found within the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse.

This handprint carried an ancient pressure that was intimidating. With astonishing force and a fiery aura, it emitted a terrifying aura of destruction. As a result, the atmosphere on the stage of the duel instantly became intensely hot and frightening. The surrounding energy of the heavens and earth also became turbulent and boiling.

This scene caused the gazes of the audience to tremble one after another. The expressions of the elders and Dharma Protectors on the high platform changed drastically. The handprint formed in Su Yi's hand, making them feel a dangerous and terrifying pressure.

"What kind of martial technique was that? It's so scary and powerful!"

Many elders and Dharma Protectors who had pitied Su Yi suddenly changed their feelings. The temporary power of the handprint didn't shock them too much, but the overwhelming pressure made them change completely. It was clear to them that this was no ordinary martial technique.


On Situ Liuyun's face, in his eyes that glimmered with a playful light, a hint of a smile flashed and vanished. Indeed, that young man still held some hidden cards; he remained as mysterious as ever.

The gazes of the second elder and the third elder also showed signs of unease and excitement at this moment. Their eyes revealed a sense of anticipation and suspense.

In that moment, Yun Lingfeng's confident and cold gaze suddenly changed. His eyes narrowed as he realized that his soul attack had no effect on the young man's mind. It seemed to have been completely ignored by the young man.

As Yun Lingfeng looked at Su Yi, a young boy standing before him, he couldn't help but feel a certain sensation. The young boy seemed to have emerged from the depths of hell itself.

The palm imprint may have felt extremely hot, but it sent shivers down his spine. It was an eerie coldness that filled his soul with fear and danger. In an instant, he felt an inexplicable chill, causing every hair on his body to stand on end!

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. As the Scarlet Ancient Seal took shape, Su Yi looked at Yun Lingfeng with a mix of coldness and confident arrogance. Suddenly, a fierce expression crossed Su Yi's face, and he shouted, "Who cares if you're a Soul Tamer? I won't be intimidated!"


Yun Lingfeng, with all eyes watching, suddenly felt a powerful force as the Scarlet Ancient Seal was forcefully released and landed directly on his chest.

On the high platform, Elder Bai Mingshan's face showed a look of shock and surprise. Everything happening was completely different from what he had expected. In his mind, this was definitely not how things were supposed to happen.


With a single touch, Yun Lingfeng's protective barrier was shattered, making a thunderous sound.


A gush of fresh blood sprayed out from Yun Lingfeng's mouth, without any hesitation. His body was sent flying backward and crashed heavily onto the ground, several meters away. The powerful impact, accompanied by a fiery gust of wind, caused the entire arena to tremble.

Watching as Yun Lingfeng plummeted from heaven to hell in an instant, the onlookers let out gasps of astonishment all around.

Watching Yun Lingfeng's body soar through the air and then fall, Elder Bai Mingshan, Brother Fu Tengming, and many others were filled with disbelief. It felt as if they had gone from heaven to hell in an instant. The sudden turn of events was like a roller coaster ride, filled with intense ups and downs.

Amidst the chaotic and astonishing scene, Su Yi wasted no time. Energizing his feet, he darted forward with lightning speed and appeared right in front of Yun Lingfeng in an instant.

A cold smirk formed at the corner of Su Yi's mouth. At this moment, it was clear to everyone that a fierce and deadly intent welled up in his eyes. This intent was evident and sharp, without any attempt to conceal it.

And then, in the midst of countless shocked gazes from the audience, Su Yi lifted his foot and stomped heavily on Yun Lingfeng's chest.

Yun Lingfeng's recent attack was filled with a desire to kill. How could Su Yi not sense it? When facing an opponent who wanted to harm him, Su Yi had no intention of being polite.

"Su Yi, how dare you!"

On top of the high platform, Elder Bai Mingshan's expression suddenly changed. In an instant, his figure disappeared from where he stood.

Su Yi's foot came down in an instant, filled with a sharp intent to kill, showing no mercy. There was absolutely no intention of giving Yun Lingfeng another chance. This opponent, who wanted to bring him to his death, was like a bomb that could explode at any moment if kept around.

But someone was even faster. As Su Yi's foot came crashing down, a muffled sound resonated, causing the entire dueling platform to tremble. A mighty surge of energy burst forth.

In that moment, the entire place fell into silence. Many gazes also became wide with shock. If this kind of kick landed on Yun Lingfeng's chest, it would be strange if he didn't die. After all, everyone could see the murderous intent in Su Yi's eyes at this moment.

But soon after, under the gaze of many astonished eyes, no one saw Yun Lingfeng's chest being crushed by the kick. As a gust of wind passed by, Yun Lingfeng's figure had already disappeared, nowhere to be seen.


A figure appeared not far ahead, holding Yun Lingfeng who had just vanished.

"It's Elder Bai!"

When that figure appeared, the gazes of everyone in the room went from being stunned to jumping with excitement. Without realizing, they all let out a sigh of relief.

The one who appeared was an elderly man, precisely Yun Lingfeng's master, the head of the Fifteenth Sword Peak.

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