The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 521

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Chapter 521: Guidance

But it was because of Su Yi and Situ Muyang that they missed the opportunity, how could they not feel suffocated?

But at this moment, if we were to identify the person in the Divine Sword School who is the most joyful, it would undoubtedly be Dharma Protector Hou Changming.

Dharma Protector Hou Changming, his newly recruited disciple Zhang Qing, not only secured a position within the top sixty-eight, but even managed to rank within the top twenty. This unbelievable miracle has truly occurred.


In the courtyard residence, Dharma Protector Hou Changming couldn't help but burst into hearty laughter. The image of the expressions on the faces of Dharma Protectors like Zhu Changgao and Wang Tianbao upon learning the final outcome delighted him immensely.

Dharma Protector Hou Changming, this time, not to mention the pile of high-grade celestial pills he won, is enough to skyrocket his value several times over.

Most importantly, being able to leave those Dharma Protectors speechless, this further delighted Hou Changming in his heart.

"Master, what are you laughing at?"

Some disciples, noticing the situation, found it very strange. Their usually serious-faced master was exhibiting remarkably abnormal behavior today.

"It's nothing, it's nothing. By the way, quickly go and clean up a room. Your junior disciple will be visiting in a few days, and it must be thoroughly cleaned."

Dharma Protector Hou Changming spoke, with a smile on his face. His newly recruited disciple unexpectedly made it into the top twenty, which gave him unprecedented limelight. Just thinking about it filled him with excitement.

"Very well, I will go immediately."

The disciple nodded, also feeling very pleased. His junior disciple unexpectedly made it into the top sixty-eight, gaining much attention and bringing a sense of pride to his face, even though they had never met each other.


"Wang Tianbao, it's not over between you and me!"

"Zhu Changgao, did you all conspire to deceive our pills?"

And at this moment, deep in the night, Wang Tianbao and Zhu Changgao, the two Dharma Protectors, found themselves surrounded by a group of Dharma Protectors.

The Dharma Protectors were filled with indignant resentment. Everyone had lost, and though the loss of ten high-level elixirs might not bankrupt these Dharma Protectors, upon careful consideration, they began to suspect that all of this was orchestrated by Dharma Protectors Zhu Changgao, Wang Tianbao, and Hou Changming. It seemed like a deliberate scheme to deceive and exploit them.

"We truly had no idea, who would have thought that an outer disciple could actually break into the top sixty-eight!"

At this moment, Wang Tianbao and Zhu Changgao, the two Dharma Protectors, wore mournful expressions on their faces.

Who would have known that Hou Changming, that fellow, had such incredible luck? An outer disciple making it into the top sixty-eight, it is truly an astonishing miracle.

When they confirmed this news, they were all dumbfounded.



Enveloped in the morning light, Su Yi bathed within its radiance, wielding his precious sword with sweeping strikes. His movements, though simple, continued in repeated succession until he was drenched in sweat.

After resting for two hours and regulating his breath through meditation, Su Yi resumed practicing the Foundations of Swordsmanship.

After persevering until dusk, once again drenched in sweat, Su Yi resumed his practice with a brief respite, focusing on restoring his breath through deep inhalations and exhalations.

With simple movements, he practiced repeatedly, time after time.

Although it was incredibly monotonous, Su Yi was aware of the immense significance these fundamental exercises held for his own growth.

The nightfall once again shrouded the firmament, with the crescent moon hanging high.

"Hoo hoo..."

Su Yi, continuing his practice of fundamental exercises, repeated the simple movements tens of thousands of times.

"The foundation is of paramount importance, don't underestimate the power of a single sword."

From the depths of the surroundings, a gentle voice emerged as a diminutive figure appeared not far away, strolling leisurely. It was none other than Elder Su.

"Elder Su..."

Su Yi ceased his practice, grasping the precious sword, his gaze filled with a hint of astonishment. Elder Su had unexpectedly arrived.

Elder Su paid little attention and went directly to stand before Su Yi. He reached out, taking the precious sword from Su Yi's hand. With a flick of his wrist, the sword trembled, instantly slashing, thrusting, poking, and cleaving. Simultaneously, he uttered, "A sword has stabbing, chopping, lifting, hanging, chopping, pointing, collapsing, hacking, stirring, cleansing, and more. 'Stabbing' must be swift, 'pointing' must be decisive, 'sweeping' must be sharp, 'wiping' must be smooth, 'drawing' must be steady, 'hanging' must be close, 'striking' must be grand, 'lifting' must be taut, and 'intercepting' must involve wrist control."

As the final tone of the last word echoed, Elder Su promptly retracted his gesture and returned the precious sword to Su Yi.

"Thank you for your guidance, Elder Su."

Su Yi received the precious sword, his heart filled with excitement and elation. It was apparent that Elder Su was instructing him.

"I have no inclination to guide you; it's merely out of boredom. Carry on with your practice."

Elder Su glanced at Su Yi before proceeding to find a nearby spot to sit down in silence. He then said to Su Yi, "I have nothing to do anyway, so you may continue your practice."


Su Yi chuckled and continued his practice.

With the sword in his hand, Su Yi executed a series of swings, thrusts, and feints. Though the routine seemed monotonous and dull, Su Yi showed no signs of slacking off, fully engrossed in the practice.

Elder Su's gaze fluctuated for a brief moment, then returned to tranquility.

"As the saying goes, a knife is like a fierce tiger, while a sword resembles the swift wind. You may be skilled with a knife, but it is important to understand that a sword and a knife are not the same."

"To practice swordsmanship, one must train their eyes. Sword techniques rely entirely on the eyes, which should be as sharp as lightning."


At some point unknown, Elder Su began to speak on occasion.

Su Yi, fully immersed in his practice, became increasingly diligent under the guidance of Elder Su.

After another night, Su Yi finally stopped, drenched in sweat, and prepared to take a moment's rest before continuing.

"Thank you, Elder Su."

Su Yi approached Elder Su, respectfully performed a bow before him.

"Judging by your basic skills, they seem rather ordinary. You claim to come from Man City, but is it the same Man City beyond the depths of the Forest of Demons?" Elder Su's gaze remained calm as he looked at Su Yi and spoke in a nonchalant manner.

However, in Elder Su's heart at this moment, there was still an ongoing tremor. This young man's comprehension ability was extraordinary, almost abnormal. Even if Elder Su only offered a slight reminder, he would grasp the underlying principles and truly integrate them.

While Elder Su had observed for a day and a night beforehand, he himself didn't know why he couldn't help but run out and say a few words.

With Elder Su's keen insight, how could he not see? Su Yi doesn't appear to have the demeanor of someone from a respected lineage. His fundamental skills are rather ordinary, but his cultivation level and age secretly astonished Elder Su as well.

Su Yi, with his remarkable talent, has already reached such a level at such a young age, surpassing many direct disciples of the Divine Sword School. Yet, he carries no trace of arrogance and remains equally resilient in the face of mundane and tedious fundamental practices. This touches Elder Su's heart.

Such a young man, if guided properly, would have immeasurable prospects in due time.

"It is indeed so, I came out from Man City," Su Yi nodded, not concealing it.

"That remote place, for a young man like you to come out from, is not an easy feat. Your talent is average, but you possess innate gifts that are quite remarkable. It is important to remember to proceed step by step in the future," Elder Su said in a calm tone.

Su Yi nodded, attentively listening to the teachings.

"I sense that your other basic skills are also quite mediocre. Did you never practice them during your youth?"

Elder Su asked with curiosity, judging from Su Yi's performance, though Man City is a remote place, Su Yi possesses such talent that he must come from a family of martial arts practitioners, so his basic skills should not be mediocre.

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